The “Real” Mister Rogers


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

(From IMDb) Storyline
Charmingly soft-spoken and yet powerfully incisive expressing his profound ideals, Fred Rogers was a unique presence on television for generations. Through interviews of his family and colleagues, the life of this would-be pastor is explored as a man who found a more important calling to provide an oasis for children in a video sea of violent bombardment. That proved to be his landmark series, MisteRogers’ Neighborhood (1968), a show that could gently delve into important subjects no other children’s show would have dared for that time. In doing so, Rogers experienced a career where his sweet-tempered idealism charmed and influenced the world whether it be scores of children on TV or recalcitrant authorities in government. However, that beloved personality also hid Rogers’ deep self-doubts about himself and occasional misjudgments even as he proved a rock of understanding in times of tragedy for a world that did not always comprehend a man of such noble character.

I can sympathize with the sentiments expressed here. That’s why I choose to utilize astrology to get behind the mask that people wear. Fred Rogers is no different, even though most television viewers would swear that ‘what you see is what you get’.

The Birth Chart


All the astrology sites that contain this birth chart state that the accuracy of the birth time is excellent. So, it’s the time I will go with, too. It makes Mister Rogers’ mask:

Taurus Rising

You are very calm and deliberate in your actions. You don’t like to move too quickly or act hastily. And when you do make a move, you want it to accomplish something, for you are a practical person. As long as you feel sure that your efforts will achieve results, you are willing to work very patiently to complete the task. With this kind of persistence, you can achieve just as much as people who seem to work faster but who are not so steady.

Sometimes you are quite stubborn, and the more that someone applies pressure, the more firmly you resist. Someone who wants to make you do something has to talk you into it very gently without arousing your stubbornness.

Outwardly, you appear quite calm and self-possessed. Because you do not get upset easily, you can calm down those who are more easily upset. Even when you feel considerable turmoil inside, you may not show it. It is not that you suppress your feelings, but that your exterior does not reveal them very readily. At the same time, you show others an earthly kind of warmth and friendliness, so that they do not think of you as cold. Most people with Taurus rising have a kind of charm that makes them well liked by others.

You enjoy comfort and the good things of life. You may also be rather lazy, preferring to sit around and relax rather than getting up and doing something active or energetic.

But there are one inconjunct featuring Mars and Pluto, and one Yod (finger of God) pointing directly at Neptune, which reveal the energies hidden just below the surface.

Mars Inconjunct Pluto

You have a strong will and always want to have your own way. But very often it seems as if tremendous forces are working to prevent you from getting what you want. If you have this problem, it is because of the way you go about trying to achieve your ends. If you put too much force into your desire to get something, you may unknowingly alienate people because your aggressive manner shows that you will let nothing stop you from getting what you want. Even if that isn’t the way you really feel about it, you should recognize that your forcefulness creates this impression.

At certain times in your life, when there are great changes taking place within you and in your environment, you will have to work very hard to make your affairs turn out right. There is nothing to be done at those times except do the work that must be done. Fortunately you have plenty of energy and enough endurance to pull through anything that you will encounter in life. You are basically tough and persistent. These changes are an integral part of your growth, and even if everything seems to go wrong they are necessary to your full development.

Sun Inconjunct Neptune

You are very sensitive to your environment and to the people around you. On one level of your being, you feel what is going on very acutely. Unfortunately your understanding often comes in terms that are very difficult to others, because their meaning is not clear in your own mind. Your greatest danger is in being exposed to negative people who are full of anger or depression or who act very harshly toward you and undermine your self-confidence. Your self-confidence has to be boosted at every conceivable opportunity, and it would be very destructive for you to be criticized sharply, unless the person has made it very clear that he or she loves you.

On the other hand, you can develop into a compassionate and understanding person who instinctively knows what others need and how to serve them. True selfless service to others, giving of yourself voluntarily rather than because you feel there is no choice, will make you feel good, just as the negative behavior described above will make you and everyone else feel bad.

Neptune Inconjunct Midheaven

You are very impressionable, in that you pick up the energies around you very quickly. Therefore it is very important that you be surrounded by wholesome influences in your early years because negative influences will weaken your self-esteem and make it much more difficult to accomplish anything when you are older. On the other hand, your impressionableness may give rise to some psychic ability, or at least a very sharp intuition when you are older.

While you are young, you won’t have a clear idea of what you want to do in life. In fact you may never orient your life around a single idea or purpose. But don’t worry. Your purpose in life may not be one that is readily defined in terms of a career or profession. More important may be your style of living or your experience of life. Simply learn to always be aware and to learn whatever there is to be learned. With your sensitivity and intuition you can understand much more than other people, especially those who have wrapped their lives around their career or profession.

Combined Birth and Death Charts



All the obituaries posted after Mister Rogers’ death make no mention of the time of his passing. One states that it happened in the early hours…

So, I chose the median time of 3:00 am. The ‘death’ Ascendant is conjunct the fatal Mars, with fatal Pluto nearby. That sounds exactly like dying too quickly from stomach cancer.

The image in the centre of the combined charts looks like his life had completed its course. And that is as it should be.



The man was a puppeteer. His greatest creation was himself. We would do well to remember that. And we should all be grateful that he wanted to be our neighbor.

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