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And Talking About Vibrational Energy (and Mediums)

Allison DuBois (January 24, 1972) No comments required.

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A Myth to Explain Why We Don’t Understand Ourselves

Cupid and Psyche When I lived in Torquay in England, I had several reprints of fine art work, including this image. I never understood the implications of Psyche’s butterfly wings, thinking that the artist had got them wrong somehow. I … Continue reading

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Last Night, I was a Fly on the Wall:

In Biden’s White House Blame it on the US tax deadline, blame it on the full moon, blame it on too much food yesterday. Whatever. My dreams last night were full of witnessing events in the White House. By themselves, … Continue reading

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Life After Death with…

Tyler Henry (January 13, 1996) Have you ever wanted to be read by a medium clairvoyant? It’s not as hard as you think: just sign up here, and Tyler Henry will (eventually) come to your place (of choosing) and read … Continue reading

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Question: Who Will Succeed, Zelenskyy or Putin?

Psycard Reading, Today Seems dumb to even attempt a double-headed question, but it came out that way as I was shuffling the cards. As you can see I got a NO on one side and a YES on the other, … Continue reading

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A Symbolic Rose: Gesture of Peace and Reconciliation

Mrs. Green, Reading, May 6, 1987 Years ago, when I was still young enough to be foolish and naive, I went to a medium, Mrs. Green. I thought that the reading was meant for me, alone. But instead, two others … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Child Proteges…

Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943) There has to be some method behind the timing of hints that I’m given. In this case, yesterday’s post about Champ Jaxon featured a randomized birth chart which fixed his North … Continue reading

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Bruce McArthur’s Victims This is a shameful episode in police indifference when eight gay men went missing in Toronto between 2010 and 2017. Rumours of a serial killer were ignored by the Toronto Police Service until Bruce McArthur was implicated … Continue reading

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This is What it Must be Like for My Children

The Scientist and the Psychic (2020) Ray, the leader of our Faith and Science group, had hoped to put this book forward for us to discuss. As this has not happened, he wanted to know if I’d like to read … Continue reading

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He Just Dropped In

(To See What Condition My Condition Was In) Yesterday, I got ‘read’ for the first time in almost four years by a stranger that I’d just connected with on Facebook. He came recommended to me by way of my daughter. … Continue reading

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