Quantum Mechanics: an Analogy

Infinite Potential

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Infinite Potential

“Potentiality waves are invisible not only because they are numbers but also because they represent a state of waiting to be actualized. In the actualization they cease to exist.” (Page 48)

The author, Lothar Schäfer, is attempting to explain how waves turn into particles.

His understanding has a decidedly spiritual perspective which may make these obtuse ideas clearer when viewed that way.  But he took more than 300 pages to say it all, and yet I got his particular point of view at page 48.


My Analogy

Quantum Mechanics is more easily understood if you think about the Universe as a giant computer. The computer code (i.e. language) is a series of instructions that, when run in a particular sequence, will bring a visual presentation of an idea to life.

Computer games are the classic way to see this phenomenon. Someone ‘imagined’ a sequence of action. They wrote it in computer code and ran it through a computer. The result? An interactive game that anyone can play and enjoy.



Women Code
courtesy of ACM Siggraph


At their most basic level, the ‘words’ used in computer code are the binary numbers zero (0) and one (1). And, until the programme puts all those ‘words’ together in the correct sequence, they are meaningless signals.





Each one of us is coded, too. Positive and negative, we interact in a hologram called Life. The whole system depends on both values, otherwise, nothing will work.

The Matrix, anyone?





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