A Phoenix, Risen?


Photo of Dr. Adit Daniel taken by Refael Nagary

Meet Dr. Marilyn Norma Monroe

The concept of reincarnation is a tough one for most people. Whenever anyone undergoes past life regression, they take on the persona of a famous person. But what if you are convinced you were that famous person, reborn?

That’s the dilemma faced here.

Dr Adit Daniel definitely feels an affinity with Marilyn Monroe. But is she being delusional or is this real? And why does she want the world to know?

A Request Answered?

When I did Marilyn Monroe’s death chart last week, I asked the Universe if Marilyn could contact me somehow (perhaps in a dream) to let me know what really happened to her on that fateful night, August 5th, 1962. Then, yesterday, I got a message from my friend, David Lowe, telling me about Dr. Marilyn. She gave him her birth details and allowed him to share it with an astrologer. He will be suggesting that she contact me directly, but in the meantime, I have gone ahead with her chart, as she is a public figure.

Here is Dr. Marilyn’s birth chart:


In her Amazon bio Dr Marilyn discusses the fact that she knew who she was from the age of four. That fact is confirmed by the position of Jupiter in her birth chart. But another biography mentions this as age three, the position of the Sun. Venus follows closely behind, halfway to the Jupiter position. She also states somewhere else (Vimeo) that she recognized that she had that je ne sais quoi that men admire. So, in my opinion, this age (four) was an echo of Saturn in Marilyn Monroe’s birth chart.

Saturn figures strongly in Dr. Marilyn’s chart: any First House planet has a very strong effect on the personality. (In Marilyn’s chart, it was Neptune.) Here, the father energy would be a suppression of expression, which wouldn’t be fully challenged until she reached adulthood. The opposition with Pluto means the truth would eventually get out. But it would take until about the same age that Marilyn originally died (36).

Neptune in Dr Marilyn’s chart is situated at the very beginning of her gestation, which makes the assertion that she was ‘murdered’ in her previous life seem realistic, at least to me.

But is it true?


Comparing Marilyn’s birth chart with Dr. Marilyn’s, we see a couple of interesting links: Dr. Marilyn’s Ascendant is (more or less) spot-on in terms of timing (being about age 36 on Marilyn’s chart). This seems to confirm a theory that I’ve had since my high school days: that the ending point in one life is the starting point of the next. Now, I can take that concept apart by focusing on conception as being the starting point, in reality, but for a sense of personality, the Ascendant is the best indication.

The other ‘hit’ is the close conjunction between Dr. Marilyn’s Neptune and Marilyn’s Saturn. I had already mentioned the First House effect of these two planets in both charts, but here they are being lined up for our understanding. Does this imply something sinister? Yes, but perhaps I’m just being paranoid. (You, the reader, will have to read between the lines.)

Is there anything else?


By comparing Marilyn’s death chart and Dr. Marilyn’s birth chart, we see something which seems to be a continuation of purpose. The conjunction of the Ascendant and Mars at the time of Marilyn’s death is conjunct Dr. Marilyn’s North Node at 15º Gemini. Let’s examine what this will mean for Dr. Marilyn.

Gemini North Node — Sagittarius South Node

(from Martin Schulman’s Karmic Astrology Vol. I: the Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation)

She is like the wild [mare] desperately trying to fight being tamed, and yet wondering what the experience might be like. In the midst of this seeming paradox she is a messenger of the lower and higher minds to all who come in contact with her. Her past incarnations brought her to a natural understanding of the universe. Now her mission is not only for herself, but also to spread her understanding to the myriads of people that run through her life. Herein lies the mystical reason of her eternal restlessness. She has much to say and much ground to cover!

That makes sense…

If I had been Marilyn in a previous life, I would be reticent to ‘put myself out there’ again. But Dr. Marilyn seems willing to bare her soul, and every other part of herself.


Reincarnation is not a hard and fast rule that is applied equally in all places and to all beings. It seems to be tailor-made for the individual. In the Edgar Cayce/David Wilcock case, Cayce had a natural death, so that it allowed him to pick his next life carefully.

But someone who had been famous, and then murdered, would be in a hurry to get back on Earth to continue the struggle for understanding and acceptance. Such may be the case with Dr. Marilyn.

DSC_5334 (3)_edited

Photo by Ofer Frohlich

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