How Humanity Came to Be


Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly how things are.

I can’t believe that I haven’t quoted from this book before. I found it in the late 1990’s and aside from its jokey title, there is nothing funny about the contents.

The point of this post is, in part, to show an alternative narrative to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (as originally told in Genesis). Along the way, other books are referenced, some of which I have already shared with you. But let’s get to the issue:


We were a Hybrid Species

Now my discussion will drop back about four hundred thousand years in our history. Here I will incorporate information from both Thoth and researcher and author Zecharia Sitchin, in particular Sitchin’s books The 12th Planet and Genesis Revisited.  Sitchin believes that there is another planet in our solar system, the Sumerian Nibiru, which has an elliptical orbit similar to that of a comet. It takes 3,600 years for the planet to make one complete circle of the sun. The people on this planet, called the Nefilim, came to Earth more than four hundred thousand years ago. Thoth doesn’t say why; in fact he never mentioned the Nefilim by name. He only told Drunvalo that there were giants on the Earth at the time (the Nefilim ranged from ten to sixteen feet in height). Sitchin claims the reason they came was that they needed gold for their atmosphere. In Genesis Revisited, he writes:

On their planet Nibiru, the Anunnaki/ Nefilim were facing a situation we on Earth may also soon face: ecological deterioration was making life increasingly impossible. There was a need to protect their dwindling atmosphere, and the only solution seemed to be to suspend gold particles above it, as a shield.

So they came here to mine gold. After two hundred thousand years or so of enforced labor the miners rebelled and decided to create a subservient race— which is us— to mine the gold for them. It is notable that in southern Africa in the oldest known gold mines, archaeologists have found the bones of Homo sapiens and artifacts that go back at least fifty thousand to a hundred thousand years. Sitchin asserts that the Nefilim created us about three hundred thousand years ago, but Thoth is very exact. Thoth says we were created exactly 200,224 years ago (from 2009). Sitchin theorizes that the Nefilim created us through genetic experiments, but according to Thoth they couldn’t do it alone. They had to have help from outside the solar system. That external help came from a familiar source. The Sirians joined with the Nefilim to create us. The Nefilim first landed in the ocean and emerged as half-men and half-fish. They went underwater initially to make contact with the dolphins, who were on a similar consciousness level with them. They had to check in and get permission to do what they wanted to do. According to the Sumerian records, the Nefilim first went to southern Iraq and built their cities. They then went to southern Africa to mine gold.

The Sumerian records are round clay tablets that came out of the ancient Sumerian cities, the cities mentioned in the Bible. These records, discovered only in the last century, are the oldest sources of information, bar none, on the planet. Sitchin is one person who has the ability to interpret these records.

Again, Thoth said there were giants and that they became our mother. He said that seven of these beings dropped their bodies and formed spheres of consciousness. They merged into the seed of life and created an ovum. When seven beings link together geometrically in this way to form the seed of life, a flame appears, four feet tall and of bluish-white light. It is cool but looks like a flame. This was then set in the “Halls of Amenti.”

The Halls of Amenti is a very ancient place, built more than five and a half million years ago. No one knows how old the Halls of Amenti really are or who erected them, because of that event five and a half million years ago that broke the Akashic Records of the planet. Remember— even though history on the planet goes back five hundred million years, we have access only to the last five and a half million years.

The Halls of Amenti is actually a dimensional warp in space resembling a womb. There is only one way in, but once you get there it is like being in infinite space. Such a warp sits always one dimensional overtone higher than the vibrational level of the Earth. It is located usually 440,000 miles out in space, but during the era of Atlantis it was on the surface of the Earth. Now it is a thousand miles inside the Earth. Drunvalo has been allowed into the first room, where there is a pyramid. Inside the pyramid is a golden-mean room made out of stone. In the middle of the room is a cube. On top of the cube is the flame.

Simultaneous preparation for this creation or trans-semination was being made on Sirius B or, more precisely, the third planet out from Sirius B. Sixteen males and sixteen females who comprised a married family there traveled to Earth from Sirius B and went directly to the flame in the Halls of Amenti. They lay down and merged with the flame. Their conception period here was two thousand years. These two separate races were involved in our creation— one from Nibiru and one from Sirius.

Thoth said that we were originally placed on an island off the coast of southwestern Africa called Gondwanaland, and that we were placed there primarily so we could not leave. We were there fifty thousand to seventy thousand years. From there we were brought to southern Africa. Interestingly enough, African creation stories all agree on one piece of information. They all say their people came from an island off the southwestern coast of Africa, called Gondwanaland.

According to Sitchin’s interpretation of the Sumerian texts in The 12th Planet, after the Nefilim created us to work in the gold mines of Africa, some of us were brought to Mesopotamia to help in the gardens in E.DIN. The “gods” loved us because, after all, we were made in their own image. But in the garden in E.DIN where the Nefilim had their orchards we were told not to eat the fruit of a certain tree— called the tree of knowledge. We disobeyed. Eating this fruit and gaining its “knowledge” was significant because it gave us the ability to reproduce sexually. Up until this point we were hybrids, a cross between two different species, and we were incapable of reproduction. Sitchin interprets the Sumerian texts as saying that modern humans are a cross between the Nefilim and Homo erectus, the predecessor of Homo sapiens. It is through Thoth that we get the additional information about the role of the beings from Sirius.

Not surprisingly, the Nefilim did not want us reproducing. They wanted to maintain control of their own experiment. The knowledge we gained from eating the fruit was not scientific as such— it was the knowledge of how to procreate, how to turn ourselves from sterile hybrids into a new species fully capable of reproducing. The Nefilim were angry when we gained the ability to reproduce, and they made us leave the garden. According to scholars of ancient texts, the Sumerian records precede the Biblical records, and the Biblical creation stories seem to be a summary of older Sumerian texts.

Although we had to leave their garden, the Nefilim allowed us to grow food on our own. We went to the mountainous area east of the gardens in Mesopotamia. According to Thoth, we remained there for a long time. But then there was a big shift in consciousness and another pole shift, and Gondwanaland sank. Many of the survivors went to Africa, but the most evolved went to Lemuria, a land that rose above water when the other continent sank.

Frissell, Bob. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, 15th Anniversary Edition (Kindle Locations 673-728). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.



21And the LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and He clothed them. 22Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…” 23Therefore the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.…(Genesis 3:21-23)

Now we have the Knowledge of Good and Evil

…and look what we’ve done with it.

And still, what’s the most important resource we mine? Gold.

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The Mars and Venus Conjunction


Catullus 85

I attempted to translate this poem while in high school. Not my greatest achievement, but I tried to get into the state of mind of Catullus to do it. It didn’t really work for me.

Now, all these years later, I’m beginning to get a glimpse into what that might feel like, but not personally. As an Astrologer, it came up in a recent chart, and I was surprised that I’d never noticed it before.

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing

I have decided to allow knowledge from a different channel to be shared here. This next description of Venus Conjunct Mars comes from

“Your relationship with your parents will determine your attitudes towards the opposite sex and marriage for better or worse. Normally, this gives a harmonious blending of active and passive energies and makes you sensitive and loving unless both planets are under severe stress. Drive is generally expressed constructively. This aspect is an asset when it comes to relating to the public and is said to give luck in financial matters. This conjunction can vary dramatically from sign to sign and tends to give you valuable insights into your earliest dealing with the opposite sex – including dealings with your opposite-sex parent, siblings, and peers. You have very strong emotions. Because of their intensity, you find it hard to treat relationships lightly; everything, even the smallest gesture, has importance to you. This is true in almost all relationships; it’s especially true when it comes to sex and romance. If there are problems in your love life, it could be because you’re being too pushy or coming on too strong. This aspect stimulates affections in a way that causes you to want an all-consuming, ‘forever’ type of relationship; but, funnily enough, it also gives flirtatious streak that continues even after you’ve entered into a satisfying relationship. I think that people with this aspect feel that it’s especially important to remain desirable – not just to a mate or lover, but to the opposite sex in general. As the conjunction is a uniting aspect, and Venus and Mars are the male and female principles, respectively, you might think, as I once did, that it’s a portent of a lasting marriage. From my studies, I’ve learned that this isn’t the case. While people with this aspect want a lasting relationship very badly, they suffer their fair share of squabbles and separations. There’s a difference between this aspect and the square and opposition though, in that there seems to be greater reluctance to make the first break. Jealousy – sometimes justified, sometimes not – on one side or another seems to be the primary cause of discord.”

Catullus may have had this exact aspect in his chart. Unfortunately, we do not know his exact date of birth (which is believed to be in 84 B.C.E. and that makes him a contemporary of Mark Antony.) Antony’s birth was in January 83 B.C.E. and his chart has a fairly wide conjunction between Venus and Mars, so my assumption might have some validity with respect to Catullus.

At any rate, Catullus was a man crucified by love. Or probably, and most likely, jealousy.

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My Name’s Tufty: Can You See Why?

DSCN2478 (2)

DSCN2481 (2)

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News Cluster: Message from the Universe



With all the press coverage about the Coronavirus from China, I was surprised to see a news item about a small plane crash near the Corona airport in California. My ‘spidey’ sense tingled.

To see what I mean, Google ‘corona’ news.


Here’s a screenshot from early this morning.

Whenever the same word shows up in different circumstances,  the Universe is trying to tell us something. But we usually don’t pay attention…

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Looking in the Pink of Health

DSCN2472 (2)

Male house finch

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Panic Attack!


Even the Star of “Arrow” has Them.

Today, plastered over most online media outlets, is a story of what happened to Stephen Amell last month.

And as January is Mental Wellness month, I’d like to add my two cents’ worth.

0 to 100 in an Instant


A Hundred Thoughts All at Once


Spiralling Downward


Read the Signs


How to Stop!


There, are we clear?

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Parliament is in Session

Parliament (2)

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