Does This Psychological Condition Exist?


The Seven Year Itch

When this film came out in 1955, the drawing card was an image of Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grate with her dress blowing in the breeze. At the time, she was every man’s fantasy.

The film wasn’t all that wonderful, but the title has lived on, regardless. And the recurring theme is that men tend to get restless during the seventh year of marriage.

In a Messenger chat with a friend of mine, last night, I brought up the issue (as he is going through a wobbly patch with his wife), but because he’s 30 years younger than me, he said he hadn’t heard of it. I can’t say I was surprised.

I only have to look back on my own life to see the condition in operation a few times, and in one case, I wasn’t even married! But the truth of the matter is that once we men settle down into domesticity, the excitement of the chase is lost, and we yearn for a bit of fun.

But, on a serious note: once a man ‘puts a ring on it’ he thinks he’s conquered his desire. This leads to discontent and ennui. Putting the garbage out and doing the weekly shop at Tesco becomes too routine. That’s why hobbies were invented.

Marriage cannot be a substitute for living a useful existence. Placing the blame on your spouse is the lazy man’s way of making excuses for not achieving anything worthwhile. If you need to go hunting, every fall, do it. At the very least, you’ll put food on the table.

So, my answer to the question is: yes, there is such a thing as a seven year itch. The solution, in my opinion, is take up an interest that doesn’t cause heartache to another.

End of lesson.

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