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In Ancient Times, “Woe Is Me!” was a Spiritual Warning

The Burning of Jerusalem by Titus This image was attached to a post that said something along the idea that Jesus could predict the future. Somehow the burning of Jerusalem ‘proves’ what he had been warning them all along, if … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots, Using Astrology

The Link Between Me and the First Century: Henry II The difficulty in tracking down past-life connections is one’s unwillingness to accept unpalatable truths. That is why I have been reluctant to see myself as Pontius Pilate. Somehow, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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The Crusader King and His Karmic Debt to Jerusalem

Richard the Lionheart (September 8, 1157 – April 6, 1199) The mental flash I got yesterday about the Henry II, Richard I and John being connected with the unholy trinity of Flavian emperors hasn’t gone away. Let’s call it the … Continue reading

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Could a 1st Century Conquest be Echoed in the 13th Century?

The Destruction of the Second Temple (August 4, 70 AD) Sometimes, I surprise even myself. No, I am not putting myself in the thick of things during Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem, but I am being shown some interesting echoes. The … Continue reading

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The Jerusalem Cross

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Intifada: Awakening

  It was 30 years ago today On December 8, 1987, an Israeli civilian truck driver lost control of his vehicle as he passed the Gaza enclave’s large refugee encampment of Jabaliya. The truck smashed into an oncoming automobile filled … Continue reading

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Colin Bloy

International Man of History I had the impression last night, after I thought what I might write today, that Colin likes my allusion to Austen Powers: International Man of Mystery, as he had a real life role as a spiritual … Continue reading

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Who’d Have Thought It

A Community Healing Project When Suzanne Thomas told me in the latter part of last year that she was going to knuckle down and finally write THE book that she’d promised to do all those years ago, I thought, ‘Wow. … Continue reading

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