The Star of Bethlehem: Appendix B

Planets, Signs and Houses

The Planets



Individual faculties; consciousness of Ego, the Individuality as distinguished from the Personality. The vital energy that flows from the Sun through the solar system, enabling life to exist and its activities to be pursued; inspiring men to the consciousness of a destiny to be achieved.



The instinctive mind, the desire-nature with respect to material things; the external reactions to every-day affairs and to those pertaining  to the home and domestic life; moods that fluctuate between the extremes of optimism and pessimism; sympathy, not compassion.

Mercury Glyphs


Concrete mental faculties: memory, speech, intonation; thought, understanding, reason, intelligence; vacillation, hesitancy to face issues; brilliant and facile but not profound.



Physical faculties: friendship, romantic amativeness; the affections, particularly love; aesthetic sense, but not analytical; enjoys elegance, comfort and pleasure; good taste; sex sensitivity, but discriminating.



The vital faculties: combativeness, acquisitiveness, desire, enthusiasm, passionate amativeness, courage, ardor in pursuit, not easily rebuffed and seldom discouraged, indiscriminate sexuality, haste, anger, intolerance, fretfulness.



The abstract and creative faculties: comparison applied in generalizations upon the broader aspects; idealism; powerful sense of the dramatic, and obsessed with the desire to be of service to society; optimism, order, harmony.



The concrete creative faculties: asceticism; well-ordered mind for the technical and concrete with an emphasis on detail; the conservative realist who asserts the authority of experience.

Uranus Glyphs


The iconoclastic tendency: characterized by an aloof, offhand manner and approach; reacts violently against anything that would deprive him of his free and conscious choice of thought and action.



The social unrest: entertains false hopes and indulges in tricky schemes, yet is highest in human sympathy; loves mystery; acts dictated by powerful but inexplicable motives, directed toward invisible, intangible ends.



Sociological urge. The organized group as the instrument with which to amputate parasitic growths on the body politic, in order to reconstruct society along more altruistic lines.

The Signs



Aries – The Ram

The first sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents the head and horns of the ram. It is a symbol of offensive power — a weapon of the gods, hence an implement of the will. [more]


Taurus – The Bull

The second sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents the head and horns of a bull. The sacred Apis was presumed to be the incarnation of the god Osiris — hence a symbol of a sepulchre or tomb. [more]


Gemini – The Twins

The third sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents two pieces of wood bound together, symbolical of the unremitting conflict of contradictory mental process. [more]


Cancer – The Crab

The fourth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol, presumably the folded claws of a crab, probably is intended to symbolize the joining together of a male and female spermatozoa — as indicative of the most maternal of all the signs. [more]


Leo – The Lion

The fifth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is possibly an emblem representing the phallus, as used in ancient Dionysian mysteries. It is also an emblem of the Sun’s fire, heat or creative energy. [more]


Virgo – The Virgin

The sixth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is probably a representation of the Girdle of Hymen, and has reference to the Immaculate Conception of a Messiah. It is usually pictured by a virgin holding in her hand a green branch, an ear of corn or a spike of grain. [more]


Libra – The Scales

The seventh signs of the zodiac. Its symbol, representing the balancing scales, is emblematic of equilibrium and justice. [more]


Scorpio – The Scorpion

The eighth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol resembles that of Virgo, but with an arrow on the tail — doubtless to represent the sting. It is symbolized by the asp or serpent, harking back to the serpent of the Garden of Eden, and indicating that the will governs or is governed by the reproductive urge. [more]


Sagittarius – The Archer

The ninth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents an arrow and a section of a bow, typifying aspiration. It is usually pictured as the Centaur: half horse, half man — representing the conflict between the philosophical mind and the carnal instinct of conquest; also aspiration supported by the effort that aims at the stars. [more]


Capricorn – The Sea-Goat

The tenth sign of the zodiac. Considered by the ancients to be the most important of all the signs. Is it possible the ancients recognized in the Winter Solstice the point of gravitation that controls the Sun’s orbit? Its symbol represents the figure by which the sign is often pictured — that of the forepart of a goat, with the tail of a fish — vaguely suggesting the mermaid. [more]


Aquarius – The Water Bearer

The eleventh sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents a stream of water, symbolizing the servant of humanity who pours out the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world. It may also symbolize an electrical current which is associated with Uranus, its ruler. [more]


Pisces – The Fishes

The twelfth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol represents a pair of great sea-horses or sea-lions, yoked together, who dwell in the innermost regions of the sea, symbolical of life after death; of bondage — the inhibiting of self-expression except through others; and of the struggle of the soul within the body. [more]


The Houses


The cusp of the Ascendant, the first and most important of the four Angles of any Figure, marks the Eastern end of the Line of Particular Being. Representing Selfhood, its primary significance is Action: Destiny in the making. It defines and particularizes the native, his personal appearance, disposition and manner, moral and subjective viewpoint and motivating impulses — Personality as distinguished with individuality.

Equated with ARIES.


Repository of the native’s strongest desires, it determines the quality of the life-substance used by the Ego — that which the Life is dedicated to redeem; financial standing, money, movable property and possessions; earning and spending capacities, personal debts; the manner in which he meets his obligations.

Equated with TAURUS.


The synthesizing powers of the mind and its ability to form sense impressions and mold destiny within one’s social environment; dexterity, cleverness, duality, restlessness; the rational mind and its adaptability to education; short journeys.

Equated with GEMINI


Its cusp, the Northern end of the meridian that paces through the birthplace, is the degree of Integration. It is the drain through which everything that is to be sloughed off, merges and passes away. It is an index to the home and all domestic affairs.

Equated with CANCER


The conception of offspring; hence the exteriorization of self through all manner of creative and procreative urges and activities; recreational and other pleasurable impulses of mind and heart.

Equated with LEO.


Food, clothing, comforts and domestic pets; mental and physical conflicts resulting from the externalization of the ego…out of which, mental, nervous or organic disease may develop. It has been termed the House of Service in that it portrays one’s capacity to serve.

Equated with VIRGO.


The cusp of the Descendant, the Angle of Relationship, at the Western end of the line of Particular Being, depicts the subjective side of the Nature, the Individuality, as opposed to the Personality that is revealed objectively in the First House. Since it defines the native’s reaction to law, it becomes the House of the Public, show the relation of the native to others; particularly his open adversaries; lawsuits and contracts, including marriage.

Equated with LIBRA.


Release from personal limitations through human interchange; the realm of Birth and Rebirth; of evolution through the suffering incident to all human experience; regeneration through enlargement of viewpoint, both spiritual and mental; and the subjugation of the personal Self — a difficult process since so few realize the horror of its impact upon the mind and consciousness; wills, legacies, trust funds, insurance.

Equated with SCORPIO.


The realm of the abstract mind, of intuition and inspiration of dreams and visions, hence an index to one’s reactions to philosophy, success and religion; the probability of distant travel, timing, nature and results; world-wide contacts and mental adjustment to racial ideas, ideals and collective needs.

Equated with SAGITTARIUS.


From this arc one traces the native’s business or professional life and affairs, his honor, preferment, fame, credit, reputation, career and position in society; hence his standing in the world. Of the four angles it is second in importance, the Southern end of the meridian running through the birthplace: the Midheaven.

Equated with CAPRICORN.


One finds here the externalization of the native’s social position, the nature and characteristics of his circle of acquaintances and friends; his ideals with respect to human and therefore social relationships: his hopes, wishes, projects and ambitions.

Equated with AQUARIUS.


This is the arena wherein transpires the combat against the inertia inherent in all forms of society. Here are expressed the innermost and secret emotions; the source and nature of hidden and underhanded opposition; imprisonment, hospitalization.

Equated with PISCES.


(All text from Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas deVore)

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