Another Peek into the Future


But This One’s Personal

There’s just a little more than six-and-a-half months to go before my predicted exit date. I thought to myself that perhaps I ought to look at what is going to happen on December 7th 2019. Here’s the ‘death’ chart compared with my birth chart:


There are so many double Yods (Fingers of God) that I really do think there might be something to this prediction…

The image of the blue inconjunct lines creates an inverted pentagram, the usual symbol for the Devil. On its own, the chart for the day contains no such configuration. It reminds me that ‘sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.’ (from the Sermon on the Mount)

Suffice it to say that I need go no further.

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XCU: Through the Trees anew


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The Older Sheldon Shows Ends

The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome

Not with a Big Bang, but a Whimper

It was the finale of The Big Bang Theory last night. It seemed almost anticlimactic for a series that has run for 12 years on the evolution of its main character, Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons portrayal of the high-functioning savant has been the main focus of the show, with his co-stars serving as extras. But the show wouldn’t have lasted if they hadn’t been there, so it became their show, too.

And how does this show end? With the gang eating a takeaway dinner, as usual.

Young Sheldon Lives On

Series 2 came to its logical conclusion, too, right after the end. That’s where the real tears flowed. And the producers tipped their corporate hats to The Big Bang Theory by having the younger versions of the cast appear as cameos in the following sequence:

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Am I Really a ‘Bad Actor’?



Facebook thinks so

This issue began when I posted a blog about why I was quitting Facebook. As is my want, I tried to share it on Facebook so that my friends, family and acquaintances would know why I wasn’t there anymore. (I know, I know: not a very well thought out plan…)

Almost instantly, Facebook said that it breached their community standards and therefore could not be seen by anyone but me on their platform. OK, I thought, so be it.

But then, I decided to give it another go, this time with a different blog. (This was a few weeks later.) Using the WordPress link at the bottom of the post, I clicked Facebook and was met with a note that my posts had been blocked because they’d been reported as containing abuse. Abuse?! Really?!

And this ‘ban’ includes Messenger

OK. I’m one of those fake news perpetrators now. So that’s interesting…

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Sunset’s Golden Reflections



(Detail) Bird house

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Are You “Fed Up” Yet?


I’m Fed Up to Here…

(Draws hand across neck).

When I was a child my mother used to ask me if I was CFRB. They were (and still are) the call letters of a radio station in Toronto. When I wondered what she meant, she said “Chocked Full Ready to Burst”.

So, my whole life, I have understood what ‘fed up’ means. That’s all!

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Can You Decipher a Mystery Stone?



This month a village in France is offering a reward for anyone who can decipher the words on a rock in their harbour.


Like all good mysteries, the solution can be a simple one. In this case, it would appear that the hieroglyphics carved out on the rock are a local Breton variation of English words. But I expect the ‘experts’ will have a field day with this ‘Rosetta Stone’.

See if you agree:



The video (above) shows far more detail, including what looks like a church symbol, as well as a heart symbol. If the dates are correct, this could have been a ‘manifesto’ of support for the French King Louis XVI. Or, more likely, a simple memorial for someone who died there, perhaps a long-lost love…

At any rate, the reporting of this mystery has been too little, too often. Everyone has used the same exact phrasing, and the same photos. Making something from nothing, again?

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