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We are One with All Creation

My Octopus Teacher (2020) As a documentary, this little film is perfect. From our usual limited perspective (meaning, on dry land), we presume to be the Masters of the Universe. But, underwater, we are just observers, normally. Welcome to a … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

The Legacy of Liz and Dick While the world was focused on The King and Ann-Margret, I was enchanted by this couple. I had seen them in “Cleopatra” and I could tell, even at age 14 (when I saw the … Continue reading

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Checking This Pilgrim’s Progress: a Wheat or a Tare*?

The Harvest David Wilcock is back on track, folks. He’s re-focused on the omnipresent Harvest of souls. Which means, for me, that the world is right again, and we’re on schedule for our Ascension. They say one picture is worth … Continue reading

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A Poem about Love from 1967

Love in the Rain Wind rustling through the trees, Water trickling down the eaves, Rain pattering on the roof: Their sounds are so aloof. . I feel you close to me, Though your eyes I cannot see; Your lips are … Continue reading

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A Supernatural Love Story

The Keeping Hours (2017) On the recommendation of Susan’s daughter, we watched this film on Netflix last night. I suppose I expected a spooky horror story, but this one, apart from a few haunting special effects, turned out to be … Continue reading

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“He’s Probably Tired of His Own Singing…”

Eyes That See In The Dark (1983) You’re not meant to be aloneI’ll share your dreamI’ll show you love you’ve never knownTwo flames together in the deep of the night I’m up in your loveClose by you when you callI’ll … Continue reading

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And Tell You What I Feel About You

I Just Wanna Stop (1978) When I think about those nights in MontrealI get the sweetest thoughts of you and meMemories of love above the city lightsOooo, I’ve tried so hard to take itBut alone my heart won’t make it … Continue reading

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Save Every Day ‘Til Eternity Passes Away

Time in a Bottle (1973) If I could save time in a bottleThe first thing that I’d like to doIs to save everyday ’til eternity passes awayJust to spend it with you And if I could make days last foreverAnd … Continue reading

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It’s Like “Northern Exposure” but Without the Humour

Virgin River We starting binge-watching this series on Netflix last night. Almost immediately I got the “Northern Exposure” vibe. But, to be honest, this one is more like a Hallmark movie. The mountains in the background weren’t fooling me: the … Continue reading

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The Firebrand of the Reformed Church of Scotland

John Knox (1514 – November 24, 1572) In the film “Mary Queen of Scots”, this minister was played by David Tennant. It was as if the firebrand was allowed to vent his venomous speech at the shameless goings-on in the … Continue reading

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