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When it Comes to American Politics:

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander Interesting. The Hunter Biden laptop situation is a case in point. Obviously, ‘something’ is amiss, but is it enough to completely derail Joe Biden’s 2024 attempt to run for the … Continue reading

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The Sacred Sites of North America

A Great Lakes Pentangle? I look for interesting things to write about, every day. I came across this image while Googling for ‘ley lines lit up’. It was totally unexpected. (The owner of this image is stated as peterchampoux 2002.) … Continue reading

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The Seeker and the Seer

Lars Muhl (November 14, 1950) I wouldn’t even be contemplating writing this blog if I hadn’t starting meeting this man in my dreams. It began two nights ago, when Lars showed up at a group get-together. I’d been following him … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room?

5G or Not 5G, That is the Question. First of all, I am not a Luddite. But there has been so much speculation as to what has caused the novel coronavirus pandemic that I have had to do my own … Continue reading

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Fountain: Can Lightning Strike Twice?

The Old Steyne, Brighton postcard In just about five weeks time, Fountain International will be re-enacting the Brighton Experiment from 1981 that became the Birth of Fountain. So, will it be as successful? The Chart On its own, the new … Continue reading

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The Rational Way to Spiritual Healing

I’m Just Going Down to the Pub to Do a Few Miracles What a title, eh? Colin Bloy first published this book in 1990, and it was reprinted again in 1991. This version is newly minted, newly printed, thanks to … Continue reading

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Is It Just a Handshake?

Or an Exchange of Energy? We know the drill: upon meeting another person, we’ve been instructed to extend our right hand and offer to shake the other person’s right hand, firmly but kindly. Have you ever wondered why? It took … Continue reading

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Centering Prayer: Praxis Makes Perfect

The Wisdom Jesus Our Faith and Science group has been studying this book for more than a year. We meet twice a month on a Friday, and yesterday, Ray, our leader, took us through a 20 minute quiet period based … Continue reading

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