At This Point in Time: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors

Something changed on the morning of August 16, 1987. The world woke up to a New Day.

The History

‘It all began with a prophecy, a vision, a dream. It all began with a dream filled with hope for a brave new world. “A new world will be born,” said the prophet. “On the day of August 16, 1987, a new dream will be given, a New World will be born, a new race of people will walk upon the Earth.” Such was the song of the prophet…’

Many ancient indigenous cosmologies also suggest that we have come to the end of one era and are about to embark upon a new age. The Incas hold that there are four ages which together comprise a cycle. There is the age of gold, the age of silver, the age of bronze and the age of iron. Currently we are in the very last stages of the age of iron; an age which is characterised by the qualities of iron: cold, mechanical, dark, without life or love. With the conclusion of the age of iron, however, we are ready to begin not only a new era, but a complete new cycle. We are entering a new age of gold; a solar age of light characterised by life, warmth, joy and love.

The great planetary time keepers, the Maya, have been even more specific. As explained by Jose Arguelles and the Mayan wisdom keeper, Hunbatz Men, the Maya have for millennia maintained an accurate clock which notes dates as long as 400,000,000 years in the past!

According to Mayan cosmology, planet Earth experiences a significant shift in August, 1987. It was a changing of gears for these final twenty-five years when, at the end of the year 2012, we will complete not only a 5,000 year solar cycle, but a 25,000 year cosmic cycle.

The Chart

Sun – 22 Leo 49′
Moon – 21 Taurus 06′
North Node – 04 Aries 28′
Mercury – 18 Leo 32′
Venus – 20 Leo 52′
Mars – 25 Leo 47′
Jupiter – 29 Aries 43′
Saturn – 14 Sagittarius 33′
Uranus – 22 Sagittarius 50′
Neptune – 05 Capricorn 30′
Pluto – 07 Scorpio 23′

Ascendant – 22 Leo 54′
Midheaven – 09 Taurus 32′
2nd House cusp – 11 Virgo 46′
3rd House cusp – 06 Libra 35′
5th House cusp – 18 Sagittarius 51′
6th House cusp – 24 Capricorn 40′

The Human Spirit

Astrologically, something significant happened at dawn on that morning in August, 1987. The Sun and three ‘personal’ planets formed a conjunction with the Ascendant (personality), with square aspects to the Moon (emotions) and trine aspects to Uranus (quickening energy). It stands out, does it not? At the same time, Pluto was in the ‘underworld’ (Scorpio) at the Imum Coeli, which is the lowest heaven of the chart.

Aspects to the Sun

This is what I would say to the Harmonic Convergence’s 144,000 Rainbow Warriors:
You are proud and consider yourself important. The positive side of this is that you are reluctant to compromise yourself or lose other people’s respect. (Sun in Leo)

Your own energies are so strong that you try to impress your will upon others, and you are very impatient when people try to assert themselves with you. (Sun in 1st)

This aspect indicates that you like to take the active role in any discussion; that is, you are a better talker than a listener. (Sun Conjunct Mercury)

You have the ability to make others like you. When you want, you can be very agreeable and charming and can even win enemies over to your side simply by being friendly. (Sun Conjunct Venus)

Once you have decided that you are right, you are not afraid to go it alone if necessary, and you will dig in your heels against pressure from others to change. (Sun Conjunct Mars)

Not satisfied just to impress people with empty show, you want to have real significance in the world. (Sun Conjunct Ascendant)

You have worked out your own code. You will always be tolerant of persons who are quite different from yourself; in fact, you may even be attracted to them because of that. You want to see as many aspects of life as possible. (Sun Trine Uranus)

You have the capacity to challenge yourself from within, to question and examine yourself. Thus, as you go through life and meet various challenges, you will be used to the idea of making changes. In fact, in a real sense, you will never stand still, but must constantly evolve and grow. (Sun Square Moon)

Aspects to Mercury

Also you may think visually, by seeing images in your head rather than just connecting ideas. (Mercury Conjunct Venus)

You do not particularly care if anyone else agrees with you, because you are most concerned with being true to yourself. (Mercury Conjunct Mars)

Your mind changes course very quickly, and you go from idea to idea. (Mercury Conjunct Ascendant)

You have a quick mind and can understand ideas that others can’t, because you are open to new ways of thinking. (Mercury Trine Uranus)

Aspects to Venus

Sometimes you may be unsure whether to assert yourself, give way to the other person’s demands, or compromise, although that can be the most difficult choice of the three. (Venus Conjunct Mars)

You want harmony around you at all times, which is very useful and positive, but you will have to learn not to compromise on issues that are very important to you. (Venus Conjunct Ascendant)

You may be quite creative, but in a style that is very unusual and distinctly your own. You are not one who takes familiar paths when you create. (Venus Trine Uranus)

Aspects to Mars

Usually you are willing to take responsibility for what you do, and you are dependable. Your strong sense of personal integrity and pride makes you somewhat sensitive to comments by others that seem to indicate that they do not take you very seriously. (Mars Conjunct Ascendant)

You are likely to be a leader, not because you want power, but because you are able to see ways of doing things that others do not see until you show them. Others will follow your lead although you, personally, do not care whether or not anyone follows you. (Mars Trine Uranus)

Aspects to the Moon

Emotionally, you are very stubborn. It is hard for you to change an attitude that is fixed in your mind, even when you have learned that it is not a correct attitude. (Moon in Taurus)

Your mother will also have influenced you to be very sensitive to your own and other people’s feelings, and you may use this sensitivity in your career. (Moon in 10th)

Your emotions and your thinking influence each other so strongly that it is difficult for you to separate them. In an argument with someone, you often make little sense, because you are arguing totally from feelings, not logic. (Moon Square Mercury)

You need affection very much, and you go out of your way to get it. You are so afraid of being disliked that you give in to others in order to avoid getting into a fight or making an enemy. (Moon Square Venus)

However, at the same time you must be encouraged to vent your inner feelings of anger and resentment, but in a way that communicates your feelings to others without being destructive. (Moon Square Mars)

Your feelings are quite changeable, and they influence how you feel about people. One day you really like someone, but on another day, you feel completely different. You may find it difficult to treat others the same way all the time. (Moon Square Ascendant)

You must learn to control sudden outbursts of emotion that occur at difficult times when you least expect it. This is because your relationship with your mother may have been rather unstable. She may have been very involved in her own interests, which prevented her from being as close to you as she would have been otherwise. She may be an unconventional person, a real free spirit. The problem is that your feelings about her are mixed, both loving and unloving. You may secretly resent her. Probably you don’t feel that you can express this consciously, but it could come out when you are angry or upset. (Moon Inconjunct Uranus)


Did the planetary energy pattern shift? I think it did, because suddenly time seemed to speed up, with the result that doers of wrongful deeds began to be met with, what John Lennon coined, ‘Instant Karma’.

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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    From my understanding, the number 144,000 was originally a reference to 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. As there are 12 zodical signs, the signs were meant to represent the 12 tribes and the 12 apostles. Then the focus turned to the Mayan. We’re all spiritual warriors, now.


  3. cdsmiller17 says:

    All that I know is that the art of astrology helps us to see some ‘divine’ pattern in our chaotic lives. The image shown in the aspects of the chart seems to be a triangle on a stick. This means to me that the ‘balance’ of energies is being highlighted here. The negative and positive are being made equal again, and that the next lineup of planets will open the doorway into a more spiritual dimension, the 11:11 Ascension (which I shall be writing about in my next blog).


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