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How to Recall Your Dreams

Recollection of a Night Dream We recently moved our bed. For most of three years it has been aligned east/west, mainly because of the layout of our bedroom. Spontaneously, my wife decided that it should be aligned north/south instead. In … Continue reading

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Unforgotten Actors Get Second Chance

Unforgotten If you’ve watched PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery! recently, you would have seen this latest ‘cold case’ TV show from the BBC. From the first season, here are the names and faces of some of the senior guest stars. Tom Courtney … Continue reading

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Soul Mantra

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Yet Another Early Spring Sunset

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Crossing Dimensions

Fringe Last night’s dream was probably influenced by the new television show “The Crossing” but it hearkened back to “Fringe” in effect. Once the dimensions began to open up, the show had a building that was a ‘no man’s land’ … Continue reading

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Revenge of an “Incel”?

Involuntary Celibate Yesterday, a young man decided to drive a rented Ryder van down the sidewalk on Yonge Street in Toronto. Was this a terrorist attack? No. It was one person’s way to ‘punish’ the world. Last night, the CBC … Continue reading

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Amazed by Grace

Stairway to Heaven In the ‘old days’ (read, just yesterday), we thought we could earn our way to salvation. By following the rules, we thought we could buy a stairway to heaven. What a waste of effort! As I have … Continue reading

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