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Who Murdered the Shermans?

Barry and Honey Sherman Sometime during the evening of December 13, 2017, Mr and Mrs Sherman were killed in their home in Toronto. Their bodies were not found until two days later, when a real estate agent took some potential … Continue reading

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Is There a Cosmic Will?

Dennis Elwell (16 Feb 1930 – 13 Nov 2014) If, astrologically, behind each planet and sign can be traced a recognisable will or intent, it argues that the universe itself, considered as a single entity, must have its own overriding … Continue reading

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A Princess, Indeed

Carrie Fisher (1956 – 2016) All right, now: every single member of my family (including the extended parts) loved Carrie Fisher, especially as Princess Leia in Star Wars. So when she died at age 60, they were heartbroken. As I … Continue reading

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Marshalls MOM$

Just a thought: $WOW in a Marshalls’ ad equates to MOM$ as a subliminal message.

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The Wizard as Satan in Hell

“Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain…” Isn’t it funny how one image (or thought) leads on to another? Yesterday, I wrote about Judy Garland’s life and death. The image I used was of Judy as Dorothy Gale, … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

That’s Where You’ll Find Me I wasn’t going to do the birth chart for this Hollywood Star, until I thought about her ‘accidental’ death in 1969. So, let’s get the first part out of the way. According to this record … Continue reading

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Just Hanging Around…

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The Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster

Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology (1987) Previously, I have highlighted a few books that have inspired me to write about Astrology. For example, Cosmos and Psyche made sense, for me, of the cycles that seem to run parallel … Continue reading

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Judy: Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance?

No: Gotta Eat, Gotta Sleep We saw this movie yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect, having not read or seen any advance publicity. So, I think it was a bit disappointing to have it focus on the London “Talk … Continue reading

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Hoovering the Deck

A family of house finches. The daddy.

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