The Esh M’tzaref or The Refiner’s Fire ( אש מצרף )

Hebrew Gematria

I chose this phrase for my talk with Fountain UK, way back in the early 1990’s. Did I know something unconsciously that would link me to the lives of John Dee and Edward Kelley? It would appear so.

The mention of the Lion image and the gematria interpretation of 310 made my quest set off again.

So I hand wrote the Refiner’s Fire phrase in Hebrew and then looked at their gematria equivalents. The first word (starting from the right and moving to the left) equals 301; the second word equals 1130. Can we not admit to this being a 3 in 1 symbol? That echoes what I learned when I connected the first verse of Genesis and the John 1:1, “In-beginning…”

We are the Alpha and Omega of life here on earth. And only when we are tested by the Refiner’s Fire can we take our rightful place in the heavenly realms.


Post Script

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