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Humility versus Humiliation

We, from Friday’s Faith and Science group, are in the first hallway of Caroline Myss’ Entering the Castle. Yesterday’s discussion was focused on humility, and invariably we began to relate times when we were humiliated by someone else. It’s a … Continue reading

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Canada: A House Divided (cannot stand)*

  Wet’suwet’en territory pipeline protests are being being supported by other indigenous groups across Canada. A fire has been lit in the nation’s soul. An attempt to bring together the hereditary chiefs and government officials was met with miscommunication. They … Continue reading

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Northern Cardinal with Ruffled Feathers

I see you!

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Something Tells Me…

I should have stayed in bed.

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The Man who Would be Emperor

Napoléon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) Today in history, Napoléon escaped from exile on Elba in 1815. We think we know all about the man, but do we really? I cannot confirm the accuracy of his birth … Continue reading

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Revisiting a Visitation

My father died in October 1987. I wasn’t aware of this fact until 2007, twenty years later. He visited me in the early days of 1988, and I wrote a post about that ‘visitation’ a few years ago. Now I … Continue reading

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No-one Expects the Spanish Influenza

When is the ‘Flu not the ‘Flu? COVID-19 is creeping ever closer to becoming a pandemic. That’s not good news. The last time the world panicked was in 2003 with the SARS outbreak. In the meantime, Ebola gave us cause … Continue reading

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Update: 72 High Street, Barrie, Now

The present owner of the property, Amanda Chapman, sent me these images of the painting and renovations she has done. This old house looks totally new, now. The former reception area. My former office. Not entirely sure what space this … Continue reading

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Enneagram: What’s Your Number?

I’ve never taken the personality test that helps you get to know your Enneagram number. I haven’t needed to. My whole life has been an investigation into who I am. I’m a 5. So, what’s your Enneagram number?

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Canada: Indigenous Protests Bring Chaos

Battle Lines are Drawn Canada as a nation has been brought to a standstill by some protests across the country. The original grievance of the Indigenous people in British Columbia was the proposed pathway of a pipeline through their territory. … Continue reading

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