At This Point in Time – Chapter Nineteen


                          The Beatles Conquer America

The History

Brian Epstein and George Martin decided that it was time to conquer America after the Beatles’ Christmas release, I Want to Hold Your Hand, had advance orders of one million copies making it an instant Number One in Britain. Please, Please Me, From Me To You and She Loves You had all been released there but met with indifference. EMI’s American Capitol label had turned them down. Finally, Brian Epstein paid Capitol a visit, and persuaded them to release I Want to Hold Your Hand. A date was set: January 13th. He also met Ed Sullivan whose talent-spotting television show was renowned across the continent for helping new acts succeed. Brian insisted on them getting top billing, and managed to get away with it. They were booked to play two shows on 9th and 16th February, 1964.

            Before their United States visit, American reporters arrived in force to interview the Beatles, and to coincide with all this publicity, fifty thousand dollars were spent on promoting them. Suddenly, all the American radio stations were playing Beatles records.

            Any nerves that the Beatles may have felt during their flight to America on February 7th, 1964, were dispelled at the sight of Kennedy Airport as they landed. Thousands – reports vary between three and ten thousand – of screaming youngsters chanting “We love you Beatles, Oh yes we do…” were there to greet them.

            Two days later, their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was watched by 73 million television viewers. Throughout America, statistics showed the lowest teenage crime rate for fifty years!


The Chart


The Human Spirit

This one is close to my heart since the Beatles conquered America (and Canada) on my 14th birthday. However, I didn’t get to see the show, except from a distance, since I had to watch it through the living room window of our next-door neighbour. Even then I knew they would change our lives completely.

If one wants to find something in a chart, it is amusing how easy it is to do so. In this case, I looked for the Beatles’ individual personalities to show themselves as planetary symbols, and I found them: John Lennon is the Sun (the leader of the group); Paul McCartney is Mars (the motivator to get them to work); and Ringo Starr is Saturn (the old man in the back who keeps time for them). All three planets are in Aquarius (group-oriented activities) in the 5th house (wanting to ‘get to the top’). So, where is George Harrison? Well, he is Neptune (the mystical one) in Scorpio (in search of deep meaning), all by himself in the 2nd house (anti-materialism). I could continue with Brian Epstein and George Martin, but I am going to resist it. Maybe you would like to have a try on your own.

As far as configurations go, this chart has a Finger of God (Neptune/Jupiter/Pluto) and a T-Square (Moon/Jupiter/North Node), with Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house, as the common element. To me, this means that the Beatles used their partnership skills to get ahead in life and expand their horizons. Definitely, Jupiter’s involvement is a good sign for conquering heroes (but it is also the planet symbolising Brian Epstein’s energy, although I was going to resist telling you so).

One more thing: the trine and sextile aspects joining the Moon, Chiron, North Node and Uranus/Pluto signify a door that the teenagers of America (and the rest of the world) opened for the Beatles. Why?: to heal their country. Less than three months before this event, America had lost its hope for the future when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Now it was back again.

To each of the participants in the conquering of America, I would say:

John Lennon – You like new things and new ideas and are bored by old ways of thinking and acting. (Sun in Aquarius)

You may even be a bit of a show-off who enjoys performing for people in athletic competitions, plays or other such presentations. In a way, you are always on stage. (Sun in 5th)

You are very strong willed and rather aggressive. You may or may not try to start fights, but you will certainly never run away from one. (Sun Conjunct Mars)

It may be difficult to express your emotions to others, and you may begin to feel lonely and cut off from people. (Sun Conjunct Saturn)

At times success will seem to fall into your lap without any special effort, which may cause you to think that the world owes you a living. (Sun Sextile Jupiter)

Sometimes your fear of defeat and feelings of weakness may lead you to avoid a fight, even when the issue is important enough to fight for. Therefore you may lose battles unnecessarily, or you may resort to devious tactics, which will make others distrust you. (Sun Square Neptune)

Paul McCartney – Rather than working according to established patterns, you want to find your own way, which you hope will be better. As a result you are quite inventive and original. But often you do something just because it is different. (Mars in Aquarius)

You have a great need to express yourself and to be yourself openly. For this reason, you have a reputation for honesty, if not tact. (Mars in 5th)

You have a great ability to make a sustained effort. Once you get into a project, you carry on until it is completely finished. You are capable of great self-discipline. (Mars Conjunct Saturn)

Your problem in life will be discouragement, which you will always have to fight. At times you feel that everything works to defeat you and make you lose. Unfortunately, your feelings of discouragement may lead to underhanded actions. You may talk about people behind their backs instead of confronting them directly. This can create a very poisonous climate in which nobody in your immediate circle trusts anyone else. Others may not be able to pin the problem on you right away, but eventually they will put two and two together, and your position in the group will be weakened, (Mars Square Neptune)

Ringo Starr – You will be yourself most strongly when working with others toward some collective purpose, because you derive your own ideas of significance from what is significant for the people around you. (Saturn in Aquarius)

You are more reserved about expressing yourself than most people. This may be because you are afraid of making a bad impression or because you feel you should live up to very high standards of behaviour. (Saturn in 5th)

George Harrison – You may have an interest in the occult and related subjects but will be more concerned with individual regeneration and techniques of healing, both psychological and physical. (Neptune in Scorpio)

You may feel that money is not important to you, that the world will take care of you somehow. (Neptune in 2nd)

You should certainly be careful of a tendency toward escapism, such as using drugs or alcohol or following strange and delusive religious beliefs. You may even fall into the trap of guru worship and deny your own vitality. (Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune)

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