The Real Reason Trump was Worried


About the Russian Influence on the US Election

Robert Mueller’s Special Investigation has now concluded. A redacted version is now in the public domain. A smoking gun has been spotted, but evidently no crime has been committed by the President.

So, the question has to be asked: why raise such a big stink about it?

The answer is simple: Trump doesn’t want anyone to think that he couldn’t have possibly won the 2016 Presidential Election without Putin’s help.

That’s it.

It’s his pride showing.

Now, let’s all go back to work trying to make the world a safe place to live…

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School Bus Close Call II


The Boxed White Truck

My nemesis on the road yesterday is quite nondescript. It just goes to show me that maybe white is the new black. I don’t know anything except that an astrological analysis of the near miss reveals that it may have been a potential exit for me from this life.

The Chart


Lately, I’ve been looking at inconjuncts having hidden meaning in the charts I’ve been doing. This one is no different, especially as the components for the resulting Finger of God seem ‘deeper’ and ‘darker’ than usual. The base is my natal sextile between Neptune and Pluto showing up in this combination chart as a sextile between the ‘event’ Moon and my ‘natal’ Pluto (because the Moon is transiting my Neptune). My Neptune and my Pluto are both inconjunct the ‘event’ Neptune, which gives this configuration the feeling of a ‘veiled’ threat. And to make this point, more pointed, my natal Moon is inconjunct the ‘event’ Mars (as an ’emotional accident’).

The ‘event’ Ascendant at 8ยบ Virgo had just transited my 9th House cusp, my ‘natural’ checkout point. That shows me, as far as fatal accidents can go, this near miss could have been my final ‘event’ of this life. But it can also be a ‘wake up’ call because Pluto is transiting my Mercury. So that is what I’m going to take away from this incident.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury (from Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit)

In many respects this will be an educational time in your life. Your ideas and opinions on many issues may change radically from what they have been in the past. Or you may become involved in persuading others to adopt your views. In either case, all thought, communication and exchange with others will take on great significance and intensity.

Your concern for truth is deepened during this transit. You want to get to the bottom of any issue that concerns you, letting nothing stand in your way. Obviously this is a good transit for any kind of research or investigation, particularly if you are investigating something hidden or secret. Your perception is sharpened so that you can see the facts more clearly and take advantage of your knowledge.

At its best, this transit can bring you tremendous new understanding about life, if you are flexible enough to learn at all times, even when you are the teacher. Flexibility is very important, because the greatest danger of this transit is that without it you can be victimized by an obsession or fanatical ideal. Then you will only find yourself in furious struggles with others who regard you as a threat that must be curbed.



In 2001, I predicted that I would die when I was 69. The basis for that idea was the timing of Pluto in my chart. However, it turns out I had miscalculated the distance that Pluto was from my Ascendant and overshot the mark by two-to-three years. In other words, my Pluto ‘moment’ happened a couple of years ago.

At the same time, Final Destination put out an interactive segment on its DVD. Asking very few questions, and not even when you were born, it then predicted your date of death. My was December 7th, 2019, which kinda freaked me out since it fit in with the supposed Pluto ‘event’. But the upside was that I lived almost 18 years without fear.

Now I have to ask myself: was the school bus my close call?

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School Bus Close Call


Stop When the Red Lights are Flashing

It’s not a difficult law: perhaps a little bit frustrating when you want to get to your destination a bit quicker; but rules are rules, right?

Today’s close call came without warning. We were driving to Barrie for an appointment, and because of the time of day, there were a number of school buses in front of us.

Behind us was a box truck which seemed to be all over the road. Perhaps the driver was texting, but the one thing I was sure of was that he was distracted.

The school bus stopped, and let off a couple of kids. The driver behind brought his truck to a stop, too. Then we all started off again, when the flashing red lights were turned off.

However, we didn’t go very far before the school bus stopped again. I slowed down, but the driver behind mustn’t have seen the flashing red lights again, because he continued speeding up. Suddenly he veered to the right to avoid running into us, coming to a halt almost level with us. I had thought, for a second, that he was going to barrel on through the children exiting from the school bus. But before he got that far, it looked like he was going to run into the back of our car. To avoid that, I moved us slightly to the left to keep us safe. Thankfully, no harm came to anyone, but I think it shook that truck driver up.

Accidents happen. I get that, but I just wish that other drivers would pay attention when they’re behind the wheel. Inattention and distraction are deadly for everyone. So…

Stop when the red lights are flashing. Is that too much to ask?

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Pierre Radisson…Icebreaker


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We Didn’t Start the Fire: Or Did We?


Notre Dame de Paris

It came as a bit of a shock for most everyone with news of a fire at Our Lady of Paris on Monday evening. Now it seems that the first alarm at 6:20 pm was considered false because no one could see any smoke or fire. It wasn’t until 24 minutes later, when a second alarm went off that smoke could be seen coming from the roof. Oops.

Now the authorities are wondering if those 24 minutes contributed to the total destruction of the roof. And the employees of the company renovating the building were supposedly not on site at the time. So who did it?

The Chart


Astrologers look at moments of time differently than historians. I have been doing this work since 1992, analyzing historical events from an astrological perspective. It has provided me with insights into hidden matters.

According to the chart, seen above, every planet was held in place by different aspects with other planets. And especially of note is the Cosmic Cross between Jupiter and the Midheaven on the vertical and Mercury/Venus with the Ascendant on the horizontal.

Only one planet is suspect: Uranus. In this chart, Uranus is inconjunct with the Ascendant, which means that the moment of that fire alarm triggered Uranus’ ability to provide a ‘bolt out of the blue’, in a manner of speaking.

While not endorsing the literal idea that lightning struck the roof or the spire, figuratively this may indicate that someone or something, with the Power to illuminate our minds, caused this fire.

Uranus in the Eighth House (from “Planets in Youth” by Robert Hand)

Changes in your life tend to take place suddenly. You are impatient with slow changes that you cannot see happening before your very eyes, so you do everything in your power to ensure that necessary changes come quickly. On the other hand, you may resist change altogether until the pressures are so great that they have to come suddenly and with great force. Obviously you need to be more patient about change and more willing to let nature take its own course.

You are also interested in the hidden aspects of life, wanting to know the answer to all mysteries and riddles and seeking any understanding you can get from them. When you do this, you have a unique ability to think about new ideas with an open mind and, even more important, to apply them to your everyday life.

When anyone tries to press their ideas and values upon you, you resist strongly. You have to be free to set your own values, and those values must allow you to be free. Often this comes out as a lack of concern with material possessions. You do not want to be bothered with owning a lot of things, especially if it involves you in other people’s concerns. However, when you do work with others and share tools or ideas, you use your common resources in ways that are unexpected and quite inventive.

Whatever you do, be careful not to move suddenly or behave rashly, for this could lead to accidents. If you can learn to act carefully and deliberately, this possibility will be minimized.



The Roman Catholic Church is in a very bad state with all of its scandals and infighting. Notre Dame de Paris is a symbol of the Church in Western Europe. As an institution, the Church needs a complete overhaul, not just a ‘whitewash’ paint job. Someone or something is saying that there isn’t a lot of time left to get the work done, so get a move on.

We may not have sparked the fire, but our inaction on matters of supreme importance have fanned the flames. And all we can do is watch as it burns. Watch, and learn.

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90’s Music: Loud and Proud


Courtesy of iTunes

30 Stars of the 90’s

We went to a high school production of a 90’s concert last Friday. I’ve been trying to work out, since then, what is the best way to share the experience with you, the readers. I decided that posting the videos of the original hits would be best. They are shown in the order that appears on the above-noted album.

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)



Black or White



Step By Step



…Baby One More Time



I Want It That Way



Livin’ La Vida Loca



Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)






No Scrubs





This last one wasn’t on the album, but should have been. Did you enjoy that?

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Squirrel Traffic Cones?


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