Can You Decipher a Mystery Stone?



This month a village in France is offering a reward for anyone who can decipher the words on a rock in their harbour.


Like all good mysteries, the solution can be a simple one. In this case, it would appear that the hieroglyphics carved out on the rock are a local Breton variation of English words. But I expect the ‘experts’ will have a field day with this ‘Rosetta Stone’.

See if you agree:



The video (above) shows far more detail, including what looks like a church symbol, as well as a heart symbol. If the dates are correct, this could have been a ‘manifesto’ of support for the French King Louis XVI. Or, more likely, a simple memorial for someone who died there, perhaps a long-lost love…

At any rate, the reporting of this mystery has been too little, too often. Everyone has used the same exact phrasing, and the same photos. Making something from nothing, again?

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