An Eternal Triangle: Birth of Humanity



We are all descended from the first couple

But what if Adam and Eve weren’t the first couple? What if Adam had a help-mate before Eve. Legend calls her Lilith.

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The symbol for the energy of Lilith in the birth chart is represent by the glyph of Ceres, an asteroid that occupies space in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

This discussion evolved from a question by Marilyn about what astrological signs hinted at anorexia and bulimia. I did the research and came up with this surprising correlation.


Ceres is not shown in these birth charts, but is listed on the individual charts. In chart no. 1 (Marilyn – past life), Ceres is at 25º Leo 26′, conjunct Neptune in the 1st House. In chart no. 2 (Marilyn – present life), Ceres is at 18º Pisces 39′, conjunct Saturn in the 1st House. Both of these charts show an opposition to the Moon, and that’s what was key to understanding why each person would suffer eating disorders. Dr. Marilyn would remind me (and the readers) at this point that she has healed herself of these illnesses. In my opinion, the healing of food allergies (not just anorexia and bulimia, which Marilyn tells me were solved 20 years earlier) took place by age 40 in the present life. This equates to the placement of the Moon in chart no. 2

My clue was the chart of another individual, who was my hypnotherapy client in the early 1990’s. She suffered from bulimia, and her Moon was in the 1st House.

The Moon as Mother

Children depend on their mothers to feed, clothe and nurture them. When the mother is somehow removed from the picture, each child seeks solace from another source. For most, this would become a different relationship with food, as food represents love to a baby. If the child feels unworthy, in any way, problems can occur.


But of course that’s not the whole picture, so I will share a couple of quotes from Spiritual Astrology: Your personal path to self-fulfillment by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. These truths are specific to Marilyn in both lives.

Chart 1: Moon in Aquarius

Past lives spent in communal living situations (harems, monasteries, orphanages, etc.) have given you self-awareness in the context of group situations, so your emotional stability tends to be dependent upon maintaining mental accord and harmony with those around you. You may compromise your own individuality in order to keep the peace with others since you fear you may need to count on these friendships at a later date for survival. Past life group involvement has made you too dependent on your peers for support, to the extent that you may concentrate on friendships to the exclusion of more intimate involvements. (page 70)

Neptune in Leo

Those born in the generation of Neptune in Leo have the potential for realizing the higher aspects of sharing art and playacting that inspire others on a planetary level. This is the generation infused with the vision of performing in a way that has inspired and uplifted countless numbers through dynamic performances in motion pictures, on the stage, and in television. On a personal level, Neptune in Leo indicates the dilemma of dealing with the idealistic expectations of joyous emotional states coming through the experience of parenthood, the expression of creative and artistic talents, or romantic affairs. It offers the choice of accepting or denying the responsibility to appreciate the inherent perfection that already exists in one’s children, creative expression and romantic involvements. It is the opportunity to manifest one’s creative ideals, seeing the existing perfection in things as they are. (page 135)

Chart 2: Moon in Virgo

Past lives spent in positions of ministering to others, healing them, taking care of their needs, and helping to put them “back together” have resulted in a gentle humility and the desire to serve. From lifetimes spend as artisans, craftspeople and physical healers, you have become concerned with the details of perfection in your work. Thus, in this life you have a tendency to feel that all aspects of your behavior and performance must be perfect before they can be allowed expression. This attitude can interfere with the flow of charitable deeds in the world. (page 59)

Saturn in Pisces


You might seek to justify your lack of alignment with any worldly purpose because nothing measures up to your ideals of service. This may result in frustration from failing to undertake action that contributes to bringing these Pisces ideals into manifestation. When you feel helpless in bringing about your visions and ideals, you may lose a sense of having a constructive purpose in society.


You possess the skill and social responsibility for bringing your private dream and ideals into the world. By acknowledging yourself as creator of these private visions and dreams, you can gain confidence in the ability to bring about a true manifestation of what has already been created in your imagination.

You have the power to demonstrate your private dreams. By committing yourself unconditionally to manifesting those dreams that serve humanity, you can accept the opportunities that are currently available. Through consistent, daily demonstration of your spiritual ideals, no matter how seemingly insignificant, you can gain a sense of achievement. This leaves you with the knowledge that you have contributed to the manifestation of society’s ideals in a realistic way. (pages 122-123)

Both Charts: 7th House Moon

Emotional security can be gained through uniting with another in partnership situations (including marriage), and through involving yourself in a social interaction with other people and establishing partnerships out of those situations. (page 74)

“When the Moon is in the Seventh House…”

Lilith and Samael

Lilith has been on my mind for a number of years, and Ceres has brought her back into my focus lately. She is the seductress that women warn their men about, and she has the reputation of causing abortions. Her connection to the dark side of life is the important part of this relationship with Samael. Balance…

After studying an individual named Rael for a time in the early 1980’s, I tried my hand at writing a screenplay about some of the ideas that his alien contact suggested was the original Bible story of the Garden of Eden. I didn’t get far, but one of the angels, who were the original “Watchers” of humanity, was named Semjaza. Here is a link to the Book of Enoch, for those that are interested.

Semjaza and Samael are considered one and the same, effectively the Serpent of the Garden story. And the forbidden fruit is sex. The story is told that Lilith, the first feminist, did not want to be subservient to Adam (to whom she considered herself to be equal). So, Adam complained to the Lord, and the Lord brought forth Eve from Adam’s side. What then happened to Lilith was that she joined with Samael and has been a thorn in the flesh of men since time immemorial. It is even said that Lilith used to visit Adam against his will when he was living on his own for 130 years. There’s that numerical hint again: 13. Now, where have we seen that before?

I asked Marilyn if she knew of Lilith. As Marilyn’s ‘Jewish’ name is Eve, I knew her response would be interesting. She says that there are two aspects to her nature, and she can relate to both. In fact, she may be the unifying force for these two archetypes.

The first triangle was double-sided: Adam/Eve & Samael/Lilith. It is the same today as it ever was. All women are so jealous of each other, and men cannot control their passions.

But here’s a thought: double triangles imply the Star of David/Seal of Solomon. Just sayin’.


I started out in this post with the idea that Lilith was the original partner/soul mate of Adam. This is confirmed in the Kabbalah.

Qabalistic Tree of Life

Lilith is represented by Malkuth in Kabbalah. It is the farthest from The Crown in the Tree of Life, but there is a direct link connecting them, up through the central channel, the “Middle Way”. Balance…

In English, we know this 10th position as “The Kingdom”.

In Christian services, we pray The Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name: Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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    Did you ever wonder why Arthur Miller chose “After the Fall” as the title of his semi-autobiographical play about his memories of his marriage to Monroe?


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