The Clouds are Painted Red


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Is This the Most Iconic Pub in the World?


Rovers Return Inn (Coronation Street)

There cannot be many people in the English-speaking world who do not recognize this pub. I’ve been back in Canada from living in the UK for 12 years now, and because the Stanley Cup playoffs are presently taking up the CBC airways at night, Coronation Street is being broadcast every weekday @ 4 pm. Otherwise, I would not be watching the show.

I used to think that the inside of the pub never matched the outside layout, but now I can see that I was mistaken.


The windows have a side bit that gives them an elongated look. And that was what caused my misapprehension.

Rovers Return interior

It wasn’t always like this, but it is now.

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Telling It Like It Was: 70’s Sitcoms


Live! All in the Family & The Jeffersons

Last night’s live event on ABC was a project from Jimmy Kimmel which was inspired by live musicals. Two episodes from these TV shows were performed word-for-word from the original scripts. (Only one word was repeatedly bleeped out: any guesses?)

Some of the impersonations were spot on. Some didn’t even try, but the overall effect was surprising: who knew that political and social issues from all those years ago would be so relevant? For example, a discussion about why there wasn’t a black president was met with Gloria’s rebuttal about having a woman president some day. I’d forgotten that.

But we think Archie Bunker was the creation of Norman Lear. No, he wasn’t the original bigot: Alf Garnett was…


British Shows that Spawned American Copies

Till Death Us Do Part


The family dynamic of an opinionated man, his browbeaten wife, his grownup daughter and his liberal son-in-law living under one roof only really makes sense in the UK. (Anthony Booth’s daughter, Cherie, will one day marry Tony Blair…)

Love Thy Neighbour


Recently, Cedric the Entertainer has brought this old gem back to life by reversing the roles and calling it The Neighborhood, as in ‘there goes…the neighbourhood’.

Man About the House


This was the prototype for Three’s Company but the original romantic pairing got changed from the guy and the dark-haired beauty to the guy and the blonde, mainly due to the charisma of Suzanne Somers. Even the spin-off, The Ropers, was based on the original spin-off George and Mildred. And, of course, no one remembers Robin’s Nest being the basis for the spin-off Three’s a Crowd.

Steptoe & Son


Norman Lear mined this gem to produce Sanford & Son, a series about a pair of junk dealers. Their rough life and fractured relationship was a direct steal. But Redd Foxx made it work so very well.


I know I’ve said this before, but there truly is nothing new under the sun. “Case closed.”

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Susan’s 70th Birthday Present




Beautiful blossoms

Happy Birthday!

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First Tulips (from the weekend)


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Honest: the Tree’s Not on Fire


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Oriole or Not?




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