The Illuminati


Angels & Demons

Although Ron Howard’s filmed version of Dan Brown’s book follows The Da Vinci Code this book actually precedes it.

I’m not sure if Dan Brown has something against the Roman Catholic Church or whether its need for secrecy is just too enticing for him to ignore. This story revolves around the choosing of a new Pope by the Cardinals in Conclave, set against a terrorist attempt to thwart the process. His weapon of mass destruction is ‘antimatter‘, the so-called “God Particle”.

The God Particle


This concept seems to echo the Big Bang theory. The movie shows in its opening sequence how it could be captured. But soon after, the killings start. Terrorism is a deadly game, for sure.

The argument that involves the Roman Catholic Church is that man should not be trying to duplicate what is only God’s will to do. The inference is that our experimentation could destroy the whole of creation, like resetting the computer simulation in The Matrix. They may have a point, there.

The Illuminati

ANON Illuminati NWO 2

Paranoia runs deep within our collective psyche. Brown’s use of this group as his villains of the piece has tapped into that fear. Conspiracy theorists have tried to connect the dots, and the resulting picture is not a pretty one. In fact, they think the Deep State is part of the Illuminati. (Holy Batman, your symbol is shown in the picture above…)

But Brown was clear that in his story, the Illuminati no longer exist, and the terrorist was only being directed to act as one to unite the Church against an ancient enemy.

This is what gets the goat of outsiders…



The United States of America is a republic based on Masonic principles. That makes it a frightening idea to God-fearing enemies. (We always fear what we don’t understand.)

Whereas it does collectively believe in a higher deity (“In God We Trust”), individually the people believe what they want, and that is something completely different: might is right, for example.

And on this 17th anniversary of 9-11, we must never presume anything: Lest We Forget.


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