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Question: What’s the MacGuffin?


Answer: The Maltese Falcon

Alfred Hitchcock is the master of the MacGuffin. It’s a plot device that carries the story along, but really is of no interest to the viewer.

From Wikipedia: “It might be a Scottish name, taken from a story about two men on a train. One man says, ‘What’s that package up there in the baggage rack?’ And the other answers, ‘Oh, that’s a MacGuffin’. The first one asks, ‘What’s a MacGuffin?’ ‘Well,’ the other man says, ‘it’s an apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands.’ The first man says, ‘But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands,’ and the other one answers, ‘Well then, that’s no MacGuffin!’ So you see that a MacGuffin is actually nothing at all.”


In the present time, Donald Trump has an agenda (or at last he claims he does): to

Make America Great Again.

There are two answers for that: 1) it was always great; or 2) it was never great.

Either way, this slogan is a red herring. It defines its own purpose: a distraction to keep people from seeing what is really going on.

And while people are distracted, Trump can completely destroy America, and no one will know until it’s too late.


So the next time Trump seems to do something outrageous, ask yourself the question: what’s the MacGuffin?

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More Scheer Hypocrisy

Andrew Scheer

Calls for an Apology

Last night’s CBC news program The National had a lot of political stories, but one segment made me sit up and say, “What!?”

That sequence was about the resolution to an issue that was raised by the Conservatives a month or so ago: one of ‘Tori’ Stafford’s killers had been transferred to a Healing Lodge and the Conservative expressed their outrage. They kept up the pressure to get this woman back to prison, and yesterday the Liberal government announced some changes that would accomplish just that.

The segment starts at 15:16…


Andrew Scheer suggested that the Liberals apologize to the Stafford family for ‘politicizing’ her death.

Elizabeth May, the Green Party Leader, called it when she said that it was a shame that Maclean’s Magazine didn’t have an award for “hypocrite of the year”.

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US Constitution: Checks & Balances


Midterm Elections

Most midterm elections are a referendum on the power and popularity of the President. Donald Trump knew this, so he made it all about him (as usual).

He went all-out to support Republican Senate candidates and he ignored the contests for the House of Congress. That was tactical: he knew he would lose Congress, but he wanted to retain the Senate. He was proved right last night.

This is why the writers of the American Constitution drew it up the way they did: they wanted to ensure that the President could never absolutely run (read, ruin) the country for more than two years.

It might seemed a bit unwieldy to people from Constitutional Monarchies, but it works and that’s what counts, in the end.

Although the MSM headlines read: “Blue wave hits red wall,” no one knows where this will end up in two years’ time.

Perhaps, Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke will challenge, and beat, Trump in 2020.



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Just Add a Pinch of Blonde Rice


The Front Runner

First of all, I have not seen this movie. That said, I remember the scandal that brewed around Gary Hart’s run for the Democratic Presidential Candidacy of 1987-8.

In America, the term ‘ladies man’ took on a new political meaning when the press were alerted to a possible liaison between Hart and Donna Rice. The key to it was that this may have been the very first public unmasking of a politician, 30 years before the #metoo movement. And it may also have been completely innocent connection, but blown out of all proportion because of the ‘optics’.


Courtesy of Donna Rice Hughes 2017

Another Rice Scandal


Mandy Rice Davies was a showgirl and model who was friends with Christine Keeler, and became embroiled in the “Profumo Affair” which discredited the Conservative government of British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in 1963.

Sex and politics have gone hand-in-hand since earliest recorded history. It doesn’t really surprise anyone. In fact, politicians are still getting caught with their hands in the ‘rice’ jar, even in Canada. Just yesterday, a senior Conservative Shadow Cabinet MP Tony Clement revealed he is being extorted for 50,000 Euros after sexting naked pictures and videos of himself to someone he thought was a ‘consenting woman’. Now his political reputation is in ruins.


The ‘outing’ of politicians has become the ‘new’ way to de-throne powerful individuals from public office. Brett Kavanaugh may have been a recent example of how far people will go to oust someone. Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not immune to attack.

But it must be remembered that ‘all is fair in love and war’ and this sure ain’t ‘love’.

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Coincidence or Something Else?


God (be)friended me

I’ve been wanting to correct that title ever since this TV show started in the fall. I know that having a Facebook relationship is a friendship, and the act of linking up is called clicking¬† the “friend” button, but up until now ‘friend’ has never been used as a verb.

God Friended Me is the new ‘feel-good’ situation comedy being broadcast on Sunday nights. The atheist hero, Miles, has a podcast show called “The Millennial Prophet”, so you can see that the series is going to make use of a little ironic NEWSPEAK.

And just to be fair, this seems like an ‘honest’ attempt to bring Highway to Heaven and Twice in a Lifetime to a younger audience.

A Question of Faith

Miles’ father is a minister (Episcopalian, if you must know). As Miles is a practicing atheist, this makes for an interesting dynamic in their relationship. So there are a lot of questions about belief systems in every show. Especially the main ones: does God really exist and why would (S)He be using a “God account” on social media to recruit someone like Miles to do His/Her Work?

Last night’s show broadened the faith spectrum a little bit to include a Muslim girl wanting to elope with her Jewish boyfriend. The resolution of the episode (called “A House Divided”) was unlikely, but well-intended, in that the father of the girl finally relented, because he didn’t want to lose her. In reality, they would have been alienated for life.

But if the message is that these stories would turn out badly without divine intervention, then they have to turn out alright, or else the point is lost.


We are only six episodes into the series. Will it last? Only God knows.

In the meantime, I should like to share with you the ‘clincher’ from last night’s episode:

The Muslim taxi driver, who was having problems with his children, said to our hero and his friend, Cara, that Miles was sent by God to help him. Miles demurred. Then the taxi driver said that he now had two signs from God. They wanted to know what the other one was. He went on to explain that six weeks before, he had been driving a doctor through town when the car in front hit a young lady. He said the doctor jumped out to save the girl. Miles and Cara look at each other, and Cara says, “That was me.”

Coincidence or Something Else?

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Hiawatha: Fact or Fiction?


The Song of Hiawatha

This is how I first read about Hiawatha, through the Classics Illustrated comic book. Like Last of the Mohicans I presumed he was a literary character only. I was wrong.

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when Hiawatha was alive, but there is a clue in legendary format that tells of an eclipse happening around the same time:

“In attempting to date the Great Peacemaker and Hiawatha, focus has come to an incident related to the founding of the Iroquois Confederacy, their lifework. One rendition of the oral history eventually written down by scholars involves a division among the Seneca nation, the last nation to join the original confederacy. A violent confrontation began and was suddenly stopped when the sun darkened, and it seemed like night.” (Wikipedia)

Two dates seem to apply: August 22, 1142 and June 28, 1451. Among scholars, the second date seems more feasible, perhaps because they cannot comprehend the Iroquois Confederacy being around for over 600 years before the Declaration of Independence. Well, I’ve looked at the charts for both those days, and the second date doesn’t have a conflict dynamic in it. The first date does, along with two obvious YODs (Fingers of God).

Hiawatha Eclipse I


Hiawatha Eclipse II



If I were a betting man, the 1142 date would be the more likely timing of Hiawatha’s life. But that really does put the cat among the pigeons, doesn’t it? The Iroquois Confederacy is rumoured to be the basis of the Government of the United States (at least a program on PBS stated that yesterday). In reality, the Republic is more like the Roman model, but that’s just splitting hairs.

Spiritual truth comes from within. Hiawatha and the Great Peacemaker brought forth an idea for the unification of warring nations. To do this, they needed the help of an native woman, Jigonhsasee, now known as the Mother of Nations among the Iroquois.

The concept of Trinity is in action here. This is the mark of the Great Spirit.
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