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Fascism: Fascination of the Mind

Pink Floyd The Wall: the Movie (2000) Life in Britain during World War II must have been hell. The constant fear of invasion by the Germans coupled with nightly bombing raids and V2 rockets would have kept the population on … Continue reading

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January 6th: Were They Incited by a Propaganda Movie?

Movie at the Ellipse During the “Save America March” Never underestimate the power of words when combined with ‘dog-whistle’ images. Trump’s 2017 Presidential Inauguration speech makes up the words, snap shots (worth a thousand words each) make up the images. … Continue reading

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February 23, 303 AD: The Day Fascism Was Born?

The Empire Strikes Back at Christianity I’m reading a book about the New Testament, called Encountering The Manuscripts, by Phillip Comfort. There is a passage describing what Diocletian did on this day: What we do know is that by the … Continue reading

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How to Win the Propaganda War

Five Came Back (2017) We all know that war is hell. So how do you get your country to support the war effort when it becomes a necessary evil? You make documentary films. This Netflix limited series is a brilliant … Continue reading

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A 1982 Show Hints at the Present Time

Pink Floyd: The Wall As we are all in lockdown, with the pandemic COVID-19 threatening humankind’s very existence(!), the concept that a 1979 rock album could have foretold this time period is surprising, but not impossible. The Berlin Wall still … Continue reading

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The Canadian Political Spectrum

Political Parties 2019 Election It’s a tough question, but somebody has to ask it: where are you on this chart? And, before you answer, think about the implications of what ‘far right’ and ‘far left’ mean when we speak those … Continue reading

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The Debate: Is Nationalism Fascist?

Isolationist Thinking Debate implies that there are two legitimate sides to every conflict: no right, no wrong. But what if you come up against an ‘enemy’ that chooses to shut down the debate by insisting that any ‘anti’ behaviour is … Continue reading

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Tron: Legacy

It took 30 years for a sequel to follow the original Tron movie, and in the meantime, computer graphics and games have advanced beyond all comparison to those early days. The Storyline In 1989, seven years after the events of … Continue reading

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