Sharon Tate: an Asteroid in Hollywood


A Star is Born to Die?

If it hadn’t been for a special on the Manson Family murders last night, I would probably have not thought of doing this birth chart. But I’m glad I did.

What really intrigued me was the thought that someone could be at the wrong place at the wrong time and lose their life. But what if Sharon’s life had intended just such an event? They say, “Only the good die young.”


Chiron Conjunct North Node in Leo in 2nd House (Opposite Venus)

Sharon didn’t trust her good fortune. I’m sure she was glad of it: getting to be in movies, marrying Roman Polanski, getting pregnant and moving into the ‘safe’ house at 10050 Cielo Drive, Los Angeles. What she didn’t realize was that a former tenant, Terry Melcher (Doris Day’s son), had pissed off Charles Manson by ‘reneging’ on a recording contract.

The North Node in Leo is an individual who must become herself. The fact that this node is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, means that whatever befalls her will ‘heal’ something important in her life. The opposition to Venus implies a conflict with “Beauty”. And the 2nd House shows a basic insecurity about self-worth.

A lot of good-looking women feel that the attention that comes from their natural beauty is unwarranted and unreliable. They want to be seen in their own right, for their humour, their brains, and mostly their uniqueness. Sharon was unique, in spades.


Cancer Rising with Jupiter in the 12th House

You appear gentle and soft, and you act rather reserved with others until you know them well and feel it is safe to be open with them. You have a strong need for emotional security and a sense of belonging, and are deeply attached to your past: your heritage, roots, family, cherished friends, familiar places, etc. Making radical changes or moves away from what is known and safe can be very painful and difficult for you. You tend to cling and hold on to people, memories, possessions of personal or sentimental significance. Having a home, a safe haven, in very important to you. (Cancer Rising)

You make others feel accepted and comfortable. You have a knack for breaking down feelings of alienation and you make others feel included and a part of group activities. You have a loving, protective side that wants to take care of everyone. Creating a supportive atmosphere that is nourishing both to yourself and to others is one of your strengths. Also, your home and heritage are important to you, and you maintain close connections to your past. (Jupiter in Cancer)

You are drawn to social work, the ministry, giving your time and energy to charitable organizations, or to serving and helping the disadvantaged in some way. Your generosity and unselfishness will bring you and others much good. (Jupiter in 12th house)

The Murder


The time is approximate, but intended to show how Sharon’s birth and death events could be synchronized. Note, for instance, that the Midheaven of her murder is on her natal 8th house cusp (death). Also that the Ascendant of her murder is in the middle of her natal Saturn and Uranus conjunction.

A Yod (Finger of God) is formed by combining these charts. The Finger is pointing at Sharon’s natal Sun and Mercury conjunction, and the murder chart planets doing the pointing are a Moon/Venus conjunction on one side and Mercury on the other. This feels fated.

Manson had hoped to start a race war between Blacks and Whites. He hoped the Whites would be wiped out. That’s why “PIG” was written in blood on the Polanski front door.


A Battle of Good versus Evil

There were two quotes in this documentary that stood out for me. (I may be paraphrasing them slightly here.) The first one was something that Roman Polanski said about his wife:

“Sharon was good.”

The second one explained why were even still think about Charles Manson (who died last November):

“We will never forget Sharon Tate’s beauty.”

I think that says it all.

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Summer of ’69: Revolution!


The Persistence of Memory

We (of a certain generation) remember 1969 with a certain amount of pride, especially that summer. It was when we finally showed the previous generation who was really in charge.

However, there were lots of other things going on at that time which changed our world forever.

Apollo 11

Man finally walked on the Moon (at least we think he did…) and the space race between the USSR and the USA was finally over.


An accident(?) ended the Kennedy family dynasty’s attempts to regain the White House. Two assassinations had cut down his older brothers before him, and this ‘incident’ made Ted Kennedy rethink his future moves.

1969 York Race Riot

It’s seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Racial tension between blacks and whites has been going on for more than sixty years. Recent events have proven that where prejudice and violent reactions are concerned, some buried feelings run deep.

The Manson Murders

I haven’t tackled this one, yet. After watching last night’s 20/20 program on ABC, called “Truth and Lies: the Family Manson”, I have started to investigate Sharon Tate’s Astrological birth chart. Watch this space.

Woodstock Festival


Just one week after the Manson Murders took place in Los Angeles, a “music and art fair” occurred in New York state which brought a kind of balance back into the world.

Notice that the Moon was quickly approaching Pluto in Virgo at the moment that Richie Havens opened the show. The ‘true’ Revolution had begun. Saturn in Taurus seemed to anchor the energies, which means that there would be mud, and lots of it!

Nobody born after that time can really appreciate what changed that weekend. Some have tried to tell us:

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Lilies: After the Shower


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Cornelius the Centurion


Acts 10:3 – The Angel appears to Cornelius the Centurion

Blame it on a blind spot, if you will: I had forgotten that the whole chapter of Acts 10 is devoted to Cornelius. This is the same Centurion that is mentioned at least twice in the Gospels: first as the Roman whose servant was healed by Jesus; and then as the soldier at the foot of the Cross.

His story is significant for a number of reasons, not the least is the fact that he wasn’t a disciple (how could he be?) and yet he has a direct interaction with an angel of the Lord. This makes him a Gnostic, doesn’t it?

Christianity Turns a Corner

Gentiles were considered unclean by the Jewish men who made up the early Christian Church. Peter, in a vision, is confronted by an image of beasts being let down from the heavens in “a great sheet knit at the four corners” (Acts 10:11). He is told to ‘Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.’ When he objects, a voice says, ‘What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.’ This happens three times, an echo of the three times that Peter denied that he knew Jesus during his trial before Pilate.

As this vision ends, Cornelius’ men come knocking on his door. The synchronicity is overwhelming: Peter knows that he is supposed to go to Cornelius in Caesarea. This he does, and the interaction between the two men shows Peter that Gentiles are part of Jesus’ flock, too.

Peter, Feed My Sheep


This sequence in the Gospel of John, chapter 21, is also repeated three times. It is a well-known tactic in memory recall (and a vital tool for advertisers) that something needs to be said three times before it is retained. It would seem that Simon Peter definitely needed that to happen to get him to act in the way that Jesus wanted him to.

It bears repeating here, too. We are all in this together. There is no Us and Them. We are One.

The search for my Roman life is now done.

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Growing Old: The Hearing Test


What a drag it is…

I finally gave in, after years of Susan nagging me, and had my hearing tested. Anyone who knows me knows that I sometimes have to ask them to repeat themselves. My wife is tired of having to do that.

So, two things need to be said from the get-go: one, I was a rhythm guitarist in a rock band in my middle teens; and, two, I have had wax build-up over the years.

I always had the impression that my right ear could hear better than my left one, which is why I would incline my right ear towards a person speaking if I wanted to hear them clearly. I was wrong: I was doing that to compensate for my right ear not performing as well as my left ear. That came as a surprise.

But, because I normally live and ‘work’ in a quiet environment, my ‘need’ to hear isn’t all that pressing. It’s only when we have more than a handful of people around the house that it becomes a little more challenging, and, when we attend the Faith and Science group twice a month. Twenty-five people sitting in a circle in a big room has its moments. (I wish they would project their voices when speaking to the group, but most just speak how they would normally in a conversation.)

Then I got to ‘test run’ a pair of hearing aids. By the time the presentation was over, I wanted to tear those suckers out: I do not like them.

And the final nail in the coffin, as it were, was the price tag: between $5,000 and $6,000.

So, no, I will not be getting any hearing aids any time soon. You all will have to put up with repeating what you’ve said for a little while longer. Even if I won the lottery…

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Down the Garden Path



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ACUIA: the Foreign Exchange Caper

Film Title: The Invention of Lying

Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors

When I was the Internal Auditor/Accounting Supervisor of the North Shore Credit Union, I was a member of a group of Internal Auditors. This was in the first half of the 1980’s .

We would meet once a month and share security concerns. Here was one such concern.

Foreign Exchange Loss?

The situation came to light when our Financial Controller found that one of the branches lost money with Foreign Exchange. This is impossible. All currency transactions would either be buying or selling, and the differential between rates was always better for selling than buying, by up to 2 percentage points.

If currency was purchased during the month, but not sold again, the inventory would increase and the month end calculation would produce an adjustment compared to the previous month end value. This is always a profit.

To have a loss implied something had gone wrong.

The Investigation

I was sent to the branch to check out what happened. The foreign exchange transactions for the month were listed in the FX account, so I had dates and times of these events, as well as who did them.

I came across several transactions which seemed to be buying US dollars only, with no subsequent sales (cash) or clearing items (cheques or American Express Travelers Cheques) for that day. They were all processed by one specific teller. Her US cash holdings had not changed for the month.

I then went to the security company’s offices where the surveillance tapes were stored. When I reviewed the entry times, the teller in question was nowhere near her till. In fact, she was sitting at a processing desk, during each transaction. That implied that they were false entries. There was no proof that she had taken the money out of her till, either before or after. But this was enough of a ‘smoking gun’ to have management bring her into the Head Office for questioning.

When confronted with the information, she admitted the fraud and theft, and, as a consequence, was invited to resign.


When a financial institution leaves an opening that entices an employee into a position of breach of trust, the financial institution needs to close that gap.

The North Shore Credit Union did just that. They introduced a FX voucher system that documented all foreign exchange transactions. If a premium was paid out for cash, the voucher was signed by the Credit Union member (a customer, in banks) as payment was made. This became a traceable document, something that could be ‘proven’ by an internal audit.

As far as I know, this prevented any further instances of FX theft and fraud where a NSCU branch teller was concerned. That’s what Internal Audits are for.


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