Lest We Forget: the Opioid Crisis


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Someone is killing our most vulnerable citizens.

Pain Prescription

If you suffer from acute pain, you can get a pill which will help you ‘manage’ it. Then, when the effects wear off, and the effectiveness diminishes, you can always get some more.

But if you find that it doesn’t do its job anymore, and you are told that the medical profession can no longer help you, you will try to bypass the legitimate providers by buying something, anything, which will take away the pain. But where? On the street.

Now What?

It would appear that the ‘War on Drugs’ has made it very lucrative to get into illegal and illicit drugs. The more the authorities try to cut off supply, the more money can be made.

The ‘powers that be’ want to be the only ones to benefit. So, “let’s try something different” is the new battle cry.

Nightly News

What better way to pressure the government to do ‘something, anything’ to fix this than to bombard its citizens with continual updates about the crisis. It becomes a “Vietnam War” style news item, every night, to get the people behind the ‘crusade’.

The ‘War on Drugs’ is now a evening fixture on the TV, beamed into our homes just before we go to bed. Impressive.


This is an opinion only, but what I am suggesting is that this is a bit of an “Ebola” epidemic for the local population. Throw some money at it, folks, and the problem will go away.

When the Ebola epidemic was happening in West Africa, we could pity the populations affected, send some doctors to ‘manage’ the crisis, and make sure that it doesn’t gain a toe-hold in our own back yard.

In this present scenario, our ‘junkies’ are being sacrificed in order to make more money for Big Pharma. It’s disgusting, to say the least.

Why do we have to ‘kill and wound’ others by waging war?


Love of Money


The love of money is the root of all evil.

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