Conspiracy Theories: This Man Saw Red, Everywhere

Joseph McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957)

When I asked myself the question, “Who does Alex Jones remind you of?” I immediately thought of Joseph McCarthy. Not because of his loud voice, or his dramatic performances, but because of his belief that Communists were hiding in plain sight in America. And he felt it was his job to root them out.

This birth time is considered excellent because it’s based on birth records. (That makes a change, eh?) Aries Rising and Mars (in Libra) conjunct the Descendant makes for an interesting dynamic. There’s a Cosmic Cross, too, involving (strictly speaking) Venus, Uranus, the Ascendant and Neptune. Hmm.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

You tend to put your own emotional needs and wants second to whatever you feel has to be done. In other words, you are likely to be more disciplined emotionally than most people. But this is not good if you feel that your emotional needs are not important. Your needs must be fulfilled as much as anyone else’s, particularly because your feelings are really very powerful within yourself.

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect can have several different meanings. First of all, you may have hidden fears that are difficult to express, but they cause you to do things that others can’t understand. These may include fear of the dark or of certain places or people. Or this aspect can mean that you often feel depressed and sad for no apparent reason. You tend to see the serious side of life, and it weighs on you more than on most people.

It is possible that your thinking will become unnaturally rigid for someone of your age. You may get into routines or habits that you are afraid to break, for you prefer familiar paths of life and known ways of doing things.

(This may be what carried over into his next life, for sure.)

I have reduced the number of times that I have made karmic connections between people over time. But in this case, I think it’s justified, because the Nodes are aligned but reversed, a clear indication of reincarnation. And Joe’s ‘fatal’ Sun being exactly conjunct Alex’s Ascendant may be a coincidence (or not). The other links are interesting and widely arrayed. I definitely think we are on solid ground.

Maybe this picture will bring the issue into clear focus:

He seems pleased with the publicity, even though it is making him out to be a traitor of some sort. Hmm

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There’s Never Been a Bullhorn Like This One:

Alex Jones (February 11, 1974)

Love him or hate him, Alex Jones‘ voice has been he(a)rd by millions of Americans in a cattle call to bring ‘truth’ to the masses. In his eyes, there are literally millions of conspiracy theories, and this makes him ‘mad as hell’ and ‘he’s not going to take it anymore.’ (Shades of “Network“, I think.)

OK. No one knows what time of day Jones was born. Most set the clock for noon, local time. One person decided to settle on 1:41:31 CDT. This may have been randomized, it may have been rectified, but the issue remains: Central Daylight Time in winter? No, Central Standard Time in 1974. But surprise, surprise! Dallas must have been on daylight savings because even my computer program set the time for that. Hmm.

I randomized this chart, and it happens to be (almost) exactly at 12 noon. This creates three inconjuncts, but they are all dependent on a correct birth time, and therefore might not apply. That Mars in the Taurus 1st House is significant; hence a ‘bullhorn’ expression of his self-interests. The Grand Trine of the Sun/ Jupiter conjunction, the Moon/ Uranus conjunction and Saturn/ South Node conjunction strengthens the way Jones feels about the world and his uncle.

I think he might have done this before in a previous life.

Venus Inconjunct Saturn (definitely)

You need and want love, but you may not be able to get it easily. You may feel that your parents, teachers or other persons in authority make demands on you that you must fulfill before they will give you any love and support. If that is true, it is unfortunate, because you deserve respect and love as much as anyone. Although everyone must fulfill certain social demands, this should not be the condition for being loved. If this demand is carried to an extreme in your case, you will become cold-hearted and unable to love others even when you want to. You may also feel that you cannot indulge yourself in any pleasure or even love. When you are older, you may feel that duty and ambition must come before love and human relationships. Unfortunately, if you follow that path, you will become lonely, and when you realize that you belong to no one and nothing, you will go through a spiritual crisis.

Saturn Inconjunct Midheaven (possibly)

This aspect indicates that you very much need a positive relationship with your parents, especially your father. You should not be disciplined sternly unless you are given lots of love at the same time. Otherwise, giving and receiving love from others will be a real problem for the rest of your life. Unless you are truly supported by your family and friends, you will begin to feel lonely and isolated from others and inferior to them. Also you are likely to have very serious difficulties with authority figures, because you are afraid of how they will treat you, not expecting that anyone will ever give you the loving guidance you need. You will see all authorities only as potential threats to your freedom and as sources of pain and trouble.

Neptune Inconjunct Ascendant (perhaps)

This aspect can be a sign that you feel you must give way to others in order to get along with them. This can take two forms, both of which will be difficult to handle while you are young. The less positive form is simply yielding to all outside pressure and always giving in to others’ desires. This will produce unconscious feelings of resentment that you can’t express, but that make your relationships with others rather difficult. And as you get older, if you do not learn to stand up for your rights, this problem will get worse, because you express your unconscious resentment as a martyred attitude, which makes it impossible for others to appreciate or use anything they get from you. Thus the results of your sacrifice are totally negative, because you are not happy with giving and they are not happy with receiving.

According to a CNN Report, Alex Jones Lies “All the Time”

It’s not about the truth, it’s about the money

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This is the Man who Brought Nixon Down

John W Dean III (October 14, 1938)

I remember the Watergate hearings from 1973. They weren’t on all the Canadian TV channels, like they were in the United States, but the evening newscasts picked up the interesting details and sound bites. This is one brave man to take on and then take down the President off the United States. But he had no choice, really, because the White House staff were obviously going to make a scapegoat out of him.

As you might expect this was already on my computer program. The time is ‘excellent’, quoted from a birth record. Jupiter as a 1st House Aquarius is going to be about justice, and the inconjuncts to it, from a Mars/Neptune conjunction, seem to confirm this. But that Venus/ Midheaven conjunction, both inconjunct the Moon makes this about love: his wife, Maureen. He did it for her.

Moon Inconjunct Venus

You need to be loved, even more than most people, particularly by your mother or another woman who takes the place of your mother. This need for love will be the force behind many of your actions. If you don’t find the love you are looking for, you will develop an insecure hunger from love from everyone you meet. However, you may express this in very strange ways, such as a desire for food, especially sweets, which unconsciously represent love to you.

Moon Inconjunct Midheaven

With this aspect you must learn to make your emotional needs and desires for pleasure fit in with your growth and development in the world. It is possible that these problems could make it difficult for you to choose a profession or a course that would give your life a sense of purpose. Or you may be unable to follow one path consistently. In other words, your emotional needs may be in conflict with your long-range goals. You may know what you have to do, but not feel much like doing it. Or your feelings may actually color your perception so much that you really do not see what has to be done. Try not to form bad habits, because they are especially likely to create difficulties of this sort.

Mars Inconjunct Jupiter

With this aspect you probably are quite active, with abundant energy for anything you want to do. But you must learn to control your energies rather than have them control you. You may be inclined to take excessive risks, to try out things that you are not sure you can do. But be careful, because with this aspect the energies of Mars and Jupiter do not work very smoothly together. If you overextend yourself and try to do more than you are physically capable of, you may have an accident. And you may be clumsy when you take up a new activity until you have control over your physical body better.

Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune

You are an idealist with very vivid dreams about how you want your life to be, and at certain times in your life you will follow those dreams with all your energy. But sometimes these idealistic dreams will let you down, because you are not concerned enough with what is real and possible. Yet learning to handle the real world is a very important part of your development, because it is the only way you can avoid becoming bitter and disillusioned when your more impractical ideas have led you into disappointment.

Almost 50 years later

Nixon lived to regret his choice of White House counsel, since he wouldn’t listen to reason.


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He Wasn’t Called “Tricky Dicky” for Nothing

Richard M Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994)

I have a rather jaundiced view of this time period in American history. I was still young enough to be an idealist, and I had a decidedly (small ‘l’) liberal approach to politics in general. I did not like Richard Nixon, and this was way before the scandal of Watergate. There was something not quite right about him.

This chart was on my computer already, and the place of birth is incorrectly listed, but it’s the nearest town and it’s where Nixon grew up. He was a Quaker. The Mercury/ Mars/ Jupiter opposition to Pluto is enough to explain his frame of mind when it came to his ‘enemies’, which he saw everywhere. But two of those planets (Mercury and Mars) are also inconjunct to Saturn. The kicker, for me, is the Moon also being inconjunct to his Ascendant @ 17° Virgo. Hmm. So, a ‘puritan’ in name only, I would suggest.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

You tend to put your own emotional needs and wants second to whatever you feel has to be done. In other words, you are likely to be more disciplined emotionally than most people your age. But this is not good if you feel that your emotional needs are not important. Your needs must be fulfilled as much as anyone else’s, particularly because your feelings are really very powerful within yourself.

This aspect also ties together in you a Moon sign and a rising sign that are very different. This indicates that the image you project to other people does not reveal very much about your real feelings. When you are upset, you surprise people by showing a totally different side of your personality.

It is very likely that while you are young you will attract people who are emotionally difficult to handle. This will continue until you learn to show your emotional side as well as the surface personality that you allow others to see. It is all right for people to see all the energies that make up your personality. Only by accepting yourself completely can you overcome this conflict.

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect can have several different meanings. First of all, you may have hidden fears that are difficult to express, but they cause you to do things that others can’t understand. These may include fear of the dark or of certain places or people. Or this aspect can mean that you often feel depressed and sad for no apparent reason. You tend to see tthe serious side of life, and it weighs on you more than on most people.

A particularly serious problem can be feeling suspicious of others, which later in life will turn into a cynical attitude about people’s behavior. You need to be surrounded by positive and optimistic people, and your parents should try not to be too negative around you and to make sure that you experience the best and most cheerful aspects of life. You will learn soon enough what to expect of the world without having your nose rubbed in its less desirable features.

On the plus side, this aspect can make you a very careful thinker. You may not attempt anything beyond your abilities as you see them, but whatever you do attempt will be done very well. You are a neat and careful worker.

Mars Inconjunct Saturn

This can be a difficult aspect because it signifies a conflict between your sense of responsibility and your desire to fulfill your own needs and do what you want. This leads to a struggle within you that may keep you from acting decisively. Instead of deciding what you will do, you feel caught between these two forces, wondering whether you have the right to do what you want. You may feel that others are trying to frustrate you, but it is only your own indecisiveness that is causing the trouble. Sometimes this conflict makes you very irritable and resentful about nothing in particular. Then, when someone happens to act in a way that is obviously annoying, you focus all your built-up anger on that person.

Sometimes with this aspect there really is someone in your life who discourages you and makes you feel that your efforts are futile. You must learn to avoid negative people who make you feel bad about yourself.

On the positive side, this aspect can mean that you control your aggressions and energies so that they work out constructively. But make sure that you do work out your aggression instead of keeping it hidden, because that can result in sudden bursts of temper, which may work against you. Also, if you repress these energies, they may turn against you and be expressed as illness or accidents.

(So, are we clear, here?)



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Just Don’t Compare Trump to Nixon: He Doesn’t Like It

Watergate: Blueprint for a Scandal (2022)

We’ve been watching this limited CNN series for the past week. None of it is new, except for linking Donald Trump’s actions to those of Richard Nixon in 1972. The common denominator is insecurity.

More later?

WATERGATE SCANDAL, 1973. English cartoon by Michael Cummings, 1973, on the damage to the administration of U.S. President Richard Nixon resulting from the Watergate scandal.

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Regrets, He Had a Few…

David Cassidy (April 15, 1950 – November 21, 2017)

Plastic surgery?

When a person is contemporary to one’s self, there is a certain amount of feeling, “So, what’s the big deal? Just because your father was a big star, doesn’t mean you should be, too.” That’s my take on David Cassidy. I think it’s really jealousy, on my part, but I wouldn’t have wanted to live his life story.

This is the ‘accepted’ birth time. However, that didn’t stop one astrologer from deciding that Cancer Rising wasn’t right. Somehow, that astrologer thought that David should have been Gemini Rising instead. OK. I get why that astrologer has that opinion, but the facts of David’s life confirm that he was as sensitive to criticism as you can be, with the Cancer Ascendant, and alcohol was his only ‘escape’. Unfortunately, it also cost him his life, in the end.

Sun Inconjunct Mars

You have a rather strong will, which may be difficult to control. This is because your way of doing something tends to interfere with what you want to gain by doing it. Your actions in some situations may surprise people by contradicting what they have learned about you as a person. Inside of yourself, you may even begin to feel that you can’t approve of the way you act, or you may feel that you can’t deal comfortably with the results of your actions. In other words, you get yourself into real jams.

The only real cure for these problems is to think before you act. Most of them come about because you act impulsively and hastily or out of anger and frustration. Such actions will usually work against you, not because those impulses are wrong, but because they don’t work out as you expect. Your angry style is different from your usual style of acting, when you are more in control of yourself.

If you can learn to handle this problem, you can gain quite a bit of power from your life, because you are able to attack problems and situations in two rather different ways. When one approach cannot solve it, the other may be able to. Any connection between the Sun and Mars helps you stand up and assert yourself. You can fight successfully, but only if you learn to control your energies.

However, it is not good for you to hold your angry feelings in. When you feel angry or resentful, your feelings are quite strong, and if you hold them in, they can turn into sickness or infection. In some cases your feelings can become self-destructive and bring about an accident. If you can focus your anger, express it and let it go, you will never remain angry for very long.

According to his estranged daughter, Katie Cassidy, David’s last words were, “So much wasted time…”

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What We Saw was What We Got

George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008)

I was a fan, ever since he first appeared on American television as the Hippy-Dippy Weatherman. My only claim to fame as his fan was passing him once while walking through Pearson Airport in Toronto. What surprised me was how small he was. He wasn’t the giant I thought he was. Hmm.

That Grand Trine is the giveaway: Mars @ 0° Sagittarius; Saturn @ 1° Aries; and Pluto @ 26° Cancer. Leo Rising allowed this Taurus Sun and Gemini Moon individual to shine a bright light on our foibles. And, oh, how he did. He was a one-in-a-million standup comedian, with NO HIDDEN AGENDA.

“I’m New Wave from the Old School..”

Some of George’s Rants



We shall never see the ‘likes’ of him again.

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Question: What Does Fascism Look Like?

January 6, 2021 (and Thereafter)

I’m not being facetious here. The Storming of the Capitol Building looked like Kristallnacht, but in the daytime. And, interestingly enough, the (new) American Government reacted in a knee-jerk fashion, by erecting fences in Washington, D.C. and limiting access to Biden’s inauguration as President #46.

What galls me was ‘everyone’ calling out Trudeau and the Liberals when a similar thing happened during the Occupation of Ottawa by the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy. Obviously, it’s the pot calling the kettle black…

And political agenda being what is implied, everyone tries to score points in the ensuing debates.

How Can We Avoid Fascism?

It’s no joke…

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The “Alternative” News of the World, According to:

Rupert Murdoch (March 11, 1931)

Is this the face of a man you can trust? Hmm. As owner of Fox, the (at best) opinions that he has are foisted onto the United States, Britain and Australia, all in the name of balanced news reporting…

I hate it when someone decides that one minute before or after noon or midnight is the correct time of a birth. Maybe it is ‘good’ as suggested, but I doubt it instantly. That Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th House is too suspicious to my mind. But, you never know, it could be right. I’m just stating my objections, ahead of anything else.

Venus Inconjunct Neptune (definite)

This aspect means that your attitudes about love and affection are very idealistic, as will become clearer later in life. Also it can be a sign of creative artistic ability if there are other indications of creativity in your chart. And, of course, you must begin the appropriate training while you are young.

This aspect will work out with the fewest problems if you get a great deal of emotional support from your parents and other loved ones. You are willing to serve, help and assist those you love, but you may honestly feel that you don’t deserve to be loved unless you are forced to serve your loved one in some way. This is because you feel that loving someone requires you to make sacrifices and to deny your own needs and that love may not necessarily make you feel good and warm.

Uranus Inconjunct Midheaven (perhaps)

You need to express your thoughts and feelings, but you often upset the people around you with your words. You seem to enjoy creating a stir every time you say something, but this can get you into quite a bit of trouble with parents, teachers and other authority figures. The underlying principle of this aspect is the need to balance your individual self-expression and manner of communicating with your need to learn and grow under the guidance of older people.

Certainly you will discover your own routes to what you want in life. Now you need to be given the confidence and encouragement to look for those routes on your own with total freedom.

One Photo that’s Worth a Thousand Words

So, folks, it’s your choice whether you believe what he tells you or not.


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A Reminder of the Power of Propaganda

January 6, 2021

(No further comment.)

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