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Living in a Safe Universe

Survive or Thrive? The media has presented its viewing audience (its consumers, really) with a diet of negativity. We are told daily about ‘bad’ people who are threatening our very way of life. Does this impinge on your consciousness? You’re … Continue reading

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Inspiration #6

Where’s the rest of your crew, mate? Dead and buried ‘neath the snow. If you hadn’t clung to the tree You’d be with them now.

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Self-Harm is a Cry for Help

Jussie Smollett’s Crime (Cry Me) It’s been a weird three weeks since Smollett told Chicago Police that he had been mugged by two anti-black, anti-gay masked men who doused him with bleach, beat him and hung a rope around his … Continue reading

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Double T’rouble

This title came to me in the middle of the night: it’s a hint, for sure. If Donald Trump thinks that the Mueller investigation is a ‘witch hunt’ then the image of two witches brewing a cauldron full of trouble … Continue reading

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The Debate: Is Nationalism Fascist?

Isolationist Thinking Debate implies that there are two legitimate sides to every conflict: no right, no wrong. But what if you come up against an ‘enemy’ that chooses to shut down the debate by insisting that any ‘anti’ behaviour is … Continue reading

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Cooperation, Conspiracy or Collusion?

or just curiosity? The CBC produced a timeline for the Mueller investigation and broadcast it during last night’s The National.   You decide.

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Racism: Anti-White, Anti-Male

The Orwellian Curse I’m reading David Icke’s latest book (which I will review after I’ve finished reading it, I’m halfway through). He brings up a very touchy issue about racism: only white males are considered truly racist. When the reverse … Continue reading

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