Inspiration #20


Every morning she patrols the perimeter
Of our property to protect us
From squirrels, cats, rabbits, skunks,
With a word or two to our neighbours’ dogs.

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Something Borrowed, Something New



Sometimes, the journey of a song takes a couple of strange turns. Would you believe this one started life as a Joni Mitchell tune?


Then Nazareth covered the song, adding an interesting riff at the beginning:


Heart heard that opening riff and decided to ‘borrow’ it for their song, Barracuda:

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First Clear Spring Sunset 2019


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Something Borrowed, Something Blues


Dazed & Confused

Some songs come a long way from their original creation. This one, for example, was first recorded by Jake Homes:


Then the Yardbirds adapted it slightly for a live recording:


Finally, Led Zepplin recorded what we now know as the definitive version:

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Title of the One True Cross?


In Reverse…

Holy relics, especially in the middle ages, were very lucrative business opportunities. Some would even say: crimes of opportunity.

Here’s one that has a modicum of reality to it. For one thing, there are three versions of the same phrase. Traditionally, the title is supposed to read: ‘Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews’ represented by the initials INRI (after the Latin): a mouthful, to be sure. This title, shown above, is more succinct, or maybe the phrase is truncated. “Nazarene” seems to be the prominent word.

The second thing that seems significant is the display in reverse: the front of this document would have faded over time, leaving only the imprint of the lettering. And this would have been especially true if the title was still attached to the wood of the cross.

Faith is a very subjective experience. But, every once in a while, the Universe gives us a glimpse of the truth. This may have been one of those moments.


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80’s, 90’s and 00’s Workout Videos


Maniac (1983)

This song was intended as a horror picture soundtrack entry. But it got ‘accidentally’ sent to the music director of the film Flashdance instead. After the lyrics were rewritten, a classic workout video was born. (Jennifer Beals didn’t do most of the body work…)


Physical (1981)

If it wasn’t for Olivia Newton-John, I’m not sure if this video would have made such an impact. There’s a lot of ‘tongue-firmly-in-cheek’ here, especially the ending.


Beat It (1982)

Although, not strictly speaking, a workout video, Michael Jackson’s dance extravaganza does get a little carried away at times.


Vogue (1990)

Madonna has presented us with a lot of songs to choose from. This one, from the album I’m Breathless, is a favorite for people showing off their ‘poses’ in the 1990’s.


Call on Me (2004)

This video is a looped sampling of Valerie by Steve Winwood with yet more scantily dressed females working out in front of the camera. Beautiful.


Hung Up (2005)

Speaking of sampling, this video of Madonna working out is a direct steal from Gimme, Gimme, Gimme by ABBA.

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Hockey: the Greatest Defenceman Ever


Bobby Orr

It’s Bobby Orr‘s 71 birthday today. This man won two scoring trophies over the years he was still active in the NHL. And he was a defenceman.

In real terms, not many hockey players make a lasting impression on hockey fans. But not many defencemen can go from one end of the rink to the other and then score ‘the goal’: that’s what makes #4 unique.

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