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Spy vs Spy: Tit for Tat

Ex-Spy Poisoned in Salisbury This seems like a plot straight out of the mind of John le CarrĂ©. It was even set in Salisbury, where his last book had a ‘safe house’. Has someone been reading his mail? Sergei Skripal … Continue reading

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MSS – Final Version

To download and view the screenplay, click on this link: MYSATANICSTRUGGLE

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A Day at the Vice-Principal’s Office

I’m going to share a strange memory of Mr Dryden, Vice-Principal in charge of student discipline. During my first semester in Grade 9 (1964), I was standing on the sidelines of a Vikings football game. My friend, Dennis (last name … Continue reading

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NAFTA: a Canadian Perspective

North American Free Trade Agreement Donald Trump made an election promise to the American people. Actually he made many promises, never thinking that he’d have to keep any of them, because he expected to lose. The particular promise I wish … Continue reading

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Ready Player One: Film or Movie?

  Less than a week to go now I was reading a interview that Steven Spielberg gave about this upcoming extravaganza. He used the terms ‘film’ and ‘movie’ in a way that I hadn’t thought about before. His point was … Continue reading

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Beliefs: What Do I Know?

The Question Yesterday, at our Faith and Science group, we got into a discussion about “when do our beliefs turn into certainties?” As always, when we try to approach these things from an intellectual point-of-view, our inquiries fail to reach … Continue reading

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Good Friday?

It’s that time of year again Rebirth of nature. Spring. Easter. Renewal of life. Resurrection. But, in order for new life to begin, an old life must die. That’s nature’s way. Somewhere along the way, the agony of crucifixion was … Continue reading

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MSS Back Story: Linda Langford

Linda is a young ingenue. She’s not a fully-fledged ‘terrorist’ like Judith, her best friend. She’s just along for the ride, and her association bring her in contact with the rest of ITS CLAWS. Linda is also a sweetheart. She … Continue reading

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MSS Back Story: Judith Jackman

To say that Judith is a man-hater would be an understatement. The impression she gives is that somewhere along the way, a man has taken advantage of her, sexually, socially or emotionally, and she’s duty bound to punish the rest … Continue reading

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MSS Back Story: Susan Franklin

Susan is King’s second in command of ITS CLAWS. Her house is their base of operations in Vancouver. It’s not a great place to live, but it keeps them under the radar, or at least that’s what they thought. Susan … Continue reading

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