The Upcoming Saturn/Pluto Conflict


See Matthew 26:52 for the full version

I’ve been charting the motions of Saturn and Pluto since their proximity came to my attention in June. Even the Gemini full Moon in December had a surprise element to it.

But now I want to look at the moment when Saturn and Pluto are conjunct this month.



There are a great many interesting things about this ‘event’ chart. First and foremost, though, is the stellium of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the Ascendant in Capricorn. That’s a very powerful bunch of energies in the space of 1º or so.

The Moon gets her say, too. It is square to Uranus and the Midheaven, trine to Mars, and inconjunct to Jupiter. (I’ll return to that inconjunct in a minute.)

Neptune is trine to the Midheaven. And Venus is square to Mars. A recipe for war?

Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates that you have a positive, optimistic outlook on life, and enjoy socializing with good friends. However, there are some dangers with this aspect. First, it can be a sign that you are self-indulgent and possibly even selfish, although this is not likely to happen if you have a good, strong relationship with your mother. You have a great need to be cared for and supported, to be accepted for what you are with no strings attached. If this need is fulfilled, the positive side of this aspect will flourish. But if your mother does not support your needs fully, you will feel insecure and will look elsewhere for support and fulfillment. In this case your concern will be totally for yourself with little thought for other people’s needs.

This problem may show up in several different ways. For instance, you might simply have a desire to eat too much, as if food were love. Or you may be wanting things that other people own. You might be afraid of the world and be reluctant to leave your comfortable and surroundings. Some people with this aspect stay tied too closely to their mother.

On the other hand, if you feel emotionally secure and accepted, then you will be able to give others the support that you would otherwise have been seeking for yourself. You will help others in their times of need, share what you have with those who have less, and find great satisfaction in taking care of people and animals.

May I sound a note of quiet positivity? The fires in Australia have brought the world’s attention to the plight of the people and the animals. Might this aspect show that, rather than war, people will unite to help them? Prayers are already proving effective.


Mother Earth is in trouble. Is war the best way to help her? NO!

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction may be the turning point in the fight against climate change. In less than a week, we shall see what the energies will do. First strike?



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