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After All This Time, I Forgot to Share My Proof:

Donald Trump is the Reincarnation of Emperor Nero It was near the middle of Trump’s reign in the American Republic that I ‘saw’ that he was Nero reborn. The date was March 15, 2019. It explains a lot, doesn’t it? … Continue reading

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No Matter How Nero, No Matter How Far Out

Emperor Nero (December 15, 37 AD – June 9, 68 AD) The face looks right, but the title around the coin says, “Caesar Augustus”. Hmm. I’ve talked about Nero before (and not always in a positive light). But I haven’t … Continue reading

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Is Trump the Antichrist?

The Number of the Beast This post was triggered by a comment on my cousin John’s post about Trump yesterday. Here’s what John Miller wrote on Facebook: Every decent living soul should be filled with revulsion at the unthinkable debate … Continue reading

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The Ides of March: History Repeats Itself?

Trump as Emperor Sometimes, things just fall into place: today being the Ides of March, the anniversary of the day Julius Caesar as assassinated in Rome in 44 BC brought the image of Trump as Caesar to my mind. I … Continue reading

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