A Candle, Extinguished


Marilyn Monroe Found Dead at Age 36

It’s the headline that kicked off a firestorm. From the very first day, the pills were blamed. Ordinarily, speculation like this would need at least a hint from the LAPD. So it seems that the expedient thing to do was to call it a suicide.

Sometime Before 3 am


I experimented a little with the timing of Marilyn’s death to see what astrological energies were surrounding it. 2:00 am seemed as good a time as any. That single planet, Mars, near the event horizon of the Ascendant at about 18º Gemini implies one of two possible scenarios: either the overdose was accidental or she was murdered by a person or persons unknown. I’m inclined to settle with an accidental overdose, but I’m always open to suggestion…

That run of planets at the nadir of this chart isn’t as spectacular as you might think. Starting with the Sun and ending with the Moon, each of the ‘lights’ are about 10º from the ones next to it. But it still represents getting one’s ‘ducks in a row’. And the Sun and the Ascendant have now switched places with each other (as compared to Marilyn’s birth chart). It gives this chart the feel of accomplishing her life’s goal.

Also there are three inconjuncts. (All text from Planets in Youth by Robert Hand)

Sun Inconjunct Jupiter

It is important to discipline your habits and try not to do anything in excess, as you may tend to do. You may gain a great deal of weight, for example, or damage your health in other ways. Laziness and physical softness are very great dangers with this aspect. You may tend to be sloppy in the way you dress and take care of yourself.

Venus Inconjunct Midheaven

You have a strong need to be loved and to love others as well, but this may create some problems in your life. You are afraid that if you appear to others as you really are, they won’t accept you.

Saturn Inconjunct Pluto

You may find it difficult to get along with others, because you are unnecessarily afraid of what they want from you. Learn to associate only with people whom you can trust.

An Open and Shut (Pill) Case


This image has caused a lot of people concern. There is Marilyn’s body, face down on her bed, and beside her on the night table are bottles of pills. The obviously superimposed arm is indicating those pill bottles, to make sure the viewer gets the ‘point’. Missing is the glass of water to wash them down….

Too easy.


Marilyn’s death certificate states that the cause of death was “acute barbiturate poisoning, ingestion of overdose”. So it was listed as a probable suicide.

What About the Kennedy Men?


Did you know that a subsequent  purchaser of Marilyn’s home found FBI listening equipment? The “official” story is that she was friends with a Communist sympathizer. But this may have only been a pretext to monitor Marilyn’s connection with John and Robert Kennedy. J. Edgar Hoover was known to be on the lookout for any dirt he could get on them. He wasn’t adverse to recruiting member of the Mob to achieve his goals.

Evidently, Marilyn had a conversation with Peter Lawford on the night before she died, and it is thought that this particular phone call may have precipitated the overdose.

And What About Her Analyst?


Something must have been up that night. Marilyn’s doctor asked her housekeeper, Eunice Murray, to stay overnight at Marilyn’s cottage. When she couldn’t open Marilyn’s door at 3:00 am (the bedroom light was still on), the housekeeper called that doctor who came to the house and broke in through the bedroom window.

He pronounced Marilyn dead at 3:35 am. The doctor didn’t get blamed for her death (although he must have prescribed the 40 pills found in her stomach). And that question that has been on everyone’s mind since that night: why wasn’t her stomach pumped?

If Marilyn had been intending to make a big public announcement on the following morning, maybe her doctor knew that she was on a knife’s edge, as it were. There has been some speculation about what her news was going to be: I think it was about 20th Century Fox rehiring her for “Something’s Got to Give”. Their archives contain a rewritten contract to pay Marilyn $1,000,000 for her return to the set. She’d finally had everything she’d ever wanted, so why kill herself?

That’s where the conspiracy theory about her being murdered answers the question.

We may never know for sure,  but the speculation is rife.

The Legend Lives On


“Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did.” (Candle in the Wind)


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