Who Murdered the Shermans?


Barry and Honey Sherman

Sometime during the evening of December 13, 2017, Mr and Mrs Sherman were killed in their home in Toronto. Their bodies were not found until two days later, when a real estate agent took some potential home buyers into the Shermans’ pool room.

So far, no one has been arrested, but a lot of speculation suggests that their murderer may have been known to them.

Can Astrology give us any clues?


As the timing is quite speculative, we can only surmise that it happened before midnight. But, even so, apart from the Ascendant and Midheaven, the planets indicate quite strongly that it was someone in the family. (And there were no signs of forced entry…)

Since Uranus is so prominent in this ‘death’ chart, I feel that the act itself was effectively unpremeditated, ‘spur-of-the-moment’. Mars in opposition to Uranus shows that it may have been due to a temper tantrum of some sort. Obviously, money could have been a huge motivating factor. And the Sun/Mercury conjunction implies someone who is ‘related’ to the Shermans, but may or may not be one of their children. (I’m going out on a limb here:) The recent legal battles with some cousins may be the real reason.

Neptune tends to cloud the picture. The trine between that planet and the Moon/Jupiter conjunction implies that no one wants to ‘rat’ out a family member, hence the reason no one has been brought to justice yet. Venus square Neptune reinforces this feeling.

But let’s say for argument’s sake, the timing may be accurate as there are two inconjuncts pointing at the Midheaven, and those planets make up the same Sun/Mercury conjunction, mentioned above. When I look at the details of these inconjuncts, something becomes clearer.

Sun Inconjunct Midheaven

This aspect can mean some tension with one of your parents, although it is not likely to be serious or destructive. In fact it may play a very positive role later on by forcing you to confront certain issues that you would otherwise have ignored. However, while you are young, you may resent this parent quite a bit. Do not take this too seriously, unless some other area of your chart indicates a more negative relationship.

Mercury Inconjunct Midheaven

Recognize this tension within yourself and try to accept the fact that it exists. [That is, making indiscreet remarks that totally get in the way of your objectives.] At the same time you should look for ways to resolve by learning how to think what you want to think and still accomplish your objectives. Just make sure as you get older that you set your own objectives rather than fulfilling other people’s expectations for you. Otherwise the problem of tension could get worse and you could wind up very confused.

It is very important that you remember not to speak impulsively. If you do, it is very likely that you will put your foot in your mouth. Consider what you are going to say and how your words can further your objectives.


At the funeral, Jonathon Sherman, their one and only son, said something strangely ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ (as stated in a Maclean’s story, yesterday…):

Q: You also quote what you call an “eye-brow raising” comment Jonathon made at the funeral about his parents: that he and his siblings were glad “neither of you had to suffer like we are suffering now.” You saw that as worth noting?

A: I think so. Only Jonathon spoke for the family. You can tell it’s been a tough couple of days. You also can read between the lines about some of the comments he made, including mention of his mother falling when skiing, and see the relationship isn’t so great with his mother.

Together with the fact that Honey had bruising on her face, and Barry did not, it seems to suggest that one of them was liked more than the other.

I rest my case, M’lord.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    The police have finally released a security video of someone they consider a suspect, last night…


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