MSS Back Story: Judith Jackman

Jennifer Lawrence

To say that Judith is a man-hater would be an understatement. The impression she gives is that somewhere along the way, a man has taken advantage of her, sexually, socially or emotionally, and she’s duty bound to punish the rest for doing that to her.

Judith is obviously gay. Her lesbian friend is Langford. They may not be fully-blown lovers, but there definitely is an affectionate connection between them.

Judith is also potty-mouthed. She swears a lot. But coming from her, the words don’t seem as awful as they could be, because she’s so beautiful.

(Mary’s sister Martha, maybe.)

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2 Responses to MSS Back Story: Judith Jackman

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    There was a girl I liked in high school with this name. I gave her poetry. It was totally unrequited.


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