Unfortunately, the Buck-a-roo did Not Stop with the 33rd President

Harry S Truman (May 8, 1884 – Dec 26, 1972)

After Franklin D. Roosevelt died in the spring of 1945, Harry S Truman took over as President. Under his watch, the Americans tested and then used atomic bombs on Japan to hasten the end of WWII in the Far East. What kind of man would condone such powerful weapon against his enemies?

The time of 4:00 pm is consistent over many astrology sites, and is the same on my Kepler 7.0 program, so that is the one we will go with. It may be correct for the Mercury/Pluto conjunction @ 0° Gemini is in the range of the 61st year of his life.

Strangely, there are no hidden agendas, as there are no inconjuncts. And an Ascendant @ 10° Libra 30′ would presuppose that diplomacy would be his favourite ‘mask’ to wear in public.

Trinity (July 16, 1945)

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This test took place at 5:29 am according to Wikipedia. My computer program has a timing of 5:31 am. Hopefully, two minutes won’t skew the results.

Saturn on the horizon, conjunct the Ascendant @ 17° Cancer is significant. The ruler of Cancer is the Moon and it is @ 14° Libra, within 7 degrees of the Part of Fortune. These two are conjunct Truman’s Ascendant, so his ‘signature’ energy is all over this event. Again, no hidden agenda, although Neptune, also in Libra, is 5 degrees from the PoF. The Moon is also trine both Venus and Uranus in Gemini. (Can you see where I’m going with this?)

When He Died, Truman had One Blemish on his Death Chart

According to the New York Times, Truman died at precisely 7:50 am, so I think we can rely upon this death chart. Saturn, now @ 15° Gemini, is opposite Mercury, Venus and Neptune, all in Sagittarius. Jupiter @ 16° Capricorn is inconjunct Saturn. Oops.

The Trinity of Charts Shows the Whole Picture

Yes, this ‘result’ will be carried into his next life, whomever Truman returns as.

I wonder who he’ll be?

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An Oasis of Wildflowers in the Middle of a City

Heather and Hemlock

In the meadow behind Essa Veterinary Services, 62 Hooper Road, Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

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Honestly: Does the Tone of This Letter Sound Like Me?

P.P. Quimby Letter to the Editor of a Portland Newspaper

Portland, Feb., 1860

Mr. Editor:

I notice an article in your paper of the third inst. in answer to Y.C. I have nothing to do with that; but when a person sees fit to attack me as a sorcerer and humbug, he had better look out for his own theory or house and see if it is based on a sure foundation before he commences throwing stones at outsiders, for he will be likely to break his own windows and let in the cold.

Mr. J. seems to be troubled for the safety of the good people of Portland and warns them against mesmerism, sorcery and all sorts of humbug. Who art thou, oh man, that judges another without any cause? Did you know by what you measured to another it shall be measured back to you again? Judge not that ye be not judged. If you know more about my practice than I do, why did you not tell the people where the deception is and enlighten them upon the subject; then you would have done good to the sick. But you do not take the responsibility upon yourself but, like a demagogue, you come forward with a face of brass and an impudence that shows itself in every word you say. That shows you are giving an opinion upon what you have not the slightest knowledge, expecting the people to take your bare assertion for truth. Why are you not honest and say to the sick that they have not sense enough to know whether they are benefited by me or not and that you have just sense enough to see all through the humbug? For this is what you mean.

Now the time is come when such oracles as you will be weighed in the balance, and then you will receive sentence according to your knowledge.

P. P. Quimby

Quimby, Phineas. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond (p. 87). Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Resource Center. Kindle Edition.

In my heart, I know it does…

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Listen Very Carefully to the Sound of My Voice

Franz Anton Mesmer (May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815)

I have always wondered why this whole ‘thing’ about Mesmerism should be the cause of so much concern. Today, we call it Hypnosis, but in the early stages it was referred to as “Animal Magnetism”. (We still refer to ‘something’ attractive as having animal magnetism…)

This chart is rectified to reflect the age when Mesmer married (Venus @ 27° Aries) at age 33. Then he ‘discovered’ Animal Magnetism (Saturn @ 8° Taurus) at age 40. I believe this chart is now correct, because that timing places Pluto @ 20° Libra in his First House (of personality). There are two inconjuncts, one of which is dependent on a correct time, the other is not.

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto

You have a rather complicated and sometimes tricky mind. You usually prefer to do things in roundabout and involved ways instead of being simple and direct.

On the positive side, this means that you enjoy solving puzzles, tracking down mysteries and finding out about hidden matters. You have a natural ability to understand how peoples’ minds work, what makes them act as they do, and what they are thinking.

On the negative side, however, you might misuse this ability by trying to control peoples’ thoughts and words. Also you may love mysteries so much that you get involved in complicated plots and arrangements with your friends. You may enjoy working in secret and creating an air of mystery about yourself, but this could backfire and make others misunderstand you or even fear what you are doing. It is important to show people that you are honest and that you are not hiding anything. Otherwise they will probably suspect you, even if you are totally innocent. And if you aren’t, they will know it for certain.

Saturn Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect you probably have a rather serious attitude toward life and other people. It may be quite difficult for you to simply go out and have a good time. You want to be serious and to spend all your time performing significant tasks. This attitude may have developed because you were discouraged from enjoying yourself when you were younger. You may have been made to feel that only work is important, that play serves no useful purpose. This is not true, however, because playing has a positive and useful function in the development of the adult mind and body. Not only does it serve to release tensions, but it also actually helps train you in social and physical skills hat will be useful in any work you do later.

What P.P. Quimby Wrote about Mesmerism

It has been remarked, (and with what truth our readers will hereafter decide), that Animal Magnetism is a stupendous humbug, that it is a species of polite deception held up to the community as something strange, wonderful and real–a delusion played upon the credulity of honest citizens by artful and designing operators. The facts resulting from experiments, in this enlightened age, cannot be refuted; but I am aware that the oddity and unreasonable methods of accounting for them by the writing and lectures of the advocates of a Fluid theory are so inconsistent with many experiments performed by the followers of Mesmer, themselves, that not only the animal fluid, but all the strange phenomena of mind, arising from the mesmeric state, are rejected at once and passed over to the grave of delusion.

Quimby, Phineas. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond (p. 58). Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Resource Center. Kindle Edition.

Quimby was not denigrating the process, just the explanation of how it works. He even takes to task the terminology that the Royal Academy of Medicine in Paris used as an explanation:

The results, however, and the facts witnessed, were more difficult to reject. They were thought to be “singular and wonderful” and were finally attributed to the power of the imagination. The mysterious influence of ‘mind over mind,’ was readily conceded; yet they supposed the medium to be (not a magnetic fluid), but “Imagination.” We find no fault with this report except in the term used as its cause, namely, the “Imagination,” believing that even the facts disclosed before the honorable committee were such as to require another expression.

Quimby, Phineas. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond (p. 57). Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Resource Center. Kindle Edition.

You can see why I find reading Quimby’s words so interesting. He, in his own opinion, is the only one who knows how Mesmerism works, so everyone else is mistaken. It takes a foolhardy individual to be that certain of their own omniscience.

Now this quote (above) is something I can agree with.

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I had a Very Strange Dream Last Night

About an Arab Woman under Threat from her Husband

Image courtesy of CNN

I am never sure where I get my dream themes from: two nights ago, I had a dream about plotting someone’s murder. Then, last night, I was part of a group that was trying to turn the tables on an Arab ‘gentleman’ who was plotting to kill his wife. (And don’t read between the lines: I’m not projecting these dreams from personal thought patterns.)

In each case, the ‘vibe’ is one of working for the secret services in a spy or ‘black ops’ capacity.

Even in last night’s dream, the face of the Arab wife was blocked out, which surprised me. What does that mean? I’m not supposed to know who she is? Is she a famous person?

Then, this morning, as I let the associations follow whatever train of thought occurs, I remembered Indira Gandhi’s assassination. (But she was not an Arab, so why that association?) And why is there a secret service ‘vibe’? We know Mrs Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh guards, but was she really? (Now, can you see what I’m getting at?)

Official stories are often given out to cover up uncomfortable truths. But would the Indian government have condoned such a covert action? And, more importantly, why did Mrs. Gandhi retain those guards when it was obvious that they might take revenge for some political actions against their people?

I trust my subconscious mind: it is obviously trying to show me something about the past that doesn’t add up.

What do you think?

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Our Mountain Ash had to have a Limb Amputated

Last Sunday After A Violent Wind Storm the Previous Night

Fortunately, it didn’t bring down the hydro line it was resting on, or it would have been:

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There’s a New Governor General in Canada

Mary Simon (August 21, 1947)

She was sworn in yesterday as Canada’s 30th Governor General (the next highest person after the Queen, for those who don’t know these things). The fact that Mary Simon is indigenous is a big deal: the need for reconciliation in this country is first and foremost on everyone’s mind.

Mrs. Simon’s birth time is not known, so rather than a sunrise or noon birth chart, I randomized this chart, to see what would appear. That Leo stellium in that extended 7th House (of relationships) seems to highlight her rise to prominence in Canadian politics, starting with Pluto and ending with the Sun. I believe this timing my accidentally be correct, since the Sun (which represents coming into your own power) is situated at about 70 years of age.

There are two inconjuncts, both of which involve the Ascendant, which means that if the timing is wrong, these aspects will not exist.

Saturn Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect you probably have a rather serious attitude toward life and other people. It may be quite difficult for you to simply go out and have a good time. You want to be serious and to spend all your time performing significant tasks. This attitude may have developed because you were discouraged from enjoying yourself when you were younger. You may have been made to feel that only work is important, that play serves no useful purpose. This is not true, however, because playing has a positive and useful function in the development of the adult mind and body. Not only does it serve to release tensions, but it also actually helps train you in social and physical skills that will be useful in any work you do later.

Pluto Inconjunct Ascendant

This can be an indication that through experiences with others, you will be forced to undergo many significant changes in life. At times the crises may be quite unpleasant, but for the most part the results will be very positive, although for some people, they may be less constructive. But you must be very careful about the kinds of people you get involved with. Choose your friends with great care and try to find people who have a healthy outlook on life and who seem reasonably well balanced. People who are driven to extreme behavior or who act compulsively, as if they could not plan anything in advance, are not very good for you. They will get you into difficult situations that you do not need.

Yesterday’s Point of Power Moment (11:22 am EDT)

The Yod pointing at the Moon (@ 6° Pisces) indicates that this appointment is a popular choice. The only ‘problem’ is that Mrs. Simon does not speak French, Canada’s second official language. The inconjuncts supporting this Yod are the Sun @ 3° Leo and the Ascendant @ 7° Libra. That may bode well, but as always there are concerns (as there always are). The other inconjuncts may highlight what those concerns are: Mars inconjunct Pluto; and Saturn inconjunct the Midheaven. For brevity sake I will skip the descriptions for now.

Here are the charts combined:

This is a very busy combination. The ‘event’ Mars is exactly conjunct Mrs. Simon’s Sun. Her natal Sun and Venus conjunction and her natal Uranus are creating a Yod with the ‘event’ Pluto @ 25° Virgo. This may prove to be a catalyst for change for the whole of Canada.

The ‘event’ Ascendant is conjunct Mrs. Simon’s Neptune, so there may be some hidden agenda (and my first thought was that the Liberals are hoping this appointment will win them votes).

I believe that Mary Simon will make the most of this opportunity.

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Faked or Real? Close Encounters of the First Kind in 1987

Gulf Breeze Sightings (starting on November 11, 1987)

Courtesy of amazon.com

Another YouTube movie, another (potential) debunking of one man’s version of UFO reality.

As one of the Gulf Breeze eyewitnesses (early on in the film) states very clearly that he saw a UFO on November 11, 1987 @ 8:10 am, followed by two jets, obviously more than 12 hours before Ed Walters took his photos that fateful night, I’m going with that time. (And, of course, the eyewitness could be mistaken, but the resulting chart is informative, notwithstanding.)

That Jupiter Rx opposite Mercury and Mars is definitely suspicious. This is supported by a wide conjunction between the Sun and Pluto (both in Scorpio). The Ascendant @ 13° Sagittarius, supported by conjunctions to Venus and Saturn, seems to lend a motive: exposure of the truth.

There is one inconjunct:

Moon Inconjunct Uranus

With this aspect you must learn to control sudden outburst of emotion that occur at difficult times when you least expect it. Also your present home life may not be a stable situation in which you can grow up emotionally secure and confident. A particular incident when you were very young may have given the feeling that you can’t count on anything or anyone for support. Later in life, you may try very hard to get away from anything that reminds you of your earliest childhood, even if your childhood has not been difficult. You just feel hat you have to get away and go somewhere else.

When you read Ed’s story, you cannot help but notice the strange contacts he has with the UFO. The images that he sees, the voices he hears, the conversations he is privy to: they are symptomatic of disinformation. He took Polaroid photos and published them in good faith. That tells me that someone else was ‘pulling the strings’ of the model UFO which was later ‘discovered’ in his attic, years after he and his wife moved away. As he rightly says, why would he be stupid enough to leave the model behind if he’d been faking the photos?

This seems to be a blatant attempt to discredit his story, to make him a laughing-stock in later years. After the ‘game’ that was played on Paul Bennewitz in the early 1980’s, one would not put it past the “Men in Black” for them to continue to perpetuate a fraud of historic proportions. So, innocent though Ed Walters was, his ‘exposure’ of the truth is now just considered a cash grab.

Don’t be fooled, folks: the UFOs weren’t real, but Ed wasn’t the fraudster.

And one last point. As the day turned into night that Moon inconjunct Uranus would have disappeared. In the end, that’s why I chose to pay attention to that small timing detail…

Courtesy of Goodreads
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How Disease Kills Us

According to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Let us go back to 1860, a time when one man decided to revolutionize the way we deal with disease and death. His knowledge was based on his overcoming consumption (what we now call tuberculosis). He realized that the “modern” way of looking at health and healing was built on a fallacy: medical diagnosis and treatment were only alleviating the symptoms and not curing the disease. In order to remove the body’s illnesses, PPQ postulated that the assumptions and thinking of the patient needed to be changed completely. He saw that how a person thought can positively or negatively affect their health.

God is the first great cause of everything, the answer of every question, the truth of every problem. For reasons best known to himself, he made man, made him in his own image, male and female, created he them. The material world is consistent with the natural man, and a necessary condition, as I have said before, in order to develop science. Now, to begin with our natural existence, as we call it, is diseases and when we die scientifically, we obtain the answer to it. Disease of the body, as we call it, is error, and all error is disease. So you see there are various kinds. In the early ages, mankind was in a more natural state, and there was less disease of any kind, for the reason that there was less activity. From generation to generation; the accumulation of knowledge, false and true increased, and accordingly men thought more and more.

Disease of the body was an invention of man, originally a simple humbug, designed to deceive the people. Finally the leaders like all ignorant and superstitious men, were frightened at their own shadow, and thus disease took an identity. A character was attributed to it and it was invested with power, to destroy.

This is the same disease that with strength, accumulated by its success for ages, now talks around the world, seeking whom it may devour. More misery is caused by this devil than by any other. It divides itself into numberless branches, each branch partaking of all the characteristics of the original tree.

Quimby, Phineas. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond (pp. 14-15). Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Resource Center. Kindle Edition.

Now, just to put the cat among the canaries, the fox among the chickens, let us look at his next statements through the lens of COVID-19:

Mind is matter, ideas are mind, hence, ideas are matter. Men create ideas which are matter. These ideas have a real existence in the spirit world, and just according to the nature that is attributed to them and the fear that men have of them, their power is.

Fear of an idea thus created, on the part of its creator, condenses into matter so that it might be seen even by the natural eye–a creation, composed of the loathsome characteristics conceived of by the person’s own [belief], an offspring of an excited and degraded mind. Such an idea is disease, the child of the Devil. This disease was first one simple, uncompounded idea, but when that finally was pushed into an identity, when men were once afraid of it, then it grew rapidly, like a poisonous weed, and derived its sustenance from the very life blood to which it owed its existence. All its horrible characteristics it draws from the mind of men; who could they only understand what they are doing, would plant a good seed in their soil or mind which could bear no fruit fit for disease to live on,–and thus it would starve to death.

Its characteristics embrace those most fearful to mankind. It has cruelty–for is not pain cruel? It is vengeful–for if we break a law which this devil has set up, will it not take its revenge? It is insidious, like a serpent, and has enveloped us in its coils and planted its sting in our hearts, before we are aware of its presence.

Then the venom courses through our veins and gradually it cuts every tie which could bind us to our friends and happiness and at last drags its victim down to the jaws of death, where the blackness of eternal midnight awaits him.

But mind is matter, and its form can be annihilated–To understand ourselves, what we are composed of and how we act, is not an easy task after man has gone so far astray.–but it can be understood and will be, now that we have sifted out old ideas, and found that there is no virtue in them.

Quimby, Phineas. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond (p. 15). Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Resource Center. Kindle Edition.

Do you see where I’m going with this? When the W.H.O. named this disease COVID-19 and then declared it a pandemic, the seeds of worldwide destruction were planted. And newscasts every day and night, watered the fertile soil of our minds, until we could think of nothing else.

And then we wonder why it affects some people and not everyone? The real vaccine should have been the Truth that this is a modern ‘humbug’ (deceptive or false talk or behaviour). But, now that the world is so invested in eradicating the disease, there is no way forward except by getting the medical vaccinations and changing our social behaviour, seemingly forever.

Now do you see why I called this disease “The Love Bug”?


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How the US Military Conned One Man (and Fooled the World)

Mirage Men (2013)

I started watching this film on YouTube and gave up after 20 minutes: it’s such a sad story what the American military did to disinform this one man.

Paul Bennewitz (September 30,1927 – June 22, 2003)

What makes a person believe a falsehood so much that it causes them to become paranoid?

All the online sites list Paul Bennewitz’ birth date as September 29, 1927. Not one of them shows where he was born, except ancestry.com. That’s where I got the ‘corrected’ date, and place. The time is rectified to show a Pluto event at about age 52. Then the obvious conjunctions to a Sagittarius Ascendant reveal themselves: the Moon @ 28° Scorpio and Saturn @ 3° Sagittarius. Then a Yod points at Jupiter (@ 27° Pisces and conjunct Uranus @ 1° Aries) made up of inconjuncts with Mercury (@ 26° Libra) and Neptune (@ 28° Leo).

Mercury Inconjunct Jupiter

You like to think big, and you have great ambitions, but you don’t always make sure that your thinking is clear or careful. When you make any kind of plan, be careful. Don’t try to take on more than you can handle and make sure not to overlook details, for that could hurt what you are trying to do. Careful planning will help you develop disciplined habits in other areas as well.

On the other hand, if you do learn careful mental habits, you can have creative ability with this aspect, because you are able to see and understand all the elements of a situation. You take a broad and far-seeing view of a situation, which is unusual for someone your age. Most of the time you are willing to let other people think what they choose, as long as they leave your ideas alone. However, you may be inclined to preach about morality, because you enjoy being right and letting others know that they do not live up to your “high” standards. But sometimes you fake it; you aren’t as “good” as you pretend to be. Be careful, for you could be known as a hypocrite. It’s fine to set high standards and live up to them, but do not pretend to be better than you are. And let others decide on their own moral standards.

Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune

You are an idealist with very vivid dreams about how you want your life to be, and at certain times in your life you will follow those dreams with all your energy. But sometimes these idealistic dreams will let you down, because you are not concerned enough with what is real and possible. Learning to handle the real world is a very important part of your development, because it is the only way you can avoid becoming bitter and disillusioned when your more impractical ideas have led you into disappointment.

By itself, this aspect does not guarantee that you will have such problems, but if it is reinforced by other, similar aspects in your chart, you should be careful of a tendency toward escapism. It is always easier to create an ideal reality within your mind than in the world, but the world is where you must work. Escapism can include using drugs or alcohol or following strange and delusive religious beliefs. As you get older, you may fall into the trap of guru worship and deny your own vitality.

Your idealism can be the source of much creative imagination, leading to profound insights and realizations, but only if you remain connected with the actual day-to-day universe in which the rest of the human race lives.


So, the answer to the unspoken question is: the military didn’t delude the man, he deluded himself, but when they tried to get him to stop his UFO crusade, he dug his heels in and went further than they intended. See? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

How (and Why) Did Paul Bennewitz Die?

The classic case, well-known to conspiracy aficionados, is Paul Bennewitz, a successful electronics entrepreneur in New Mexico. In 1979, Bennewitz started seeing strange lights in the sky, and picking up weird transmissions on his amateur equipment. The fact that he lived just across the road from Kirtland air force base should have set alarm bells ringing, but Bennewitz was convinced these phenomena were of extraterrestrial origin. Being a good patriot, he contacted the Air Force, who realised that, far from eavesdropping on ET, Bennewitz was inadvertently eavesdropping on them. Instead of making him stop, though, Doty and other officers told Bennewitz they were interested in his findings. That encouraged Bennewitz to dig deeper. Within a few years, he was interpreting alien languages, spotting crashed alien craft in the hills from his plane (he was an amateur pilot), and sounding the alert for a full-scale invasion. All the time, the investigators were surveilling him surveilling them. They gave Bennewitz computer software that “interpreted” the signals, and even dumped fake props for him to discover. The mania took over Bennewitz’s life. In 1988, his family checked him into a psychiatric facility.

The Guardian review of Mirage Men

In an astrological sense, Bennewitz suffered a sudden death: Mars and Uranus are (almost) exactly conjunct in his death chart: that’s a lightning strike, to my understanding. Notice that they are opposite his natal Neptune. The ‘fatal’ Pluto @ 18° Sagittarius is 4° of his natal South Node. His ‘fatal’ South Node is conjunct his natal Moon/Saturn/Ascendant @ 28° Scorpio. His ‘fatal’ Sun is conjunct his ‘fatal’ Saturn, both inconjunct his natal Saturn/Ascendant in the early degrees of Sagittarius. His ‘fatal’ Ascendant @ 17° Virgo is conjunct his natal Midheaven.

This is a man who was tired of been cooped up in a mental institution and decided to leave this world: he just wanted to be free. (And some of his planetary positions are familiar to me.)

He was at his Bennewitz end!

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