Hubris: Emulating Your Hero


Monica & Bill

Talk about a #metoo moment: last night’s airing of this documentary on ABC brought the whole issue of sexual harassment in the workplace into sharp focus.

It seems that everyone knew Bill Clinton was a womanizer, especially when he was the Governor of Arkansas, but it was presumed that he would stop his peccadilloes when he became President. However, during a government shutdown (so much in the news right now), he started an ‘affair’ with a young intern, Monica Lewinsky.

In the end, they got (Linda) Tripp-ed up by Monika’s telephone conversations with her. Clinton got impeached, but managed to get away with it in the end. However, it may have cost Hillary the Presidency.

Bill Meets Jack


July 24, 1963

I can almost hear Bill Clinton’s thoughts: “Someday, when I grow up, I want to be just like you, Mr. President.”

When you think about it, he did do exactly that. Unfortunately for Bill, the world was beginning to tire of powerful men doing just whatever that felt like doing, no matter who got hurt. Fortunately for Bill, he didn’t totally piss off everyone.

A Flashback


When the sexiest woman alive in the early 1960’s sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” in her own breathy way, the world sits up and takes notice. But it wasn’t until after her apparent suicide, in August 1962, that rumours started to circulate about Marilyn Monroe having had an affair with John F Kennedy.

And then he was assassinated in November 1963.


Kings were all-powerful individuals in their time. They ruled by absolute God-given rights. The people obeyed their every whim or else risked ruin, at least, and death, at worst. And every woman could be bedded by His Majesty.

The United States of America was conceived as a Republic, to avoid being ruled by anyone but the People. Rome sought to do the same thing: look what happened to it.

The President of the United States (POTUS) is a servant of the People, but some in power forget that. Some even act like the President is a King (including the bully who now lives in the White House). “It’s his way, or the highway…”

The Roman Empire was ruined from within by the idiot Emperors who thought they were Gods. Unfortunately, that decay allowed the Vandals from without to sack them. Maybe they should have built a wall?

Hubris Comes From Ancient Greece

English picked up both the concept of hubris and the term for that particular brand of cockiness from the ancient Greeks, who considered hubris a dangerous character flaw capable of provoking the wrath of the gods. In classical Greek tragedy, hubris was often a fatal shortcoming that brought about the fall of the tragic hero. Typically, overconfidence led the hero to attempt to overstep the boundaries of human limitations and assume a godlike status, and the gods inevitably humbled the offender with a sharp reminder of his or her mortality.

Here ends this lesson.

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