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The Proof was in the Mincemeat Pudding

Operation Husky (July 10, 1943) One of my past life memories centres around this episode in World War II. I was an American soldier, fighting in Italy. (And because of all the other lives I was living through, at the … Continue reading

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In the Secret War, the Twenty Committee’s Greatest Feat:

Operation Mincemeat (2021) I’ve written about this supreme act of jiggery-pokery before, here. The fact that this story needed retelling in the 21st century should be a warning to us all. And if you wonder why the group is called … Continue reading

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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Shot of the Moon

Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio a Fontana di Trevi, Roma The image of the church’s cross is superimposed on the moon to create a shining light for Lent. To me it shows that we are not alone, and that our constant … Continue reading

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Once a Poet, Always a Poet?

Dante Alighieri (died September 14, 1321) Blame my calendar again: On this day in 1302, the poet Dante Alighieri is exiled from Florence, Italy. Maybe I’m taking all of this astrology stuff too personally, but you’d be forgiving of me … Continue reading

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Are John the Baptist and Raphael Connected?

Raphael (March 28, 1483 – April 6, 1520) This is another link-up as suggested by Rudolf Steiner. Because he was a contemporary of Michelangelo (whose paintings I admire), I would never have thought about looking at Raphael’s birth chart. As … Continue reading

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How to Win the Propaganda War

Five Came Back (2017) We all know that war is hell. So how do you get your country to support the war effort when it becomes a necessary evil? You make documentary films. This Netflix limited series is a brilliant … Continue reading

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