Meet the Swami of Baltimore

William Walker Atkinson (Dec. 5, 1862 – Nov. 22, 1932)

Ian sent the Faith and Science group a link to the pdf copy of Mystic Christianity yesterday and I read the first chapter all the way through. In essence he has foreshadowed my manuscript of The Star of Bethlehem by almost one hundred years. How can that be?

Are we connected? Or have I just ‘picked up’ his book sometime in the hidden mists of a century and taken his words to heart? I don’t know. In my As Above, So Below post from years ago, I speculated that there was a doubling and trebling of lives from the past in my birth chart: one of my lives, as represented by Jupiter was linked to the year 1883, the time period when William Walker Atkinson reached the age of majority. OK?

This is a rectified birth time (since his is unknown) and I concentrated the focus on the ages he would have been getting married (Venus) and then starting his career (Sun).

It makes the Moon very prominent (and conjunct his Ascendant) in Gemini and opposite to the Mercury/Venus/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius. And there is one inconjunct connecting Venus with Pluto in the 12th House (of the unconscious).

His death chart is “exact” if you can trust the death certificate as seen on Wikipedia.

Now there are two inconjuncts: Mercury and Pluto; and Jupiter and Uranus. His death is attributed to “cardiac dilitation” (I wonder if they meant ‘dilatation’). He’d also suffered from a “cerebral embolism” the previous December. Sounds like the way a medical person would describe the effects of these inconjuncts.

The Last Word

He definitely was a man ahead of his time.

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