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Once a Poet, Always a Poet?

Dante Alighieri (died September 14, 1321) Blame my calendar again: On this day in 1302, the poet Dante Alighieri is exiled from Florence, Italy. Maybe I’m taking all of this astrology stuff too personally, but you’d be forgiving of me … Continue reading

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A Symbolic Rose: Gesture of Peace and Reconciliation

Mrs. Green, Reading, May 6, 1987 Years ago, when I was still young enough to be foolish and naive, I went to a medium, Mrs. Green. I thought that the reading was meant for me, alone. But instead, two others … Continue reading

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I Told You that We were Programmed, too

Lies My Mother Told Me This looks like I’m going for the humour of the situation, but, instead, I’m trying to demonstrate how simple it was for you to buy into a long tradition of your ‘mother’s wise words’. Take … Continue reading

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Well, That Was a Surprise!

Mary Baker Eddy Reincarnated as My Mother I asked my daughter, Rosanna, what she thought of yesterday’s post about Christian Science, hoping that she might give me a clue as to whom Eddy reincarnated as in our family. Her instant … Continue reading

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Astrology: What a Difference a Day Makes

Desi Arnaz Jr. (January 19, 1953) You might think that your birth day should be personal, but this individual had a fictionalized version of it air on his actual birthday. Little Ricky came that same day… At the time, this … Continue reading

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The Death of John Dee’s Mother

Jane (Johanna) Dee Died on October 10, 1580 at Mortlake Now this is going to sound like something out of The Twilight Zone. As I pointed out previously, my mother (in this present lifetime) and myself have a very special … Continue reading

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Astrology: Mother and Child Reunion

Oh, little darling of mineI can’t for the life of meRemember a sadder dayI know they say let it beBut it just don’t work out that wayAnd the course of a lifetime runsOver and over again Paul Simon We’ll Meet … Continue reading

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Intense Emotional Nature? Probably This Aspect…

Moon Conjunct Pluto I just discovered today that at least three women in my family have this aspect. (My particular aspect is similar: Moon Square Pluto.) So what were we all trying to do? According to Robert Hand’s Planets in … Continue reading

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THAT Letter (full text)

18 October 74 Hi darling, It was so good hearing you on the phone today; and I am glad we had a good talk, too. When I was talking to Helen last night, she really spoke with pride and affection … Continue reading

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Adapting to Adoption

A Fairy Tale Once upon a time, there was a little child who needed a new family to keep her safe and secure. Then she was adopted. After some traumatic adventures, some good and some bad, she lived happily ever … Continue reading

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