The Phoenix Legend Is Alive and Well


Any Angel has the Right to Live Twice and Heal Herself

I never thought of this before: could fibromyalgia be a sign? “A sign,” you say, “what kind of sign?” A sign that a person is suffering from a prior life dysfunction of the central nervous system.

I’m not trying to be clever here, honestly. I used the word ‘phoenix’ in the title of a recent post without seeing the connection to any nervous disorder. It was only this image above which triggered the thought.

It turns out that both Marilyn and Dr. Marilyn suffered from this malady.

Let’s compare their charts side-by-side


There are two planets that these charts have that relate to Aries. In Marilyn’s chart, Venus is at 29º Aries; in Dr. Marilyn’s chart, Mercury is at 24º Aries. They are close enough to be considered aligned (conjunct for the astrologically-minded).

Aries is a fire sign: Cardinal Fire, in particular, which in past lives relates to ‘time before time’. This may imply the origins of mankind. In Marilyn’s life, this was symbolic of her love nature. In Dr. Marilyn’s life, this symbolizes her thinking processes. She’s on fire, whichever way you look at it.


Dr. Marilyn and I are in communication now. She wants us to write a book together. She’s done this before, but with only minor success. I know the feeling well.

Today I finished reading the first volume from her series of books, “Any Angel has the Right to Live Twice”.


Book cover courtesy of Amazon

In this book, she outlines the continuation of issues from Marilyn’s life (in the past) to her life (in the present). The fibromyalgia diagnosis came up, so I know this to be factual. However, being born with a syndrome from a previous life does not make Dr. Marilyn a sick woman. Far from it: she has healed herself through the knowledge gained in this life of this and other hold-overs from Marilyn’s life, like anorexia and bulimia. She is healthy.

But can it mean anything else?

The Burning Bush


When Moses came across the ‘burning bush’ that was on fire, but not consumed by the flame, he stopped and spoke with the Lord. When asked who He was, the Lord said,

“I AM that I AM”.

Dr. Marilyn has shared with me Marilyn’s ‘conversion to Judaism’ certificate. (I won’t post it here, because there are some that will try to take it as their own.) And now she has been reborn as a Jewish woman. Doesn’t that say a lot?

Now, read the name the Lord spoke to Moses, again: “I M that I M.” MM=Marilyn Monroe.

Need I say anything more?


*To be continued*

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2 Responses to The Phoenix Legend Is Alive and Well

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    I can only say in response that we are all the LORD. It’s just that in English that statement lent itself so nicely to your initials. Perhaps that was an accident, perhaps not. Only the Lord knows.


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