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Experience: Negative to Positive

“Don’t touch! It’s hot!” As a species, we are wired to disobey. It must built into our DNA to be negatively suggestible. From the minute we are told not to do something, that’s all we want to do. Once upon … Continue reading

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Hebrew Proverbs: Wisdom Words

The Golden Rule Years ago, I studied Hebrew scripture to see if there were any hidden codes buried beneath the words. This is known as Gematria. Sometimes, the text itself will hint at the number(s) involved. That means the message … Continue reading

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Beliefs: What Do I Know?

The Question Yesterday, at our Faith and Science group, we got into a discussion about “when do our beliefs turn into certainties?” As always, when we try to approach these things from an intellectual point-of-view, our inquiries fail to reach … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Richard Bach

  When I began to do research for this piece, I quickly realized that Jonathan Livingston Seagull had been reviewed to death. My fallback position (Plan B) was to discuss some of Richard Bach’s sayings. Even that has been overdone. … Continue reading

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The Enneagram

  It’s an interesting image, the Enneagram. The hidden message is the solution to π: 3.142857. I have tried to encode the following poem with the same message.     Enneagram   The symbol of esoteric knowledge Reminds me of … Continue reading

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