Living in a Safe Universe

THRIVE not survive

Survive or Thrive?

The media has presented its viewing audience (its consumers, really) with a diet of negativity. We are told daily about ‘bad’ people who are threatening our very way of life.

Does this impinge on your consciousness? You’re damned right it does.

It also shakes the foundations of your belief systems.

Now, imagine, if you will, living in a war zone somewhere else in the world. Just wanting to survive takes on a whole new meaning.

Have I enough food to feed myself and my family? Will there be any water tomorrow? Will I survive the night, or will I die in my sleep? Is that gunfire I hear in the distance?

But what if you’re already living in North America?

Now ask yourself those same four questions. That is the reality for a lot of folks.


The world is a computer simulation: that means that you are living in a video game. How it affects you is really up to you, although you can be forgiven if you doubt that truth.

My ‘avatar’ is a Peaceful Warrior. I live in a safe universe. Do you?

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Inspiration #6


Where’s the rest of your crew, mate?
Dead and buried ‘neath the snow.
If you hadn’t clung to the tree
You’d be with them now.

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Self-Harm is a Cry for Help


Smug shot to be replaced with a mug shot

Jussie Smollett’s Crime (Cry Me)

It’s been a weird three weeks since Smollett told Chicago Police that he had been mugged by two anti-black, anti-gay masked men who doused him with bleach, beat him and hung a rope around his neck. And because they were shouting “This is MAGA country” it was presumed they were white supremacists.

But, no: it turns out the two men were black brothers, one of whom was acquainted with Smollett, through working as an extra onĀ “Empire”. What was going on?

They told Chicago Police that Smollett had hired them to carry out the attack on him.

I wonder if this public event was actually for the benefit of a private audience.


This threatening letter was received by Smollett via the mail. Its return address? MAGA. The image looks a little like a lynching. The words are schoolboy threats.

When no one took the threats seriously, Smollett probably thought, ‘I’ll show you…’

Now he’s in custody, awaiting a bond hearing. And this could cost him a lot if the Chicago Police sue him for the man hours they wasted tracking down his attackers. All to prove what? That he’s a gay black man that feels threatened somehow? It’s a cry for help!

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Double T’rouble


This title came to me in the middle of the night: it’s a hint, for sure.

If Donald Trump thinks that the Mueller investigation is a ‘witch hunt’ then the image of two witches brewing a cauldron full of trouble seems quite appropriate.


The Russian money may be symbolic of something that could be at the centre of this situation. Perhaps, Putin lent him money and doesn’t expect it to be repaid. But the implied obligation will always be there.

Double T’rouble, for sure.

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The Debate: Is Nationalism Fascist?


Isolationist Thinking

Debate implies that there are two legitimate sides to every conflict: no right, no wrong.

But what if you come up against an ‘enemy’ that chooses to shut down the debate by insisting that any ‘anti’ behaviour is the same as being the ‘enemy of the people’. That sounds suspiciously like Fascism.

That’s like saying, “My way or the highway…”

America tried to stay out of WWII by declaring that the world conflict had nothing to do with Americans. That’s effectively trying to be neutral like Switzerland, whose population was made up of German, Italian and French speaking citizens. But the Swiss didn’t have a Pacific Fleet that the Japanese could bomb, which meant that they could remain neutral throughout the war.

Then the States became the world’s policemen. And that situation remained until Trump became President. Suddenly the shutters came down, the drawbridges were pulled up and the country closed its borders.

Trump wanted to “Make America Great Again”. So the question should have been: when was America never great? And his reply would have been: under all the Presidents who came before me.

The Political Spectrum


Slavery is a provocative word, and so is the concept. Subjugating some people to do your ‘will’ is considered unjust, according to most moral principles. But slavery can hide behind political ideology that most people would not recognize it even if it bit them in the ass. I’ve discussed this idea before, but it’s way too close to the bone for the masses to see what’s happening.

You see, the American Dream is a fantasy that enchants the world. And the hope of a New Life is sometimes too enticing to resist. So immigrates from everywhere want to move to the USA for the chance of a better way to live.

Until they get there. It’s even more difficult to enter America now that Trump wants to build his “Wall”. So people try to claim asylum, but even that has become a non-starter.

Why even try? You’ll only work for less than minimum wage, and have to live in substandard housing because you can’t afford anything better. And the resident population will be abusive and deadly. You cannot win.


If one side of the political divide wants ‘open borders’ and the other side wants a wall, the people will spend the rest of their lives fighting among themselves. Then what happens? The government (of whatever stripe) keeps the people busy over nothing.

The “Deep State” then gets to do what it wants without debate.

https _bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-437e-9518-adb32be77984.s3.amazonaws.com_public_images_b8ce1429-b636-4585-982a-bed6a19a4e89_900x1200

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Cooperation, Conspiracy or Collusion?


Kensington Wine Rooms, Mayfair, London heritage plaque

or just curiosity?

The CBC produced a timeline for the Mueller investigation and broadcast it during last night’s The National.


You decide.

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Racism: Anti-White, Anti-Male


The Orwellian Curse

I’m reading David Icke’s latest book (which I will review after I’ve finished reading it, I’m halfway through). He brings up a very touchy issue about racism: only white males are considered truly racist. When the reverse is perpetrated, it cannot be, in fact, racism!

Now, think on that a bit.

I’m white, male and supposedly privileged, and if I side with a minority, I’m just trying to seem to be a nice person, but I’m actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now, who is pushing this agenda?


I have previously bought into this line of thinking: for example, that only guns in the hands of white men cause the horrendous mass murders of recent times; and that advertising needs to be more multi-cultural to show diversity on television.

But now I’m beginning to wonder what’s really going on.

The driving force behind this strange situation is PC (political correctness). The ‘progressives’ are trying to appear to be ‘liberal’ when in fact they’re actually ‘conservative’ in disguise. The first time I came across the term PC was when I was a child: our Prime Minister at the time was John Diefenbaker, the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Canada. It sounded like the Conservatives were actually Progressive in their thinking, but it was actually just a way of saying they were slightly ‘right-of-centre’ in the political spectrum. It has made me wary of PC ever since.

If we keep going this way, the world will be ‘oppressing’ a whole swathe of people, just because of the colour of their skin and the accident of birth as a male.

Now, honestly, isn’t that racist, too?

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