Be Not Afraid

(Another letter from my mother…)

Be Not Afraid

Dear Chris, (April 12 1989)

Your postcard from the copper mine with its wry comments made me smile — I know just what you mean. You’ve been on my mind of late, so I bought a special airmail writing pad and shall jot down thoughts as they come to me. Some will be personal regarding your own queries but others will be of a more general nature, and of course some will be personal to me.

Finally I have a tape deck/radio/alarm clock which enables me to play many of the cassettes you’ve given me over the years, and with the help of my new “ears” now give me great pleasure. So once again, I thank you, dear boy/man.

There are many advantages to getting older,

not the least of which is the long backward look over the highways and byways of one’s journey. The journey offers many choices in getting to one’s goal but since the goal remains steadfastly ‘there’, then the journey, whether grand or petit[e], is pertinent only to one’s self and to no other. The only requirement is that in achieving the goal, the journey shall be harmless to others as well as to one’s self.

What often becomes perverted is caused by the confusion between goal and journey. The goal is not the experience; the journey is. The goal is total awareness and the journey supplies the opportunities to increase awareness. This is true for every creature, without exception.

We journey, in each lifetime, toward SELF-ness,

on a cosmic as well as a personal scale. When SELF-ness is finally revealed, then the loom of experience is no longer needed and will vanish. Art shows it as an apotheosis in which wings and halos are an indication; e.g. Pegasus, the saints, angels and even the so-called demons.

This world is the Shadow, SELF is the substance. Yet the whole concept is perverted, subverted, inverted by the distorted perception that “world is REAL” and “SELF is un-REAL.” So many settle down into that perception, that the ‘death’ of the form becomes the ‘enemy’ and much labour is spent on preserving ‘form-existence.’

I will not insult LIFE by confusing it to a simple struggle for existence.

To struggle to ‘live’ is, for me, an absurdity. LIFE is. If struggle comes into it, it is because we are under the illusion that somehow LIFE must be wrested from LIFE or it will cause DEATH. We live whether we are in form or out of it. Nothing can destroy LIFE.

The FORM changes only according to the experience necessary toward TOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS or SELF-ness. All things are varying forms under which LIFE veils itself.


Well LOVE is the magnetic, cohesive matter that keeps FORM intact until a particular form is outworn and needs renewal. Magnetism is a facet of LOVE because LOVE itself is LIFE. If LIFE does not die, neither does LOVE: both are death-less.

If you, Chris, ‘die’ it is only death of the form. You continue to live, under any form, because you ARE life. Likewise for all CREATION. We do not need to know what LIFE is because we already know it in our bones, so to speak. What most of us seek is EXPERIENCE of LIFE so unmistakable that we are doubt-less. To find that experience is simply to allow one’s SELF to be.

What then hinders us from the experience?

Whatever we allow — it is LIVE spelt backwards, EVIL. That is what EVIL is – a perversion, even a conversion of LIVE. Then it follows that each of us, personally, must now endeavour to throw off the shackles of this shadow prison and let the soul’s SON/SUN shine — i.e. consciousness. How each of us achieves this is our journey.

I have long felt that mankind’s illusions are form of prison. There is a programme on TV called “(Doing) Hard Time on [Planet] Earth”, in which someone from another planet or galaxy is sentenced to serve time on earth for some misdeed or another. Not too far-fetched, after all. Plato was familiar with the idea of a soul being imprisoned in form.

Another thing I have learned is to carry through to completion an idea.

Only in its thorough-going manifestation can we perceive the idea’s validity or mistaken notion. One does not need too many ideas clothed in flesh to get the point of the exercise.

I voluntarily gave up the idea of wealth in material things a long time ago after reading Jesus’ remarks concerning Mary to Martha. Also storing up treasure in Heaven which remains incorruptible seems to me the height of practicality. At the same time, no one has the right to steal the means of ‘form’ maintenance from me just because my treasure is in Heaven. As long as any of us is clothed in flesh, then each has the right to the journey’s experiences, and not to be cheated of them.

Well, as you can see, Chris,

I have spent many a labour on winning through to whatever clarity is mine — and that cannot be taken away from me. All I can say is that the labours have caused inevitable conflict with authoritarian-ism but when one is free of the fear of death, when one considers all punishment as the natural outcome of prison-like thinking, one naturally come to the conclusion that the hand-sign of ‘be not afraid’ seen on so many spiritual statues, is to be taken literally. There are no terrors except those we have invented.

With much love, always.

I am your mother, sister, brother, friend.

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  1. ray says:

    Truly wonderful example of spiritual wisdom….thanks Chris!

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