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Meanwhile, the Blake Line Continues into Other Work…

Some Reincarnational Timeline (Part 3) Continuing forward from William Blake, we get the traditional sequence continuing into law enforcement, through John Frederick Parker, Lincoln’s AWOL police guard. One might wonder why William Blake would go this way, and I suspect … Continue reading

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The Huron Didn’t “Eat Him”: They Beat Him in a One-Sided Melee

The Murder of Étienne Brûlé (June 30, 1633) When someone is knocked off his high horse, we say he has been brought down a peg or two. The Huron Bear tribe were not cannibals. So the inference that they ate … Continue reading

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An Astrological Prescription to Help Heal Yourself

Retrograde Planets at Birth Honestly, having lived with these natal retrogrades my whole life, I had no inclination to even investigate what the Universe was trying to show me, since my first birth chart creation in 1977. Not including my … Continue reading

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Even Though You have Reincarnated Thousands of Times…

You are a Unique Individual! Reading “Bashar: Blueprint for Change” yesterday, I came across a thought that had been waiting for me to find: each time we reincarnate, we are unique. Two thoughts immediately came to mind: we are like … Continue reading

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And Just When We Thought that Jesus had Finished ACIM…

Channeling Jesus (and Ananda) Am I just being picky, or has my BS detector gone into overdrive? Since 2012, a Canadian woman (a transplanted Brit, actually) has been acting as a trance channel for Ananda. No doubt living on or … Continue reading

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A Pair of Star-Crossed Lovers from the Past

Mark Antony and Cleopatra This is a departure from my usual karmic astrological posts. This time I am examining the effect of the other’s death had on each individual. Normally, I would combine birth charts, and that tells us how … Continue reading

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Karma: Can We Ever Really Forgive Ourselves?

No Sugar Tonight (1970) Lonely feeling deep insideFind a corner where I can hideSilent footsteps crowding meSudden darkness but I can see No sugar tonight in my coffeeNo sugar tonight in my teaNo sugar to stand beside meNo sugar to … Continue reading

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There’s Been a Break in the Lines of Communication

Hopefully, Normal Service will Resume If you follow my posts on this ‘channel’ you may have noticed that I have been concentrating on a particular story involving a specific individual from the past. This had been at the behest of … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Coin: Her Mars and the Year 1855

A Canadian Quarter from 2001 I found a quarter today. It’s a hint from the ‘other side’ that I’m on the right track. In the past, I found pennies, nickels and dimes, hardly ever any quarters. So, I think this … Continue reading

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Karmic Astrology: “All the World’s a Stage…”

From Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” This truism struck me as totally apt, yesterday: oh, I’ve thought this many times before, but the discoveries I unearthed recently have made me remember this quote. It is especially true when you look … Continue reading

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