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An Impromptu Tarot Reading with My Wife’s Cousin

Mystic Mondays Deck Exchanging ideas and proposals for addressing a universal need ensures approval and support. Go with your intuition. This is the time to make your move. Allow yourself to daydream, for dreams give you creative ideas and solutions … Continue reading

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Any Normal Person Would Have Got the Message:

Trump was Thwarted at Every Turn This Tarot card came to mind this morning when I was reviewing the latest (prime time) session of the January 6th Select Committee hearings from last night. At the top of a steep cliff, … Continue reading

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Images that “Fit” Me:

The Hermit . . All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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Putin: Be Careful What You Ask For…

Tarot: 7 of Swords This is my three-thousand-and-first post. I may be starting to write about other divinatory processes. As I sat down to write this, the Seven of Swords came to mind, so I decided to go with that … Continue reading

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Who Exactly are the Lords of Karma?

Hint: the Four Creatures featured on the Wheel of Fortune Card According to the Secret Doctrine: Mystically, these Divine Beings are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they are the Recorders or Annalists who impress on the (to … Continue reading

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Is This Why We Are Going Through a Pandemic?

XVI: The Tower Lars Muhl’s latest chapter (8) in the book that I’m reading (The O Manuscript) is in section II of the third part. The section is entitled Shekinah. Ooh, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? Just to see … Continue reading

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Show Me The Way to Go Home

The Way: Using the Wisdom of Kabbalah (2001) “There was once a great scholar named Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin, who had become known as the Netziv. He had many students and he had written dozens of books. One day … Continue reading

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Faith & Science: Here are Your Cards…

During our usual Friday Zoom meeting this morning, Heather gave us a mini lecture and demonstration on Tarot decks. She pulled three cards from the Rider Waite deck and got: Strength Heart Challenge So now we know… Moon Inconjunct Neptune … Continue reading

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The Day My Future Self Came Calling

Another Brilliant Sunset: October 8, 2017 @ 6:56 pm EDT You might wonder why I keep revisiting the past. It’s simple really: there’s so much to be gleaned from ‘events’ long gone. This one is no different: the image in … Continue reading

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Tarot of the New Vision: My Card

I won’t deny that I totally identify with this Tarot card. (You may have noticed that my online identity is cdsmiller17.) The digits added together equal 8, the upright version of the Infinity symbol. The card also represents Aquarius, my … Continue reading

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