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The Actor: Myth and the Hero

  A Thousand Faces For those with a skeptical nature, reincarnation is a hoax of monumental proportions. How, they ask, can a man be born again? Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus, that one needs to be born of the spirit, gives … Continue reading

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Janis Joplin Reincarnated?

Courtney Hadwin America’s Got Talent seems to get a lot of performers from other parts of the world. This young lady (13 years of age) comes from England. She is not a novice, when it comes to performing on stage … Continue reading

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Cornelius the Centurion

Acts 10:3 – The Angel appears to Cornelius the Centurion Blame it on a blind spot, if you will: I had forgotten that the whole chapter of Acts 10 is devoted to Cornelius. This is the same Centurion that is … Continue reading

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Time: Now and Again

Now At the junction between yesterday and tomorrow is an ever-present moment: NOW. We tend to ignore this fact, spending most of our time regretting the events of the past and hoping for a better future. But where is it … Continue reading

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Crossing Dimensions

Fringe Last night’s dream was probably influenced by the new television show “The Crossing” but it hearkened back to “Fringe” in effect. Once the dimensions began to open up, the show had a building that was a ‘no man’s land’ … Continue reading

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Researching a Dream Image

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Sometime in the early 1980’s, I had a dream that seemed from the past. On a bus ride through some heavily wooded areas, I had to assist the driver who was having a … Continue reading

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Jacqui’s Poem

via Daily Prompt: Winsome Jacqui’s Sonnet   You came to visit us yesterday Not realizing fully what God’s schemes Involved; and never in your wildest dreams Did you imagine what you’d come to say. Susan said you two’d never found … Continue reading

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