Is This Proof of the Deep State?

ShadowGate (2020)

I was sent this title by a friend who lives in Europe. I wasn’t expecting it to essentially ‘prove’ what David Wilcock has been saying for all these years, that there IS a shadow government in the US, running the country, and keeping Americans in the dark.

The video has been deleted from YouTube (due to its incendiary statements, no doubt) but there are other platforms that are hosting it, so it can be found, if you want to see for yourself. My suggestion is that you park your incredulity at the door, to gain the most from its viewing. The right wing of American politics is trying to keep you safe.

Defunding the Police

Have you wondered why this idea has suddenly come to the forefront of everyone’s thinking? I know that Black Lives Matter has picked it up as part of its weaponry. But these things don’t come out of nowhere.

This cartoon is an example of faulty thinking, especially the final panel. Trump wants to be the Law & Order presidential candidate, yet he didn’t mastermind the concept; but you’ll have to watch the video (all 82 minutes of it) to understand the real reason.

I’m willing to give you a ‘hint’:

Trump’s “Cronies”

Have you also wondered why Trump would have so many criminals working with him? They were plants, from the same shadow government. He hasn’t ‘pardoned’ any of them, has he? That shows that he needs the Department of Justice on his side, and Barr is the man to do it. This may flip all your thinking on what’s going on, but that’s what must happen, if you are to comprehend how manipulated Americans really are.


There’s a “spider’s web” behind the scenes. (I borrowed that phrase from my friend.) There’s a good chance that it’s all disinformation, too, so we must keep an open mind.

Trump may be the target of a coordinated attack on his presidency. They want him desperately to lose the 2020 election. Everything is fair game, including his health.

Is there a “deep state”? Most likely. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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2 Responses to Is This Proof of the Deep State?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Now I see the truth about the pardons; Trump hadn’t wanted to scare away any votes in November, so he hid his intentions. In his last full day, many, many cronies and their friends were pardoned.


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