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Karma: God Is Not Mocked

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics They call it ‘spin’. Too much makes everything spin out of control: January 6th, 2021, for example. I’ve written about this affliction before. But the roots of it start early in childhood. Parents ask their … Continue reading

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What Kate Shared with Me 35 Years Ago:

Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation (1975) Aries North Node: Libra South Node Here the soul is learning the lessons of self-consciousness on the most elemental levels. Experiences in prior incarnations did not permit the Self to form as … Continue reading

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About Last Night…

Lucid Dreaming When I woke this morning, I had two bits of information that were featured in last night’s dream: The term “extra merit”; and the flag of Mexico. On their own, these bits don’t yield any direct meaning to … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History V

WHO Declares Pandemic (March 11, 2020) This has been the longest two years of mt life. In terms of history, the situation is still current. Here’s the chart for the exact moment that Time Magazine published their online article about … Continue reading

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It’s a Wise Man who Knows His Place in a Woman’s Life

Greg Wise (May 15, 1966) This might seem a bit tongue-in-cheek, but Greg Wise married his boss (Emma Thompson) years after they were in “Sense and Sensibility” together. He is also 7 years her junior. (Another case of taking ‘a … Continue reading

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“Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!”

Karma: Is This What I Signed Up For? I’ve been aware of some of my past lives since the early 80’s. Now, 40 years later, I’m beginning to think that it’s all a delusion of some kind, self-delusion perhaps. As … Continue reading

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In Astrology, “X” Really Does Mark The…

Gates of the Avatars Yesterday’s post caused a bit of feedback, especially the part about the four creatures on the Wheel of Fortune and The World Tarot cards being equivalent to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So, I’ve done … Continue reading

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Who Exactly are the Lords of Karma?

Hint: the Four Creatures featured on the Wheel of Fortune Card According to the Secret Doctrine: Mystically, these Divine Beings are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they are the Recorders or Annalists who impress on the (to … Continue reading

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Why Some Pets Seem More Like Friends to Us

Susan and Kaiya This might seem outrageous, too, but I swear that astrology plays a big role in how pets and their owners get along. Compare my wife’s birth chart with that of our latest acquisition. Does there not seem … Continue reading

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Edgar Cayce: Karma and Reincarnation

Many Mansions (1950) This is one of the first books I read about Edgar Cayce’s work. It was written the year I was born. Now, once again, I have a copy in my possession, thanks to my wife, Susan. ‘The … Continue reading

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