Mystery: Can There Ever Be Benevolent Abductions?

Close Encounters

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Most people would agree that an alien abduction is a frightening situation, benevolent or not. It is the equivalent of a wild animal being caught by a conservation group of scientists, who only wish to observe, tag, and release the animal back into the wild. The animal is scared out of its wits. With good reason: as far as it knows, these people want to kill and eat it, just like the other human predators do. (See what I mean?)

About Benevolent Abductions

Not all abductions are meant to harm you or steal you from your family. I am part of the many species working together for a great and wonderful project, of which not many Terrans understand the true purpose. this project is about the survival of your species throughout a vibratory enhancement, extracting you from the low density where the reptilian empires try very hard to maintain you for their benefit. Once your DNA attunes to a higher rate of frequency, you are free and so shall be your descendants. But the work not only needs to be done energetically; it also needs to be performed biologically, in each vibratory level of matter.

Particular bloodlines were selected by us a long time ago, and enhanced genetically in order to allow “alien” souls to incarnate. I am part, my child, of those who abduct within particular bloodlines in order to modify and prepare the receptacles for the envoyees, that they become able to receive their souls. Thus, the powers and tools of these alien souls are able to be performed such as energy work, frequency rising, healing and so. Their mission wouldn’t be successful using random and unprepared Terran indigenous avatars. This is why we need to perform these updates and regularly check their good condition.

These alien souls, my child, who descend into prepared Terran avatars, are souls like yours, invested with a benevolent mission for this planet. When you are still unaware of the purpose of these abductions, we prefer altering your memory not to scare you or disturb the course of this mission of yours. Remember, you were still an infant when you were taken on my ship, in order for me to check you up and make sure all was going well, and so did I with your grand-mother. My Egaroth input enabled your genetics to receive the wonderful higher frequency of your Pleiadean being. And this is why, also, I call you my child. This is what we do, in great secret, countering the darkness’ plans by sprinkling stars in your blood.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 356-357). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Long ago, I wrote about our being spiritual fifth columnists: this is the proof of that idea.


Their homeworld is Planet Nibiru, in a parallel dimension. The portal they use is located in the Orion zone, so that is why we associate them with this space quadrant. They come from a double star system and Nibiru orbits every 4000 years. The main star is named Immaru, and it is a small brown star host to many worlds. The sixth planet, Nibiru, has two satellites and resembles to Terra, in a higher density. “Anunnakene” means: human like. Although they are a Reptoid cold blooded life-form, they resemble Terrans but slightly taller (2.5 m / 8’) and more muscular. No hair, white skin. They have a very structured society in which females play an important role in politics and power, although the males rule above all. They reproduce by eggs. They are known to be among the most advanced societies regarding to genetic engineering. They play a lot with the genetics of conquered worlds and especially with children, trying to create servile hybrids helping their purposes anywhere in the galaxy. Anunnaki have been the source and spreading of great genetic biodiversity and racial confusion throughout this galaxy for these reasons. Great enemies of the Lyrans but as well of the Ciakahrr Empire. Technologically advanced and well equipped in warfare, their name is also feared in this galactic sector. There is a legend about them, about their creation. There was a time, a very long time ago, when conflict raged between Ashkera (Sirius B), and the Orion Empire. To resolve this fight, the male sovereign of Ashkera offered to mate with the Orion Queen and their offsprings were named after the first one, mix of the two races: Nibiru “divided from two”. They later on took the name of Anunnakene: “Human like”, given by the Orion Reptiloids, as they looked human but only in appearance. Their genetics was predominant reptiloid. They overcame the Reptilian race that was in power when they arrived on Terra and became the new rulers, provoking as well other settled colonies. The Reptoids that escaped went underground, and those who couldn’t escape, were called “Igigi” (“watchers”), by the Anunnaki and enslaved for 2500 years. The Ciakahrr (Draconians) had objected to the Anunnaki genetically modifying Terra’s hominids to become more evolved Human.

The Anunnaki eventually left Terra but before they did, they genetically engineered a large group of human specimens to a diminished level of consciousness in order to have a race of slaves to mine mainly the gold and other resources for them. They used for a long time one other race: the Solipsi Rai from Zeta Reticuli, and are now having ties and agreements with the Terran based Reptilians to share the management of humans. These contracts come in the larger scale agreements with the Draconian and Orion empires regarding o the conquered worlds, slavery, food chain and genetic experimentations. As it is also done on any other conquered world, the Anunnaki left an elite contingent on Terra in order to control and manipulate, by creating elite human organizations, making the Anunnaki the deep underground hidden part of the military-industrialextra-terrestrial complex. They work with, and against the Ciakahrr at the same time for the control of Terra, which interestingly reveals a breach in the plan: both work in cooperation to influence the long term human evolution and consciousness through systems and elite institutions, religious fundamentalism, patriarchal domination and a cult of greed and violence, but…they also are in competition against each other for the ultimate ownership of the planet, and this is where a big breach is. Their ship have a “T” shape.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 230-232). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

We have heard of the Anunnaki before, haven’t we? And Nibiru has been on our radar, too.

Here are some illustrations for your understanding, borrowed from Craig Moscony: Abducted.

Here ends today’s lesson…

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Here’s My “Baby Girl” Dog, BeBe, Today

Photo by Susan Miller
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“When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble, Mother Myrah…”


For a long time, Elena Danaan did not know this entity’s name. But her effect was felt:

My next memory leaps to April 1983 in Marseille, when I was thirteen years old. I woke up one night sat on my bed, facing the wall, sweating, and breathless, my heart beating very fast. I saw something that looked like a screen in the wall with images of a weird landscape, with a hill towards where people were running in haste, and red glowing spaceships coming down from the sky to rescue them. Then, this beautiful alien woman appeared very vividly in the wall in front of me. She had soft pale skin, big wide green eyes, rosy lips, her hair was blond and straight, and she looked very serious. She was wearing a skin-tight shimmering blue uniform and a golden metallic belt with tiny devices attached to it. I drew this portrait below aftr this experience and all my life, even until very recently, I couldn’t open the notebook to even look at it because this drawing terrified me. I always knew, subconsciously, that if I looked at it, it would unlock a door I would rather ignore…

She said to me: “ Find Professor Jenkins in Ohio!” Then suddenly, behind her, I saw like if I was flying above a deserted landscape with a series of buildings (in my later research it turned out it was area 51, which is not in Ohio but wait for what follows…). The voice of the alien woman was repeating: “Find Professor Jenkins!”. Then, her face showed up again with a very imperative expression and she immediately disappeared like switching off a TV monitor. I did some research about this vision recently, and in Ohio there is a military facility well known for being involved with aliens and UFOs: Wright-Patterson USAF, in Dayton. And you will never guess: not only is the Ohio military base related to the Roswell crash and area 51, but a Professor Jenkins worked there at the time I was thirteen. I never dared or had the courage to try to contact him, even though he surely possessed some key information for me. Why me? Why him? Well, if you happen to read this, Professor, you may have the answer…

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 21-23). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Yes, this is a direct link to all that I’ve been referencing before.

About Malevolent Abductions

There is nothing Terrans can do if they are chosen for these kind of abductions, in the sense that in this case, it is not down to a path of life or destiny. These beings are hunters, they are predators. They hunt, and hunt has nothing to do with destiny. Hunt is just bad luck. If they decide to go for you, there is nothing you can do to avoid their visit. But then, you can protect yourself and…take a chance. The only way you can do that is by blinding them with light, with your own power, raising your vibration that it blinds them, and they can’t catch you. You have to radiate your own power, your own light, especially if you are an emissary (Starseed). You can invoke your guardian spirit or ascended masters, they won’t probably help you directly but invoking them will give you confidence and strength. You will connect to the aura of these spirit beings maybe, but it is not necessary because you have the power to defend yourself. The problem is that the Maitrei, the Reptilians and the Greys, they use fear. Fear to trap you, fear to catch you, fear to make you vulnerable and be unable to defend yourself. Most of you, Terrans, have no trust in yourselves, in your own power, so invoking higher beings it is alright, it gives you confidence, but if you can shine your own high light, it is better and sometimes, it may work.

You know, we are trying to avoid these abductions; we’re doing our best, working hard to rescue people, especially children, because children are carrying the hope of your species you know and also, they are good value to trade for different despicable reasons. But we are not enough, we are not numerous enough. All these predatory races are very, very numerous, and it’s very difficult for us to deal with that. We do our best, but what you can do yourself is to trust in your power to say “no”. There is a way to get rid of the Maitrei for instance. You have to alter your DNA by vibration, sound if you prefer. Maitrei prey on a specific DNA that has been already altered in the past of the Terran species. Sound can do that, here is the frequency: 528 and also 532 Hz. Tell people to do this on their Pineal cortex. Sound it next to the head, the forehead area is a good place. Then, regarding to the Reptilians, there is nothing else you can do really, than keeping your vibration high.

So, and the other Grey species, this is easy: erase fear and keep vibes up, like with the Reptilians. The Reptilians are more cunning; you have to keep your protections high on your surroundings (places and people). To conclude: Predators are not linked to destiny, or a path of life. Even their selective hunt based upon the nature of your blood is only generated by practical purpose. They are just predators. Cast fear away, that’s the first step, and the main one. All is about keeping your vibration / frequency in the highest range as you can. Fear does the contrary effect (these predators want quick and easy preys, and not have to deal with blinding frequencies). There is no particular formula to say, but you can find any words that will give you strength and confidence, regarding to your culture and religion.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 355-356). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

It’s a scary thing, for sure, but I find it interesting that Myrah focused on the Maitrei. This is a familiar name, common to both Benjamin Creme and Rael: Maitreya. Hmm.

And Myrah is an partial anagram of Mary.

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Is This Someone with an Ax(e) to Grind?


Chaos and Confusion

Confusion comes from the outside, and it is a dissonance with your own true inner knowledge, a disturbance by something illogical to your way of functioning. Sometimes, confusion triggers you to drag you out of a fateful outcome, because you need to be shaken, challenged, questioned, in order to see clearer and take better decisions. Confusion is a dissonance creating chaos and chaos is change. Embrace confusion not as an foe but as a friend in disguise. Try to understand why chaos is here, and what does chaos want to tell you. (from Annax)

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 351-352). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

I suspect that the names of these Space Brothers and Sisters are hints as to their purpose.

The Vessel of Light

As long as I can remember, I was able to see through the Veil. Even more; sometimes, I would find myself outside of my body, floating as an evanescent being. My maternal grandmother had this ability too and and of course, some other powers defying the norms. She also could see the unseen and it seems that this was one of the many components of our bloodline’s heritage. I descended from a line of shaman women from an island in the Baltic sea, for whom journeying through realms of the sacred tree of life had no secrets. My grandmother started to teach me from the age of twelve the art of the Runes, but innocent games had opened my mind to strange possibilities. I remember we used to send energy fluids to each other by distance, giggling about the tickling effects in our hands and the invisible blasts provoking goosebumps all over our skin. I never thought these innocent games would one day make sense, by fitting with a bigger picture.

Yes, my grandmother also was abducted by aliens and probably, by the same beautiful and loving tall being who checked me out when I was a toddler: Annax, an Egaroth from Meissa, in the Orion constellation. They knew each other and the way Annax calls me “my child” brings up some questions for me. The same mystery also revolves around this other strong, deep, powerful feeling: I always considered my grandmother as being my mother way more than my true mother. Sometimes, when I was a young child, I considered my parents and thought: “these are not my real parents; I come from the stars”.

Annax, with whom I kept in contact, remains amusedly silent on this matter but with my knowledge about hybrid children being implanted within human women’s wombs, maybe Annax and my granny were my true biological parents. I feel for him such a profound love and as I described earlier in this book, the first time I recalled seeing Annax I was overwhelmed by joy and drawn to hug him as I would with a close relative. I learned later, after my first hypnosis session, that my soul-matrix was in the Pleiades and that my real body was over there, in a pod on planet Erra, waiting to be re-integrated when my mission is accomplished in this actual Terran avatar.

The soul has a journey of its own and can incarnate anywhere relevant to its choice. It rarely reincarnates within a same bloodline unless purposedly. Think about each planet like an oignon, with a multi-layer of different dimensions all superimposed to each other. This is a soul-matrix, or “home” for a soul (or light-being). We usually reincarnate within the same planetary multi-layered orb / soul-matrix, but for peculiar reasons, such as those called starseeds do, we can pick momentarily another planetary orb, and incarnate there as many times as necessary.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 368-369). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Annax’ name reminds me of Xanadu: does it you?

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Question: Does One’s Blood Type Give Any Added Protection?

Type “O”

It’s been hinted at from various sources, including this report from last October.

But the question is, “Why?”

Virus of Fear

Corona Virus has been engineered by your people, with the push from the Reptilian hidden alliances. The aim is not to wipe out humanity because they need Terrans for personal purpose, but to spread fear and keep Terran humanity in terror, locked in the lower vibration. Do not express fear. Keep away from zones with potential infection and you will be fine. Wait for a while that the counter-process is put in place, this is taken care of, even if there is the potentiality of a lot of people dying down there. Be patient, prudent, and confident. Stay in the high frequency place, don’t downgrade, that is what they want. Just wait. I would like to tell the Terrans not to worry, and to trust in themselves. You know, this whole synthetic virus called Corona, it’s to be compared with what else is happening on this planet. Other diseases and sicknesses wipe out more people than it is recorded by the mediatized institutions. All is a question of currency, with these synthetic viruses. There is a very dark elite making a lot of profit upon human suffering. They don’t intend, these ones, to cure anyone, but to make the sick ones pay for a ghostly cure. This is so corrupted, so corrupted…

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (p. 353). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

I thought this all along, but most people cannot help falling into the trap of fearing the worst.

Alien Blood

“The following was channelled to me by Myrah, Pleiadean-Sirius B hybrid and a medical scientist specialised in inter-dimensional implant technologies. Here is what she replied to my question about why people having the (O-) blood group are more likely to be abducted.”

This is very simple: most blood groups on Terra are indigenous, except (O) group is extra-terrestrial. D protein was engineered by Anunnaki to make (O) compatible with other Terran blood types. You see, if two species chromosomes don’t match, the genetic difference results in a sterile offspring, and D protein palliates to that. If you have it, your blood is (+D). If not, your blood is (-D). If a Terran female with (-D) blood becomes pregnant with a (+D) foetus, her body will produce antigens signalling to her immune system that the foetus is toxic. The female’s body will instinctively try to kill its own child because D protein is extraterrestrial. The extraterrestrial gene that produces (O) is largely present in white tall Terran humanoids on Terra, with the highest concentration in the Basque region, where 40 percent of the population is (O-). Fifteen percent of Terra’s population only has the D protein absent.

So as I mentioned, Anunnaki are (O-), and to engineer hybrids with Terran indigenous, they added the D protein that allows the compatibility with any other Terran blood types. Now, with time, natural evolution and cross-breeding, the D has passed into all the other Terran blood types. Interestingly also, AB type has become compatible for hybridization too, but only with hybrids of Terran and extraterrestrial Reptoid. Lyrans tried to remove D protein in hope to make (O) sterile, because they wanted to create instead a new hybrid species with a better potential of evolution. Something indeed about the protein D, is that it makes it difficult to extract yourself from lower density, and you will notice that bodies filled with blood containing protein D will have an excruciating ascension process. This is why the Lyrans wanted to remove it, because it was locking down the spiritual evolution of Terran humans. For the -D bloods, it will go easier.

(O-) is special; it has Anunnaki vibration, without the D blocking the elevation of frequency, and there are particularities you find in the (O) blood types, or their offspring, even if the blood type is different: red hair, extra vertebrae, higher intelligence, higher blood pressure, eye sensitivity to sunlight, psychic elevated abilities. These distinct physical and psychic features are paired with a predilection for abductions. They are easier to abduct in reason of the ability of their energy field to shift density.(O) is a genetic blood match for reptilian species, because the Anunnaki who imported (O) group on Terra are a reptiloid species, and although they have better results with the protein D, the (O-) carries nonetheless genetic possibilities serving purpose of creating stronger hybrid races. The (O) blood type is a great compatible match for hybridization with a wide range of species such as Reptoids and Reptiloid based Greys (but to breed with Terrans, as I said, you need to add protein D). There is an interesting fact you may want to know as well: because (O) types are typical Reptoid and extraterrestrial Reptoid races have aversion to consume their own blood, they won’t abduct these individuals for food but for slave trade and cross-breeding programs only.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 345-347). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

So, when I first wondered if COVID-19 was an alien virus, I had been prompted by spirit.

Is the message any clearer?

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The Enneagram (Redux)

Timeless, this:



It’s an interesting image, the Enneagram. The hidden message is the solution to π: 3.142857. I have tried to encode the following poem with the same message.





The symbol of esoteric knowledge

Reminds me of a halo ‘round the sun:

Inscribed as a circle, while on its edge,

A triangle and a bent hexagon.

Nine points mark the progress of time,

Gauging our actions and helping us plan

Linear activities: a sublime

Enneagram could be the Face of Man.

One way to approach it is to ask it

For a solution as simple as pie

To a problem, like from which basket

Ate the Knave of Hearts — it will never lie:

Five times out of ten, you’ll get the answer

Seven. Divide that up, if you can, sir!

Sonnet XXI

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Mystery: Are Alien Contacts Still Happening?

A Gift from the Stars (2020)

Courtesy of

I shouldn’t be surprised if they are. After all, we’re still in a mess here on earth and the relationships between our Space Brothers (and Sisters) and their contactees must truly be ongoing. It’s just that most of our knowledge and interest comes from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. By the 80’s, the world’s attention was focused elsewhere, and books about alien abductions and messages of hope stopped being written (unless you were Whitley Strieber).

Elena Danaan is a life-long contactee, which means that she has grown up under the watchful eye of her interstellar saviour, Thoran. His is a very Nordic sounding name. As an anagram, it seems to imply “Anoth’r”, as a stranger to this world. I didn’t seek to do the same with the other ET names, because I didn’t want to view this book as a fiction. But the details are too vague to pin down to a specific time, on a specific date, in a specific place. So no astrology.

In one sitting yesterday, I read through the first 12% of the book. Then I had my nap, in the afternoon. That’s when I got the Peter and Wendy idea. It was this passage that may have triggered it.

June1979. I was nine years old. My granny, my younger sister and I we were looking at the moon through the window in my bedroom when we were surprised by the vision of a UFO floating above the adjacent buildings roofs, coming very close to us. Its shape was discoidal with a slight bump underneath and a dome above, and it was glowing a very bright orange. Unable to explain why, we had this strong feeling it was staring at us. I found it incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing, although I had no clue of what it was. My grandmother explained to me that it was a ship from another world, coming from somewhere else very far away, up there, in the stars. This was a concept new to me at this very young age, and I was truly astonished. My grandmother told me that when she was a young woman, she saw one of these coming down from the sky. She said a twirling wind rose and she was blinded by a bright beam of light coming down from the ship. It had the same shape as that one but not glowing orange; it was rather metallic with visible windows. In her next memory, she was laying down on the ground, thinking she had a fit and fainted. She never dared to speak about it to anyone. So obviously, I wasn’t the first in the family… And here we are, staring and being stared at, by this ship. It was truly fascinating. It suddenly changed colour, glowing brighter to nearly white, then quickly downgraded back to yellow, orange, dark red…My granny said: “oh, look, it is changing colour because it is going to go, now!” And she was right; it suddenly rocketed in a brutal zig-zag and disappeared out of thin air! The following day in the local newspapers, there was an article about UFO sightings in the area. Through my recent researches, I discovered that the area was indeed massively subject to UFO sightings for a long time. But the story for me doesn’t stop here; this, was just the beginning…

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 14-15). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Mary, Wendy’s mother, in the Peter Pan book may have had a similar experience with Peter when she was young, so when her children were ‘abducted’ in the night, she didn’t give up hope for their return. The mother to daughter to granddaughter generational sharing of clairvoyance, mediumship and other psychic abilities could be the basis of the UFO sightings.

However, before I go any farther, I need to correct what I said about the fuzziness of her memories. She did back up one recent UFO sighting over Dingle on the West coast of Ireland with a press report. The details are November 9, 2018 @ 6:47 am near Shannon airport.

I’d hoped for something ‘unusual’ in this event chart, and I’m pleased to say that Uranus and Pluto are marked by separate but significant inconjuncts.

Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus

With this aspect, especially if either of the planets is in conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven, you may be unable to decide whether you should act alone in total freedom or with others in group or social situations. Also you may not trust any ideas, values and concepts that you share with the people around you. For example, you may feel that instead of believing something that others believe, you have to establish your own ideas and values. You may try to be a nonconformist simply for its own sake, which obviously is a waste. The validity of an idea is totally independent of how many people believe it, and it is as bad to automatically reject what others believe as to accept it blindly.

Pluto Inconjunct Midheaven

You may have trouble with older people who try to teach you how to effectively take control of your life. Even while you are young, you may resent their control over you and resist everything they are trying to teach you. To a great extent, your path in life will be shaped by your early confrontations with authority figures. Your parents would be well advised to give you as much control as possible over your own affairs and as much self-determination as you can handle. They should not try to keep an extremely tight rein on you, for if they do, you will explode and become very difficult to handle. Also your self-esteem would be damaged. Your parents and teachers should be very straightforward with you, because if you feel that people are not being honest with you, you will not be honest with them. You are quite capable of acting behind people’s backs if you consider it necessary or if you feel that you never get your own way.

Another problem that can arise if you are not treated properly is that you may withdraw into yourself and become very secretive, as though you have something to hide even when you don’t. This can make people distrust you.

So his name is actually Thor Han and he’s from the Pleiades

Star Wars IV: A New Hope?

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Is J. M. Barrie’s Story Actually a Tale of Alien Abduction?

Peter and Wendy (1911)

My mind has a funny way of making seemingly unconnected things line up. Having an afternoon nap, today, the idea that Peter Pan might be an alien crept into my mind like a silent intruder. Then, of course, what happened to Wendy and her brothers, John and Michael, begins to make perfect sense. They were abducted!

Although the character appeared previously in Barrie’s book The Little White Bird, the play and its novelisation contain the story of Peter Pan mythos that is best known. The two versions differ in some details of the story, but have much in common. In both versions Peter makes night-time calls on the Darlings’ house in Bloomsbury, listening in on Mrs. Mary Darling’s bedtime stories by the open window. One night Peter is spotted and, while trying to escape, he loses his shadow. On returning to claim it, Peter wakes Mary’s daughter, Wendy Darling. Wendy succeeds in re-attaching his shadow to him, and Peter learns that she knows many bedtime stories. He invites her to Neverland to be a mother to his gang, the Lost Boys, children who were lost in Kensington Gardens. Wendy agrees, and her brothers John and Michael go along.

Their magical flight to Neverland is followed by many adventures. The children are blown out of the air by a cannon and Wendy is nearly killed by the Lost Boy Tootles. Peter and the Lost Boys build a little house for Wendy to live in while she recuperates (a type of structure that to this day is called a Wendy house). Soon John and Michael adopt the ways of the Lost Boys.


It looks like I’m not the first to pick up this thought: check out the Beyond Top Secret forum…

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Exposed: Was the Avro Canada VZ-9 “Avrocar” a US Decoy?

The UFO Files: The Canadian Connection Exposed (2010)

X-Files, anyone?

I have a skeptical mind. By now you may have noticed that. So, I’m always open to ‘new’ understandings of supposedly sacred cows. And that includes UFOs and alien occupants.

As a child, I lived in a part of Ontario that was close to where A.V. Roe Canada developed their Project Silver Bug. I never actually saw one in the sky, but that doesn’t surprise me.

“Proof of concept” Project Y

“In April 1952, [John C. M.] Frost co-authored a paper with T. D. Earl entitled ‘Proposal for a Gas Turbine Propelled Aircraft of Circular Plan Form.’ He followed this in July of that year with ‘Project Y: An All-Wing Supersonic Aeroplane.’ His goal was to design, build, and fly a flying saucer. Oddly, in spite of the fact that the Canadian government expressed minimal interest in his project, Frost noted that [Dr. Omand] Solandt [of the Canadian Defence Research Board] was instrumental in interesting the United States Air Force, through General D.C. Putt, then head of the USAF Air Research and Development Command.

“In addition to finding out if it could in fact be done, the USAF, or perhaps Dr. Vannevar Bush’s secret group, may have had other reasons for seeing the saucer built. Writing in Ideal’s UFO magazine in 1978, Lieutenant Colonel (USAF) George Edwards (retired) claimed that the saucer was being developed as a cover, not as a supersonic, man-made saucer:

Although we were not cut in on it, we knew that the AF was secretly test-flying a real alien spacecraft. The VZ-9 [Frost’s saucer] was to be a ‘cover,’ so the Pentagon would have an explanation whenever people reported seeing a saucer in flight.

Timothy Good, Alien Contact: Top Secret UFO Files Revealed

“Major Donald Keyhoe expounded this theme in his 1960 book, Flying Saucers: Top Secret. He cited an incident that occurred on August 1, 1955. A witness in Ohio reported a large, circular onject with a red light on the rim. At one point the object stopped in mid-air and shone two beams of light to the ground. It made no noise as it5 then proceeded to pass over the witness’s house and speed away.

“In 1956 A friend of the witness who was told of the encounter made a report to the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC). Shortly thereafter, a military man with the rank of major visited the witness and his family. The major showed them what appeared to be a picture of a flying saucer and said it was built ar A. V. Roe in Canada. It was the Avro craft they had seen, he assured them. He even tried to persuade them to sign a statement to that effect. They did not sign and instead reported the incident to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), a civilian organization of which Keyhoe was to become director. In a subsequent book Keyhoe noted that the Avro saucer as cover story was again brought up by the air force in 1965 just before a House Armed Services Committee hearing into the whole subject of UFOs and the air force’s handling of reported sightings” (Pages 62-63)

But What About the Aliens?

In CE-III (close encounters of the third kind) and CE-IV (close encounters of the fourth kind), contactees have recounted interactions with ‘alien’ occupants of UFOs. Have you ever been in close proximity to something or someone you do not even have the words to describe them? Imagine yourself in such an experience with a female from ‘outer space’. Antônio Villas Boas had one such close encounter that he described the meeting in sexual terms.

“At the time of his alleged abduction, Antônio Villas Boas was a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer who was working at night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day. On October 16, 1957, he was ploughing fields near São Francisco de Sales when he saw what he described as a ‘red star’ in the night sky. According to his story, this ‘star’ approached his position, growing in size until it became recognizable as a roughly circular or egg-shaped aerial craft, with a red light at its front and a rotating cupola on top. The craft began descending to land in the field, extending three ‘legs’ as it did so. At that point, Boas decided to run from the scene.

“According to Boas, he first attempted to leave the scene on his tractor, but when its lights and engine died after traveling only a short distance, he decided to continue on foot. However, he was seized by a 1.5 m (five-foot) tall humanoid, who was wearing grey coveralls and a helmet. Its eyes were small and blue, and instead of speech it made noises like barks or yelps. Three similar beings then joined the first in subduing Boas, and they dragged him inside their craft.

Antônio Villas Boas
Location of São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais, Brazil

“Once inside the craft, Boas said that he was stripped of his clothes and covered from head-to-toe with a strange gel. He was then led into a large semicircular room, through a doorway that had strange red symbols written over it. (Boas claimed that he was able to memorize these symbols and later reproduced them for investigators.) In this room the beings took samples of Boas’ blood from his chin. After this he was then taken to a third room and left alone for around half an hour. During this time, some kind of gas was pumped into the room, which made Boas become violently ill.

“Shortly after this, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was female, very attractive, and naked. She was the same height as the other beings he had encountered, with a small, pointed chin and large, blue catlike eyes. The hair on her head was long and white (somewhat like platinum blonde) but her underarm and pubic hair were bright red. Boas said he was strongly attracted to the woman, and the two had sexual intercourse. During this act, Boas noted that the female did not kiss him but instead nipped him on the chin.

“When it was all over, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upwards. Boas took this to mean that she was going to raise their child in space. The female seemed relieved that their ‘task’ was over, and Boas himself said that he felt angered by the situation, because he felt as though he had been little more than ‘a good stallion’ for the humanoids.

“Boas said that he was then given back his clothing and taken on a tour of the ship by the humanoids. During this tour he said that he attempted to take a clock-like device as proof of his encounter, but was caught by the humanoids and prevented from doing so. He was then escorted off the ship and watched as it took off, glowing brightly. When Boas returned home, he discovered that four hours had passed.

“Antônio Villas Boas later became a lawyer, married and had four children. He stuck to the story of his alleged abduction for his entire life. Though some sources say he died in 1992, he died on January 17, 1991.” (Wikipedia)

I randomized the timing and then changed AM to PM. And, yes there is one inconjunct!

Venus Inconjunct Ascendant

You often feel that you haven’t any right to ask much of those whom you love. You feel that you must do favors for them instead of asking for their help. For you, love is an act of service, not self-gratification. Also, through relationships with others, you try to learn more about your own and other people’s inner workings. For this reason your relationships are more deep and profound than most people’s. But they are somewhat difficult, too.

Most people would pooh-pooh the idea that an alien would copulate with a human to create a hybrid being, but as we have seen in The X Files, this is a constant theme of the future of mankind. Even now, with the pandemic vaccines, our mRNA is being altered. Is this how we survive a uncertain catastrophe?

All along, I’ve viewed our Space Brothers as actually beings from the future who are assisting us through this transitional time frame. Is that really so preposterous?

This writing looks like shorthand: I wonder what it’s trying to tell us?

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Mystery: Did Another Betty Go for a Ride in a UFO?

The Andreasson Affair

This abduction had a totally different flavour to it: Christianity. Betty Andreasson in what would be several other prior alien encounters saw ‘the Lord’. Only under hypnosis did she remember.

A recording session with Raymond Fowler

On the evening of 25th January 1967, a little after 6:30 pm, Betty Andreasson, along with her parents and seven children were at their Massachusetts home in South Ashburnham. Suddenly, a flickering of the lights captured everyone’s attention before absolute darkness took hold around them. Within a matter of seconds, a strange glow shined through the windows from outside. It would turn a warm orange color as it illuminated the inside of the property.

She would later describe the scene as if someone had put them into a vacuum. As if “time were standing still!”

Betty would tell the children to wait in the living room. She was in the kitchen, along with her father who had moved towards the window to get a better view. He could make out several “humanoid creatures” approaching out of the lights. Then, he could see one of them right outside the window. It turned to look at him, and upon making eye contact, Betty’s father appeared to go into a strange trance-like state of suspended animation. He would not remember anything more of the encounter.

Suddenly, the five humanoids “came through the walls” and were inside the Andreasson’s home. Betty would describe this passing through the walls as if “they faded in and out of existence!”

Isn’t it funny how a day can stick in your memory, but be so personal that it is never usually discussed in mixed company? January 25th, 1967 is that day for me: I got stuck in Toronto during a winter blizzard, and couldn’t get back home until the next day (read between lines).

There are three inconjuncts, two of which form a Yod pointing at Saturn.

Venus Inconjunct Uranus

Your uncertainty about love and freedom will be even greater if one of your parents doesn’t seem to really love you steadily, if you feel you cannot count on that parent when you need help. This would make you feel that love is somehow unreliable, that you cannot depend on anyone who loves you. As a result, you won’t permit anyone to depend on your either.

This belief may make you irresponsible in relationships, so that you won’t fulfill people’s expectations even when you have agreed to do so. Don’t promise love that you cannot deliver. While you are young this is not a great problem, but when you are older, you will hurt your partner in a relationship by not being dependable or by not being honest about your dependability. You may tell yourself that you want a steady love relationship, but then go after someone whom you know intuitively will not be reliable. But if you are honest about your need for freedom, this will not happen.

Mars Inconjunct Saturn

This can be a difficult aspect because it signifies a conflict between your sense of responsibility and your desire to fulfill your own needs and do what you want. This leads to a struggle within you that may keep you from acting decisively. Instead of deciding what you will do, you feel caught between these two forces, wondering whether you have the right to do what you want. You may feel that others are trying to frustrate you, but it is only your own indecisiveness that is causing the trouble. Sometimes this conflict makes you very irritable and resentful about nothing in particular. Then, when someone happens to act in a way that is obviously annoying, you focus all your built-up anger on that person.

Saturn Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect you probably have a rather serious attitude toward life and other people. It may be quite difficult for you to simply go out and have a good time. You want to be serious and to spend all your time performing serious tasks. This attitude may have developed because you were discouraged from enjoying yourself when you were younger. You may have been made to feel that only work is important, that play serves no useful purpose. This is not true, because playing has a positive and useful function in the development of the adult mind and body. Not only does it serve to release tensions, but it also actually helps train you in social and physical skills that will be useful in any work you do later.

(I think the difficulty I have with this alien abduction for Betty Andreasson is the ‘personal’ feeling that I have tied up in this particular day. These aspects are referring to me, as well.)

Image courtesy of

The exceptional quality of Betty’s memory is that she was able to draw pictures of her interactions with the aliens and that is more than cryptomnesia, in my humble opinion.

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