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COVID-19: Is There a Hidden Agenda?

Something is definitely wrong. Let’s be clear here: I don’t f**king love Atheism, but I do admire George Carlin’s ability to call out incompetence whenever he saw it: “This is the kind of shit you’d expect from an office temp … Continue reading

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Have We Learned Anything from History?

The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964). Today, in 193 AD, Pertinax, the successor to Emperor Commodus, was killed, triggering what would become known as the Year of Five Emperors. Because the United States of America is loosely based on … Continue reading

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Caught Between a Log and a Hard Frame

[No chipmunks were harmed during the shooting of this photograph.]

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Revelation: Corona Borealis

Don’t you just love it when several disjointed bits of information suddenly come together to give you the ‘bigger’ picture? That’s what happened when I looked at a post from two years ago, here. There was a picture showing the … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit is with Us Now

The Fire Heart While reviewing some earlier posts from May 2019, I was surprised by the accuracy of their message. Trouble was coming, and things were going to change, in a big way. Is There Need of a Blockade, Somewhere? … Continue reading

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Is Trump the Antichrist?

The Number of the Beast This post was triggered by a comment on my cousin John’s post about Trump yesterday. Here’s what John Miller wrote on Facebook: Every decent living soul should be filled with revulsion at the unthinkable debate … Continue reading

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Reincarnation: Educating Our Soul

Leading Ourselves Out of Darkness to Light I wasn’t sure what to call this post, so I slept on it. The idea was to highlight why we get to continue learning our life’s lessons even after death. If we go … Continue reading

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