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I Am a Man of Infinite Possibility

Mr. Nobody (2009) I’m surprised I haven’t written a review of this film before now. Perhaps I did, but only on Facebook. My daughter, Rosanna, suggested I watch it (as she’s a fan of Jared Leto). So, what can I … Continue reading

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The Fall of Montsegur Castle

View from the Steep Side I’ve written about this historical ‘event’ many times. Here is the main post. But I’d never thought to do the chart, until now.   The Kepler 7.0 program has added 7 days to the original … Continue reading

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Transmigration of the Soul?

Or Wishful Thinking? We live in a world of infinite possibility. Remember that. The idea that the soul has free will is also promised. But what happens if your intended body gets aborted before you even get there? What would … Continue reading

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Has John Lennon Returned?

Adam Douglas Enevoldsen The look is familiar, isn’t it? You’d almost think it was Sean Lennon, at first glance. But it’s not. This is Adam Douglas (his stage name). He won a television music contest in Norway in 2017, when … Continue reading

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Why I Write…

…SONNETS It’s a question I’ve often asked myself. What is it about iambic pentameter that makes me want to write it? Is it the da-dum, da-dum of a mystery theme song? Or is it the sound of a horse at full … Continue reading

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Melchizedek: King of Salem

High Priest of the Most High God This seems to be one of my left-field inspirations, but I was reminded internally yesterday, (when we were skipping over a discussion of the Book of Job in our Faith & Science group) … Continue reading

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Virtual Dictator of Russia

Vladimir Putin (October 7, 1952) Here’s another chart I’ve neglected until now. The whispers from the Other Side have hinted that Putin is the reincarnation of Julius Caesar. This should be interesting… Is there a direct tie into Caesar’s chart? … Continue reading

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