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Even Though You have Reincarnated Thousands of Times…

You are a Unique Individual! Reading “Bashar: Blueprint for Change” yesterday, I came across a thought that had been waiting for me to find: each time we reincarnate, we are unique. Two thoughts immediately came to mind: we are like … Continue reading

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Sufi-scient Wisdom from the 20th Century

Hazrat Inayat Khan (July 5, 1882 – February 5, 1927) Here’s a wisdom teacher I never heard of before. He was a Sufi master. He was wise. To discover the light and power latent within all human beings, that is … Continue reading

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Upon This Rock

Matthew 16:18 There is a website that thinks it has solved the question of the Grail Stone. It is the equation known as phi. We have looked at this before, you and I, and we saw it as the building … Continue reading

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Who Am I, Really?

More than the Sum of My Body Parts It’s a fair question. One’s identity is so tied up with self-image that it can get confusing at times. Now, think about that word “image“. Have you ever considered what it could … Continue reading

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How I’m Feeling Today

Like a wise old bird who doesn’t give a hoot!

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Spiritual Newspeak

The New Age Lexicon I am conversant with these terms. That’s what makes this book so delightful. But because most of the entries are cleverly written and sometimes so ironic, that unless you know what the original purpose of the … Continue reading

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Seeking the Hidden Treasure in One’s Self

I had another dream last night. It involved the discovery of an error in calculation. Specifically, the over-estimation of a value or quantity in my inventory of assets. Still too oblique? It doesn’t matter, really, because the important point was … Continue reading

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The Seven Directions

Lakota Wisdom: Circle of Life. The chart above shows the seven directions being matched with our seven chakras. I’m not sure that I totally agree with the Center being linked with the 6th chakra, because it so much more likely … Continue reading

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Experience: Negative to Positive

“Don’t touch! It’s hot!” As a species, we are wired to disobey. It must have been built into our DNA to be negatively suggestible. From the minute we are told not to do something, that’s all we want to do. … Continue reading

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Hebrew Proverbs: Wisdom Words

The Golden Rule Years ago, I studied Hebrew scripture to see if there were any hidden codes buried beneath the words. This is known as Gematria. Sometimes, the text itself will hint at the number(s) involved. That means the message … Continue reading

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