Dog Telepathy

Cloe and BeBe April 2014

You Know What I Want

This picture is from 2014, the month after BeBe came to live with us.

Normally, she is camera shy, so it’s a rare day when we can photograph her looking straight at the lens. I guess, as these were the early days of our relationship, she was sizing me up.

So, have you ever noticed how a dog signals its wishes, without making a sound? Anyone who knows BeBe knows that she can be quite vocal, but I’ve noticed lately that she has a way of letting know what she wants without making a sound.

Throw, Fetch and Keepaway

Her favourite game is one in which I am instructed to pick up the dog toy resting near my feet so that we can play a few rounds. Invariably, these days, it only lasts for a minute or so, and then she wants to lay down on the chair next to me: after all she’s 10 years old.

Begging for Food

This one is universal, I suspect. The adoring look of a dog beside you when you’re eating supper (or anything, anytime). If I ask her what she wants, she looks at the plate. (And even when the plate’s empty after licking, if there are pots or pans, she wants them, too.)

It’s Cold

A very subtle glance while beside me on my chair now tells me that she’s interested in that blanket behind my head on the back of the seat. As soon as I move to get it, she settles down for a warm nap. I don’t mind, because it means I get to be warm, too.

What Happens If I Miss My Cue

It starts out as a deep-throated rumble. Then a growl. Finally, a bark. This is especially true when I’m sleeping in bed. (Usually, this is because she has jumped down for a drink in the night, and she’s unsure on her ability to get up onto the bed again.)


Animals, and especially dogs, know their own minds. But humans require coaching when it comes to fulfilling their pets’ needs. I believe in telepathy, and I think this is essentially how they communicate with us.

And just to show you that it also works the other way: think ‘car ride’ and see if your dog reacts. It definitely happens in our household.

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