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Re-Writing History: Is It Fake News or…

A False Narrative? I have commented many times that history gets written by the victors. The losers crawl away from their battles and lick their (emotional) wounds, sometimes for centuries. We, individually, do the same thing. That situation you went … Continue reading

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Forgive Your Brother, Even If It Takes 539 Years

Battle of Świecino (September 17, 1462) This is a novel idea, at least for me. The Great Year of 2,160 can be divided equally into four parts, less a year, creating a repeatable cycle of events (every 539 years). This … Continue reading

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The Historical Bookends of Europe in Time and Space

Alexander the Great and Charlemagne When I do a birth chart for a famous/notorious person in history, I tend to think of them in terms of their era, alone. Only later do I realize that they connect with others who … Continue reading

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Palatine Prince Makes Good

Prince Rupert of the Rhine (Dec 17, 1619, Prague) Sometimes, when you watch a TV series like Outlander, you can tend to forget that there were real-life ‘stars’ who operated in their own ‘divine right’. Prince Rupert was one such … Continue reading

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Pilgrimage as Metaphor

The Camino Caroline Myss posted a video on Facebook this morning. In it she discussed her observations about the Camino de Santiago. The salient point she made was that stepping off the path, you returned to the ordinary world, and … Continue reading

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The Man who Would be Emperor

Napoléon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) Today in history, Napoléon escaped from exile on Elba in 1815. We think we know all about the man, but do we really? I cannot confirm the accuracy of his birth … Continue reading

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How Europeans United: Fishing Limits?

Treaty of Rome (January 1, 1958) In one of his last chapters in Cosmic Loom, Dennis Elwell discusses how the European Union came into being. (At the time he was writing this book, that name didn’t exist.) We have already … Continue reading

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