A Small Footnote in History


Maurice Strong (April 29, 1929 – November 27, 2015)

I wrote about the Rio Conference 1992 in yesterday’s post COVID-19: Is There a Hidden Agenda. This man organized that conference for the United Nations. When I shared what I’d written (and quoted) with some of my friends, I got one interesting response:

“Thank you and I am familiar with this understanding. Just to keep it up to date Maurice died 5-6 yrs ago after being hospitalized for perhaps a year before that. He did not leave billions of dollars. I know for a fact that there were many times when he was flat broke. No question that Lawrence Rockefeller funded Maurice and his wife Hanna’s projects in Crestone Colorado. I worked with Hanne for a number of years during the 90’s. Maurice knew every world leader and powerful person on the planet. His potential connection to NWO was always mentioned. I saw no proof nor was I in the inner circle who would have known for certain.”

Here is a link to an interview that Strong gave to the Guardian Newspaper in 2010. Here’s one portion of that interview:

A lot of the criticism you seem to attract is founded on the belief that, via your extensive portfolio of business interests and bureaucratic roles, you are somehow plotting to establish a new world order. How do you respond to this accusation?

I think it exaggerates my influence, my power and my intention. Anyone who wants to look at the record over the years can see that I’ve been subjected to that kind of criticism, but I’ve always made it clear that I do not believe that global government is either necessary [or] feasible. What I do believe is that we need a system of global governance through which nations can cooperate and deal with issues they cannot deal with alone. Maybe that statement is too sophisticated for some but it shouldn’t be. The ultimate example is climate change. I prepared a piece recently on what I call the “Survival Agenda”, pointing out that the UN agenda has something like 150 items on it and it is impossible to get an item off the agenda due to the constituencies that keep them on there. However, many just don’t need to be on there. They can be dealt with by other organisations, or are no longer relevant compared to when they were put on the agenda. What we need is to give special priority to those issues that affect our actual survival and I’ve boiled this down to about seven issues. We’ve got to realise that we blithely assume that life will continue no matter what because it always has. But it’s not correct that it always has. Look at the history of planet earth – there’s only a minute moment of time when the conditions have been conducive to human life. We are literally altering those conditions and my motivation is to alert people to this. I believe that we need a degree of cooperation on these issues that goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. During a war we get a lot of co-operation, but we also get a lot of rivalry. In the second world war, nations co-operated. There are examples of co-operation during periods of special need. But things are happening now that could really affect the future of humanity and that’s what drives me. It doesn’t mean I’m right about everything, but that is my purpose.

(Italics and emphasis are mine.)

Strong also mentioned during the interview that he has a web site to counter the accusations he’s been subjected to over the years. Here’s the link.

I’ve written this to provide some reasonable balance for David Icke’s (sometimes) irrational rhetoric. I never knew about Maurice Strong while he was alive.

May he now Rest In Peace.

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1 Response to A Small Footnote in History

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    The context for the David Icke quote in yesterday’s post is shown above. That changes the meaning that is attached to it. Maurice Strong wasn’t advocating the industrial world’s collapse, he was highlighting some smaller countries’ concerns.


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