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A Phoenix, Risen?

Meet Dr. Marilyn Norma Monroe The concept of reincarnation is a tough one for most people. Whenever anyone undergoes past life regression, they take on the persona of a famous person. But what if you are convinced you were that … Continue reading

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Sometimes, ‘Scuit Happens

Triscuit Is it just me, or can anyone else hear the hidden message in this advertisement?

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A Candle, Extinguished

Marilyn Monroe Found Dead at Age 36 It’s the headline that kicked off a firestorm. From the very first day, the pills were blamed. Ordinarily, speculation like this would need at least a hint from the LAPD. So it seems … Continue reading

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A Candle in the Wind

Marilyn Monroe: A Reflection It has taken me a long time to get around to this person’s life and death. I was 12 years old when she died, and I was heartbroken. Even now, I feel pangs of remorse for … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe Liked “To Think in Ink”

As seen on the documentary “Love, Marilyn”.

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The Four “Horsewomen”

The (so-called) “Squad” I wonder who came up with this nickname. No, I’m not referring to Trump’s latest ‘Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse’ name: that was obviously from Mike Pence. The Squad sounds innocuous enough, until you start to think … Continue reading

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All’s Fair in Politics?

Do I Have to Say the Words? Donald Trump has done it again, but this time he has spoken for more than just the ‘Silent Majority’. He has also spoken for the Native American population. But he won’t get that. … Continue reading

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