A Candle in the Wind


Marilyn Monroe: A Reflection

It has taken me a long time to get around to this person’s life and death. I was 12 years old when she died, and I was heartbroken. Even now, I feel pangs of remorse for her passing so soon.

By now, you will know that the way I look at historical events and the people involved is tied up with their astrological charts. So let’s look at Marilyn’s:


One of the things that I knew would show itself clearly is the Neptune in her 1st House. Not that it may be necessarily tied to an actual event in her early life, but Marilyn’s earliest memory is of her grandmother trying to smother her in her crib. Now that’s going to colour her approach to everything in her life from then on.

Actresses are known for having Neptune on or near the Ascendant: it’s what makes them ‘different’. And in Marilyn’s case, she distrusted being herself with others, so she created a persona that allowed her to be what the other person expected. It was something that she could turn on and off at will.

Age 4


Her looks are unmistakable, even at this age. But her troubles started then, as she was put into foster care and orphanages from this age, when her mother was deemed mentally incapable of looking after her. In her chart, this time is symbolized by Saturn (the ‘system’). In the years following this, she endured being shipped from ‘pillar to post’, suffering at the hands of men who were supposed to be responsible for her care, and even being raped at a young age. This point becomes pivotal in her future life. She married at age 16 to stop being sent back to the orphanage.

Age 26

However, in the grand scheme of things, it looks like she was destined to become one of the most famous actresses of the Hollywood silver screen. The timing for that shows up in her chart as the Moon at age 26. And the Moon can be a fickle mistress.


This movie cost Marilyn her marriage to Joe DiMaggio. But it also sealed her memory into the minds of every male in the Western Hemisphere. A star was born.

Age 30


Marilyn married for a third time, this time to a man 11 years her senior, Arthur Miller. He is represented in her chart as Jupiter. In her mind, he was a very creative, educated and steady influence on her life. Unfortunately, he became the reason she took to pills to help her sleep at night. Her fate was seemingly set into motion.

The T-Square that was formed by Neptune/Saturn/Moon and Jupiter is the major conflict of her short life.

The Misfit


Does she look sick and tired? That’s the reason given for the stoppage of filming during “The Misfits”. Other sources say that the director had gambled away the salaries of the actors and crew and the filming had to wait until finances were back on track. This movie turned out to be her last completed film. It also cost Clark Gable his life, in the end.

The last movie for her 20th Century Fox contract was called “Something’s Got To Give”. How appropriate. In the end, it was Marilyn who gave up her life. There have been rumours that she was helped along by others to come to that end. I’ll tackle this part in a couple of week’s time.

Mars Inconjunct Neptune

With this aspect you must learn to stand up for yourself and demand your rights forthrightly and directly. Often you feel that you don’t have enough energy to assert yourself or that any such effort would be futile. Unfortunately, some people with this aspect learn to work behind the scenes or dishonestly. Others simply give up or take a defeatist attitude toward life.

Sometimes this aspect operates on the physical level as wel. You may have a generally low energy level and feel tired all the time but not able to sleep because of nervousness. You may actually need more sleep than others, and if so, you should try to get it. This aspect may also indicate that you tend to have allergies and infections.

Obviously you will have to work to develop your energy, both physical and mental. Your parents should give you a great deal of encouragement and always deal with you honestly. They should encourage you to discuss all your problems openly and let you know that you can always expect fair treatment from them. You should also learn to tell the difference between being really discouraged and being just physically tired. You are not likely to feel very positive and optimistic when your health is not at its best. If you feel defeated and want to give up on some matter, simply rest for a while or wait until another day before making a final decision.

You should get regular exercise to build up your body. Watch your diet carefully and get enough sleep. Stay away from any foods that your body does not handle well.

(from Planets in Youth by Robert Hand)

One Last Marilyn Monroe Quote


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    Marilyn was always fearful of becoming as mentally unstable as her mother: Pluto on the 12th House cusp…


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