The New Canadian Leader of His Majesty’s Opposition

Pierre Poilievre (June 3, 1979)

Honestly, people, this man is just nine months older than my youngest child. (And my cousin, John, is concerned that Pierre Poilievre is being referred to as ‘Pee Pee’…)

Why are political leaders allowed to ‘hide’ their birth times? Public office should come with an astrology chart. I have rectified the time to reflect the age 38 when he married his wife (Venus). That Pluto in the 12 House is concerning: it is an echo of Donald Trump‘s chart. There are three inconjuncts, independent of a exact time of birth.

Mercury Inconjunct Uranus

Your mind moves quickly from topic to topic, often without pausing long enough for you to understand what you have learned. And if there is a lot of excitement or activity around you, your mind may race so fast to keep up with it all that you work yourself into a state of nervous frenzy. Under these circumstances it is almost impossible for you to concentrate or do any useful mental work.

This aspect might mean that you have nervous problems, such as a tendency to get exhausted or a sensitive disposition that requires a very calm environment in order to prevent further problems.

Venus Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect means that your attitudes about love and affection are very idealistic, as will become clearer later in life. Also it can be a sign of creative artistic ability if there are other indications of creativity in your chart. You are willing to serve, help and assist those you love, but you may honestly feel that you don’t deserve to be loved unless you are forced to serve your loved ones in some way. This is because you feel that loving someone requires you to make sacrifices and to deny your own needs and that love may not necessarily make you feel good and warm.

Mars Inconjunct Pluto

You have a strong will and always want to have your own way. But very often it seems as if tremendous forces are working to prevent you from getting what you want. If you have this problem, it is because of the way you go about trying to achieve your ends. If you put too much force into your desire to get something, you may unknowingly alienate people because your aggressive manner shows that you will let nothing stop you from getting what you want. Even if that isn’t the way you really feel about it, you should recognize that your forcefulness creates this impression.

And if you think the Toronto Star is misguided or even kidding, consider the fact that Patrick Brown got booted from the Conservative leadership race, because P.P. wanted his votes…

You have been warned!

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The Day the World Changed for Me, Personally:

May 6, 1987

The day was the one when I had a medium read for me. I had previously looked at this reading as one that was a connection for my mother, but I missed the message for me about the transiting North and South Nodes returning to their original positions in my birth chart. Here’s the chart again:

And here is the comparison to my birth chart:

Mostly, as I now see it, the message is clear, but I missed it at the time.

(Shame about the spelling mistake in the final sentence.)

And the rest is history…

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The Moment the Prince of Wales Became…

King Charles III

60th birthday portrait

Like his mother before him, Charles’ role in the Royal Family changed when his parent died.

And, except for his Saturn being conjunct her ‘fatal’ Venus, there seems to be no obvious connection. Oh, I forgot that her ‘fatal’ Ascendant is opposite his natal Ascendant. I guess that counts for something.

On the whole, as he expressed after the Queen’s death, he was not looking forward to the time it would happen. But he knew it was coming, sometime. And contrary to what the British Press would have preferred, he did not step aside and let William become King. He owed that loyalty to his Mum.

Charles and Elizabeth have a Mother and Child reunion, too, it seems. His natal Sun is conjunct her natal Moon. (Obvious, isn’t it?) Her Part of Fortune is also conjunct his North Node (all in Taurus). Finally, her Saturn conjunct Midheaven is conjunct his Sun. There can be no doubting the roles they would play in each other’s lives.

God save the King.

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For Most People, Her Death is a First…

Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926 – September 8, 2022)

May 2012, during her Jubilee visit in Exeter, UK

The Queen is dead.

This is the end of a Royal Life well lived.

RIP, Your Majesty.

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I Want You to Reflect on This Image

Liberal-Democrats (UK) (1988)

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Handed a Poisoned Chalice: Will She Survive?

Prime Minister Liz Truss (September 6, 2022)

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, left, welcomes Liz Truss during an audience at Balmoral, Scotland, where she invited the newly elected leader of the Conservative party to become Prime Minister and form a new government, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022. (Jane Barlow/Pool Photo via AP)

My friend, David, took me to task for not giving the new UK Prime Minister a chance. He’s right, of course. I was trying to to warn everyone that astrologically, Liz Truss is not what she appears.

This chart is timed for the scheduled meeting with the Queen @ 12:10 pm on the day. So, again, it’s interesting to me that such a time would be chosen, since it highlights one Yod and one inconjunct that are totally time dependent. The Universe must know something that we mere mortals do not.

Mars Inconjunct Ascendant

The difficulty with this aspect is to find a balance between getting what you want in life and getting along with others. More than most people, you will have to learn the necessity of compromising to get along with people, especially because you often seem more aggressive than you are.

Learn to work for the good of others by making their objectives your objectives, whenever possible. This aspect can signify the ability to accomplish a great deal, as long as you do not spend all your time and energy feeling angry or resentful about seemingly undeserved defeats. When you have a real goal to work toward that you can share with others, you will be able to attain that goal.

Jupiter Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect, you may discover that in order to grow and get ahead in life, you will have to put aside your own needs and do whatever the situation or other people require. At times you will go through tremendous and possibly painful creative changes in your life, in which everything you are is replaced by a new order. Your environment may change radically, or you may lose all your old friends and find a whole set of new ones. During these times you will arrive at new understandings and realizations that make it impossible for your life to continue as before. You must always be open to new ideas and be willing to change your outlook on life.

Probably you will accomplish the most if you direct your energies to tasks that benefit others as well as yourself. It may be that much of your work will not benefit you directly, but in the long run you will gain from it. This is not merely a plea for you to be unselfish, but an assertion that you will always achieve your goals most quickly by doing work that helps others.

Pluto Inconjunct Midheaven

You may have trouble with older people who try to teach you how to effectively take control of your life. You may resent their control over you and resist everything they are trying to teach you. To a great extent, your path in life will be shaped by your early confrontations with authority figures. Your teachers should be very straightforward with you, because if you feel that people are not being honest with you, you will not be honest with them. You are quite capable of acting behind peoples’ backs if you consider it necessary or if you feel that you never get your way.

Interactively, there is only one inconjunct and that connects Ms Truss’ natal Moon with the event’s Mercury, which, not surprisingly, is conjunct her natal Pluto. It will require a great deal of thinking to not react with emotion. (In other words, her reactions may be dependent on her surroundings…)

When you are calm and collected and able to reflect carefully, you make decisions in one way. But when you are emotionally involved in a situation, you are likely to make up your mind very differently, which could cause you to seem inconsistent to others and make it difficult for them to understand you.

Planets in Youth (by Robert Hand)


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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

Liz Truss (July 26, 1975)

Ha, that was funny. My WordPress post just aligned the above image of Liz Truss to the centre (when I prompted a change): this seems to be significant for the way the United Kingdom is headed, now that the Conservative Party has selected a new leader. Until she graduated from Oxford at age 21, she was a Lib-Dem. Look out world, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She became Prime Minister, today.

For someone who styles herself on the Iron Lady, Liz Truss does seem to be inscrutable. Her birth time is unknown, so I set Mars for age 25, when she married her husband. The planets show no inconjunct aspects, but a Scorpio Rising, opposed to Mars in Taurus, is going to be difficult for others to read properly. Also, Neptune as her ruling planet is in Sagittarius in the final degrees of the 1st House of Personality. And the Moon in Pisces is opposite Venus in Virgo. She will be a very slippery customer.

We won’t get fooled again?

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The Wannabe Actress who Died Tragically

Jayne Mansfield (April 19, 1933 – June 28, 1967)

It should be remembered that all actors and actresses are just ordinary folks when off-screen. Jayne Mansfield was no different. People compared her to Marilyn Monroe, but in reality, she was just a Playboy pin-up, hoping for stardom.

This birth chart was already on my computer, so I cannot verify its authenticity. However, those two inconjuncts may be auspicious.

Mercury Inconjunct Mars

You often find it difficult to separate yourself from what you believe. You fight very hard for your ideas, even when you suspect you are wrong. You must learn that you are not your ideas, that you have them but are not them. If you do not learn this, it will be difficult even to have a friendly talk with friends, because you are always trying to make a point, defend your opinion or prove somebody else wrong. This also makes you irritable and touchy, so that others prefer not to be around you. Of course, you should not give in about something you seriously believe in, but it is unlikely that you would make that mistake.

Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect may signify great restlessness and unease, so that it is difficult for you to achieve a state of balance or feel calm and at ease. Often you have contradictory impulses; you want to plunge ahead into some relatively risky activity, but you are held back by feelings of caution or inhibition. It is often difficult to decide whether you want to act on your own or in a situation that is very structured and regulated. If your situation is too structured, you will feel closed in and repressed; you will want to break free and go off by yourself and do things your way. But when you get that freedom, you feel rather lost and at loose ends, and you find it difficult to set your own pace.

The Accident

One cannot imagine anyone surviving this crash, and yet the three children sleeping in the back did do just that. A lot of the images have Ms. Mansfield stretched out on the side of the road. Too gruesome.

There is a two-handed Yod in this death chart: Moon inconjunct Mars, Moon inconjunct Venus, Venus inconjunct the Midheaven. I believe this is symbolic of how she became more famous for how she died, than when she was alive.

Interesting transit line up, eh? The ‘fatal’ Sun is conjunct her natal Ascendant; the ‘fatal’ Ascendant is conjunct her natal Sun; and the ‘fatal’ Mercury is conjunct her natal Pluto. This ‘accident’ looks fated.

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Finally, I Understand Trump’s Appeal…

That Old Time Religion

Admittedly, I’d been stumped as to why people would flock to an event where Donald Trump was giving a speech. To me, it seemed nonsensical. Everyone knows he exaggerates and lies, and yet they lap it up.

I should have known better: I, too, as a youngster, got caught up in the fervour of Baptist Tent Revivals. I even saw Billy Graham in person a couple of times. If I hadn’t already been a Born-Again Christian, I would have gone down to the front of the stage along with the others when he called for them to be saved.

So, if you are a person who wants to believe in something or someone beyond yourself, Trump’s your man. He’s the new preacher on the street corner. He’s even held a copy of the Bible in his hand, on one occasion.

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In the Run-up to the American Midterm Elections:

A Gentle Reminder (usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

Enough said?

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