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Black Lives Have Always Mattered

More Than a Smokescreen I’m convinced that history ‘comes around again’ when the underlying causes of social unrest are not resolved, but only swept under the carpet. The USA is under siege yet again, and during an election year. Billy … Continue reading

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Was It a Tragic Accident or a Murder?

Natalie Wood This November 1981 mystery has yet another turn of the wheel with Dr. Oz interviewing the captain of Robert Wagner’s boat. Dennis Davern overheard the argument between Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood on the night she died. The … Continue reading

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Who Murdered the Shermans?

Barry and Honey Sherman Sometime during the evening of December 13, 2017, Mr and Mrs Sherman were killed in their home in Toronto. Their bodies were not found until two days later, when a real estate agent took some potential … Continue reading

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A Return to the Scene of the Crime

The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe Reading this book is like watching Oliver Stone’s JFK. There were just so many people with axes to grind in 1962 that it seems that MM died as a result of too many ‘irons’ in … Continue reading

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Live by the Sword; Die by the Sword

Momo This may be the truth, this may be a lie: but someone is responsible for the deaths of the powerful and famous in the 1960’s. Could it really have been Sam Giancana all along?

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The Search for Two Fugitives from B.C.

Two Young Lads from Port Alberni, Vancouver Island The manhunt appears to be over for these two murder suspects. Bodies have been found in Northern Manitoba, bringing an end to a very worrying few weeks. The only reason I’m even … Continue reading

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A Meddlesome Priest on PBS

Father Brown I never thought I’d be writing about this show, which comes on twice weekly on the PBS. But last night episode (S6, E5) entitled “The Face of the Enemy” had a few outstanding features about it, notwithstanding the … Continue reading

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Rural Ontario Detective on CTV

Cardinal I wasn’t confident that this show would succeed on TV because of its story lines and its rural setting. I was wrong. CTV has renewed the show for two more seasons. That will make four altogether. This is the … Continue reading

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More Scheer Hypocrisy

Calls for an Apology Last night’s CBC news program The National had a lot of political stories, but one segment made me sit up and say, “What!?” That sequence was about the resolution to an issue that was raised by … Continue reading

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Gunning for the People

The Right to Bear Arms Today, I’d like to take aim at the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep … Continue reading

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