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Was Alexander the Great Assassinated at Age 32?

Alexander the Great (July 20, 356 BC – June 10, 323 BC) It’s one of those great mysteries. After drinking some wine, he died two weeks later. Was the wine poisoned? Did someone want him out of the way? Maybe … Continue reading

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Death Imitating Art

The Postcard Killings (2020) I don’t normally highlight a murder mystery movie, unless it is extemely well done, or of cultural significance. This one is both. As this was released in March, it may have been one of the last … Continue reading

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Is This Another UFO?

One year ago, I captured this clear sunset shot. Today, I looked at it more closely. Is that another UFO? At the time, I passed it off as a crescent moon. Now I’m not so sure. Data for picture: January … Continue reading

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Who Murdered the Shermans?

Barry and Honey Sherman Sometime during the evening of December 13, 2017, Mr and Mrs Sherman were killed in their home in Toronto. Their bodies were not found until two days later, when a real estate agent took some potential … Continue reading

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Who is the Count of Saint Germain?

International Man of Mystery While researching alchemy and alchemists, I came across the man who was a legend in his own lifetime (1710-1784). He also has a counterpart in Theosophical circles: St. Germain. But who is he, really? My go-to … Continue reading

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Can You Decipher a Mystery Stone?

Royal? This month a village in France is offering a reward for anyone who can decipher the words on a rock in their harbour.   Like all good mysteries, the solution can be a simple one. In this case, it … Continue reading

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Who is JR?

Anonymous Artist Adds a Giant Baby to the Border Wall Last night, 60 Minutes featured a segment on this French artist who has been putting up giant photographs all over the world. CNN got there first, in November 2015. If … Continue reading

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Pseudonyms: Unmasking the Actors

Drama: An Actor’s Education John Lithgow’s journey is an interesting read. For the most part, it’s a smorgasbord of show business names, places and projects. It is also a treasure trove of mystery, at least for me. Whenever John has … Continue reading

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Perry Mason: the making of a legend

  This was the opening sequence of the very first episode of the hit television program. The date was September 21, 1957. History was made that night. Although most people will remember Raymond Burr in this role, Perry Mason didn’t … Continue reading

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Salvator Mundi

Leonardo’s last laugh? This picture has been attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, with an approximate date of 1500 AD. For years it was hidden under another image, one of a heavily bearded older man. When the paint was stripped back, … Continue reading

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