At This Point in Time: The 11:11 Doorway

There has been a lot of talk for years about the Ascension. This page covers the beginning of that process. Some have even called it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The History

From Ashtar Command, via Yvonne Cole, as quoted in Connecting Link, Issue No. 16, published in the United States before the event: “As the Harmonic Convergence was the beginning, this is the high point of the opportunity that awaits you. This is the moment when the cosmic alignments are in their predestined order and thus a phenomenon never before experienced on Earth will take place. A door will open in the protective shield around the planet allowing the emergence of energies, the like of which you have never experienced, to enter. This energy comes from the highest source. It is the energy of Light. It is the energy of Love…

“To receive the energies you must open yourselves. Because it is the pure energy of love that comes from the Source of all, it must be received in a like manner. Purify your being in the three areas of reception. Cleanse your physical body, balance your emotions, and open spiritually to that which awaits you. Do this in any manner appropriate to you personally.

Those who wish to gather as a group will find this process easier as there is strength in numbers, but for those that cannot gather, no single light energy will be left out. We know who belongs to the light as you have a singular identifying aura which can be ‘seen’ by those of us assisting in this. None of pure heart will be missed.

The doorway will remain open for 20 of your earth years and will close in 2012… the light to transform your being into the stars that you are. This must be a freewill decision of each soul.”

The Chart

Sun – 20 Capricorn 59′
Moon – 07 Aries 40′
North Node – 09 Capricorn 14′
Mercury – 02 Capricorn 41′
Venus – 13 Sagittarius 43′
Mars – 01 Capricorn 54′
Jupiter – 14 Virgo 24′
Saturn – 07 Aquarius 07′
Uranus – 14 Capricorn 20′
Neptune – 16 Capricorn 38′
Pluto – 22 Scorpio 24′

Ascendant – 05 Libra 51′
Midheaven – 07 Cancer 37′
2nd House cusp – 00 Scorpio 26′
3rd House cusp – 01 Sagittarius 09′
5th House cusp – 13 Aquarius 17′
6th House cusp – 12 Pisces 41′

Chiron – 07 Leo 37′

The Human Spirit

I found this ‘doorway’ concept to be a very hard one to accept: it was a bit of “a camel going through the eye of a needle” as it were. In fact, it caused a fair amount of dissension amongst the members of a meditation group to which I belonged. I, for one, wanted to meditate on my own at the time of the ’11:11’ opening, but most of the rest of the group wanted to dance a ‘wheels within wheels’ pattern in the open air. In the end, we resolved that each should do what was ‘right’ for them, without judgement of the other’s actions.

In meditation, I ‘saw’ the group’s dance movements, and counted backward from 121, as this was supposed to be the number of individuals taking part. Each number of the count represented, to me, a person passing through the ‘doorway of the 11:11’. When I reached the number 1, I opened my eyes to discover that the time was exactly 11:11 p.m. A shiver of energy went down my spine. I knew it had been effective, even though I had convinced myself that the true ‘doorway’ had occurred the previous weekend with the very powerful solar eclipse at 13° Capricorn 51’ on the 4th of January 1992 at 11:11 p.m. However, once I had erected the ‘Official 11:11’ chart, I realised what the ‘doorway’ was.

As we have seen previously with the Bermuda Triangle, strong energy lines penetrate the earth from the other side of the globe when there are planets in opposition to the Midheaven. This chart shows us that there are not just one or two of these energy lines but four. Oppositions to the Midheaven are coming from Mars, Mercury, the North Node and Uranus. Supporting (i.e. conjunct to) Uranus are Neptune and the Sun. Sextile to the Sun is Pluto, while trine to Uranus and Neptune is Jupiter. A lot of energy is involved here.

Aspects to the Sun

To those people who took part in the ’11:11’ door-opening exercise, I would say:

You want to be important and achieve something real that everyone can point to as yours. (Sun in Capricorn)

Although you may be quite successful, you do not care much for being famous or in the limelight. You are much more concerned with living up to your own inner standards and having a rewarding personal life. (Sun in 4th)

You are very annoyed by people who seem to be stuck in the mud, and you want to do something to change them. Just remember that they have the right to be left alone if they prefer. (Sun Conjunct Uranus)

You like to pretend and create worlds in your mind in which you can do anything you want. (Sun Conjunct Neptune)

You are likely to influence those around you, not because you try to, but simply because your personality has a drive that impresses others. As long as you have some basic security in the world, you will be able to hold your head high, even at times when things are quite rough for the people around you. (Sun Sextile Pluto)

Aspects to the Moon

Even if you are ordinarily quite shy and retiring, when your feelings are aroused, you are a fighter for what you think is right for others as well as yourself. (Moon in Aries)

You may think that everyone around you is far more emotional than you are, but this is not true. The reason you attract such people is that they help you understand your own feelings. You need to see your emotions through other people. (Moon in 7th)

If someone disagrees with you, do not take it too personally. People can have a different opinion without necessarily disliking you. You could lose many valuable friends if you keep thinking that way. (Moon Square Mercury)

Just be careful not to become inflexible about your beliefs, because being wrong is not the worst thing in the world. (Moon Square Mars)

A very practical person, you like to see concrete, visible results in everything you do. You can’t see the point of studying ideas or techniques that aren’t practical or useful to your life. (Moon Sextile Saturn)

You don’t enjoy knowing someone only casually; you want to know everything about the people you are close to. This may cause some misunderstandings, because your friends may feel that you are interfering too much in their personal affairs, or vice versa. (Moon Opposition Ascendant)

Your feelings are sometimes more correct than rational judgements, which may be based on ideas taught by others with no thought for your individuality. You have to live with others, but at the same time you have to be yourself.(Moon Square Midheaven)

Aspects to Mercury

Inwardly, you are a serious person, and your thoughts are serious. However, you can be quite funny. You take the world so seriously that you have to make jokes about the things that bother you, in order to deal with them. (Mercury in Capricorn)

On days when you cannot go out, you feel restless and confined. You want to be outdoors to see what is happening. (Mercury in 3rd)

Do not be overly critical of people unless the situation affects you in a very important way. You must learn to state your case without forcing others to defend themselves against you. (Mercury Conjunct Mars)

But you may find it difficult to reach agreements with others, because you state your own opinions so energetically, even forcibly, that you put people off. Also try to avoid talking simply for the sake of talk, and avoid gossip and rumour. These may seem entertaining, but they can work against your friendships. (Mercury Square Ascendant)

You think about your past a great deal, and you spend much time wondering if it could have been different. Do not worry about this, because you have only one past, and it is pointless to think about it, except to help you deal with the present. (Mercury Opposition Midheaven)

Aspects to Venus

You do not like possessive people, or those who use friendship to tie you down. You want to be free to be friendly with anyone without your friends saying “no”. (Venus in Sagittarius)

You like to have beauty in your immediate surroundings. You also do not like harshness and ugliness in other people’s language, and you work hard to erase it from your own. (Venus in 3rd)

You need more self-discipline, because you often overdo whatever you enjoy. You may eat too much, or you may spend so much time having fun that you don’t get anything done. And often no one will push you to work, because you charm them out of it. And if someone does put pressure on, it rolls right off your back, because you are not easily stung by criticism. (Venus Square Jupiter)

Aspects to Mars

The one danger you should try to avoid is measuring people’s value according to their income or social prestige. (Mars in Capricorn)

When someone tries to change your mind, you resist very strongly. (Mars in 3rd)

You sometimes feel that you can fulfil your own needs only at the expense of getting along with others. (Mars Square Ascendant)

You will determine the course of your life very directly, according to your own inner needs and impulses. (Mars Opposition Midheaven)

Post Script

Take a look at the other aspects involved with the Midheaven: if you include the T-Square to the Ascendant and the Moon, you will note that whole configuration is a Cosmic Cross. Cosmic Crosses hold the planet energies in place, and in this case hold the ‘door’ open. Also, to make the chart more interesting, there is a rectangular door with a large ‘X’ across it, drawn from the trines and sextiles involving the Ascendant, Chiron , the Moon and Saturn. This is a balanced chart, a ‘wedged-open door’ chart. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see it unless you add the line showing the opposition between Chiron at 7° Leo 37’ and Saturn at 7°Aquarius 7’.

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