The Debate: Is Nationalism Fascist?


Isolationist Thinking

Debate implies that there are two legitimate sides to every conflict: no right, no wrong.

But what if you come up against an ‘enemy’ that chooses to shut down the debate by insisting that any ‘anti’ behaviour is the same as being the ‘enemy of the people’. That sounds suspiciously like Fascism.

That’s like saying, “My way or the highway…”

America tried to stay out of WWII by declaring that the world conflict had nothing to do with Americans. That’s effectively trying to be neutral like Switzerland, whose population was made up of German, Italian and French speaking citizens. But the Swiss didn’t have a Pacific Fleet that the Japanese could bomb, which meant that they could remain neutral throughout the war.

Then the States became the world’s policemen. And that situation remained until Trump became President. Suddenly the shutters came down, the drawbridges were pulled up and the country closed its borders.

Trump wanted to “Make America Great Again”. So the question should have been: when was America never great? And his reply would have been: under all the Presidents who came before me.

The Political Spectrum


Slavery is a provocative word, and so is the concept. Subjugating some people to do your ‘will’ is considered unjust, according to most moral principles. But slavery can hide behind political ideology that most people would not recognize it even if it bit them in the ass. I’ve discussed this idea before, but it’s way too close to the bone for the masses to see what’s happening.

You see, the American Dream is a fantasy that enchants the world. And the hope of a New Life is sometimes too enticing to resist. So immigrants from everywhere want to move to the USA for the chance of a better way to live.

Until they get there. It’s even more difficult to enter America now that Trump wants to build his “Wall”. So people try to claim asylum, but even that has become a non-starter.

Why even try? You’ll only work for less than minimum wage, and have to live in substandard housing because you can’t afford anything better. And the resident population will be abusive and deadly. You cannot win.


If one side of the political divide wants ‘open borders’ and the other side wants a wall, the people will spend the rest of their lives fighting among themselves. Then what happens? The government (of whatever stripe) keeps the people busy over nothing.

The “Deep State” then gets to do what it wants without debate.

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